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MTV Roadies Winners List: MTV Roadies have been among the most popular youth shows ever since 2003. Hundreds of participants travel from different regions and places. The winner is decided based on the challenges faced by the contestants.  The one who completed the entire task successfully and stood till the last will be selected for the winner list. Since 2003 there have been lots of winners of MTV roadies. Let’s check our MTV Roadies winners list of all seasons.

MTV Roadies Winners Journey From 2003 to 2023

WinnersSeasonPrize MoneyYear
Rannvijay SinghRoadies Season 1Rs.5,00,0002003
Ayushmann KhuranaRoadies Season 2Rs.5,00,0002004
Parul ShahiRoadies Season 3Rs.3,60,0002005
Anthony YehRoadies Season 4Rs.3,75,5002006–07
Ashutosh KaushikRoadies 5.0Rs.2,30,0002007–08
Nauman SaitRoadies 6: Hell Down UnderRs.3,62,0002008–09
Anwar SyedRoadies 7:7 Deadly Sins & 1 Wild SafariRs.90,0002009–10
Aanchal KhuranaRoadies 8: Shortcut to HellRs.4,00,0002011
Vikas KhokerRoadies 9: Everything or NothingRs.6,17,0002012
Palak JohalRoadies X: Battle for GloryRs.4,50,0002013
Nikhil SachdevaRoadies X1: Ride for RespectRs.3,20,0002014
Prince NarulaRoadies X2: Your Road, Your GangRs.5,00,0002015
Balraj Singh KhehraRoadies X4:Renault Duster2016
Shweta MehtaRoadies X5:Renault Duster2017
Kashish ThakurRoadies 15:Roadies XtremeRenault Duster2018
Arun SharmaRoadies 16: Real HeroesDroom Used Super Bike2019
Hamid BarkziRoadies 17: RevolutionJawa Bike2020
Nandini G & Ashish BhatiaRoadies 18: Journey in South AfricaRs.10,00,0002022
Vashu JainRoadies 19: Karm Ya KaandRs. 5,00,0002023

Table Of Contents: MTV Roadies Winners List

  1. Roadies Season 1
  2. Roadies Season 2
  3. Roadies Season 3
  4. Roadies Season 4
  5. Roadies Season 5.0
  6. Roadies 6: Hell Down Under
  7. Roadies 7:7 Deadly Sins & 1 Wild Safari
  8. Roadies 8: Shortcut to Hell
  9. Roadies 9: Everything or Nothing
  10. Roadies X: Battle for Glory
  11. Roadies X1: Ride for Respect
  12. Roadies X2: Your Road, Your Gang
  13. Roadies X4:
  14. Roadies X5:
  15. Roadies 15:Roadies Xtreme
  16. Roadies 16: Real Heroes
  17. Roadies 17: Revolution
  18. Roadies 18: Journey in South Africa
  19. Roadies 19: Karm Ya Kaand

List of MTV Roadies Winners of All Time

  1. Rannvijay Singh- Roadies Season 1 Prize (2003)


  • Year– 2003
  • Prize Money- ₹5,00,000
  • Host- Cyrus Sahukar

Rannvijay Singh noted for his fearlessness and forthrightness, was the inaugural Roadies champion. After finishing the season, he returned to Roadies as a host. However, It’s fascinating to note that he is now a renowned program creator and host.


  2. Ayushman Khurana – Season 2 (2004)

mtv roadies winners

  • Year- 2004
  • Prize Money- ₹5,00,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh

Khurana is the most accomplished participant among Roadies all-season winners. He’s a fantastic actor, singer, and presenter. As a result, when we talk about Ayushman, we must remember his beginnings in Roadies Season 2.

  3. Parul Shahi- Season 3 (2005)


  • Year- 2005
  • Prize Money- ₹3,60,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Rahul Sharma

Season 3 of Roadies was yet another exciting and action-packed season. The first few seasons captivated the younger demographic.

So, It started with 17 candidates, and after stages of rejection, we were left with Season 3 Roadies champion Parul Shahi. She became the first woman to hold the title, Roadies Winner list.

  4. Anthony Yeh- Season 4 (2006-07)

Anthony Yeh- Season 4

  • Year- 2006
  • Prize Money-Rs.3,75,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Gurbani Judge

Roadies’ fourth season was yet another fantastic season. It drew in new talent from throughout the country. It started airing in November.

There were formidable and fascinating challenges to take the performance to the next level. By the season’s conclusion, Anthony Yeh’s name had been added to the list of MTV roadies winner. Gurbani Judge was the season for sure runner-up and a key character.

  5. Ashutosh Kaushik- Season 5 (2007-08)

ashutosh kaushik Roadies winner list

  • Year-2007
  • Prize Money- ₹ 5,00,000 and Hero Honda Karizma Bike
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Nihal Nikam

Next in the roadies winner list is Ashutosh Kaushik. The new season of Roadies 5.0 included a new format and a new set of taglines. The season included 13 candidates who battled against one another in strenuous activities. Raghu Ram created this extremely popular format.

The season was supposed to take place in India, Thailand, and Malaysia. MTV Roadies winners gain industry exposure and appear on other reality series. Ashutosh Kaushik appeared on Bigg Boss and won the season.


  6. Nauman Sait- Season 6 Roadies Hell Down Under (2008-09)

Rodies Winner | MTV Roadies Winners List

  • Year-2008
  • Prize Money-₹3,62,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Lonkiri Timung

Roadies’ sixth season started with 20 competitors. It first aired in November of this year. The season’s duties were assigned to gorgeous sites in India and Australia. It was fascinating to observe the season full of difficult assignments. In 2009, Nauman Sait was named Roadies winner.

  7. Anwar Syed- Season 7 (2009-2010)

Anwar Syed Roadies winner

  • Year-2009
  • Prize Money- ₹90,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Zaid Bin Nazir

The seventh season of Roadies had the intriguing title ‘7 Deadly Sins & 1 Wild Safari ‘. There were lethal tasks to deserve the moniker, which required the participant’s bravery.

The locations were India, Kenya, and Egypt. Among all competitors, Anwar Syed’s name appeared on the Roadies winners list in 2010.

  8. Anchal Khurana- Season 8 (2011)

Anchal khurana

  • Year-2010-11
  • Prize Money- ₹4,00,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Mohit Saggar

Aanchal Khurana was the second female Roadies winner. She had remarkable boldness and commitment in all of her efforts. The show was entertaining, with several chores and obstacles. The show was filmed in India and Brazil.

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  9. Vikas Khoker- Season 9 (2012)

Roadies winner Vikash Khoker

  • Year-2012
  • Prize Money- ₹6,17,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up Himani Sharma

The ninth season was likewise hosted by Rannvijay Singh. Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman were the series’ judges. The performance took place in India and the United States.

The individuals participated in challenges, including money, endurance, and advantage. Finally, Vikas Khoker added his name to the list of Roadies winners.


  10. Palak Johal- Season 10 Battle of Glory (2013) Roadies X

palak johal

  • Year-2013
  • Prize Money- ₹4,50,000 + Hero Impulse bike + HP laptop
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Ramandeep Kaur Dhillion

Palak Johal quickly made it onto the Roadies winner’s list. The candidates have shown amazing bravery in taking significant risks and difficulties during the do-or-die activities. She was the most fascinating and entertaining candidate to watch.

So, The season had 12 episodes presented by Rannvijay Singh. Palak is the third female winner of the MTV Roadies all-season award.

  11. Nikhil Sachdewa- Season 11 (2014)

Nikhil Sachdeva roadies winner

  • Year-2014
  • Prize Money- Hero Impulse bike + ₹3,20,000
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Utkarsh Khanna

MTV India aired Season 11 of Roadies. The job sites were limited to India’s south and west. It was an eventful season full of fun, fights, and obstacles. Nikhil Sachdeva added his signature to the Roadies winners list in the big finale of Roadies X1. Rannvijay Singh hosted the program, and he brought a lot of enthusiasm to it.

12. Prince Narula- Season 12, Your Road-Your Gang (2015)

prince narula

  • Year-2015
  • Prize Money- ₹ 5,000,00
  • Host- Bani Judge
  • Runner up- Gurmeet Rehal

Season twelve of Roadies premiered in January. MTV Roadies 12 is notable in a variety of ways. Prince Narula, a prominent figure in the business, was the Roadies 12 winner. Prince was declared Bigg Boss and Nach Baliye champion after conquering Roadies X2. The season was filmed in beautiful locales in India and Nepal. Bani Judge hosted the show, and the victorious mob boss was Rannvijay Singh.

  13. Balraj Singh- MTV Roadies winner Season X4 (2016)

Balraj Singh roadies Season 13 winner

  • Year-2016
  • Prize – Renault Duster
  • Host- Gaelyn Mendonca
  • Runner-up Navdeesh Singh

The Roadies 13 premiered in April under the title ‘Your Gang, Your Glory. The season’s makers chose India and Bhutan as the setting. The contestants had to compete in tough physical and mental activities amid stunning settings.

Balraj Singh triumphed over all obstacles to become the Roadies season 13 winner. The task sites were established in India and Bhutan. The winner of the 2016 Roadies also received a Renault Duster. This was the inaugural season in which the top prize was adjusted to a $10,000 automobile.

  14. Sweta Mehta- MTV Roadies Rising winner (2017)


Sweta Mehta roadies 14 winner

  • Year-2017
  • Prize – Renault Duster
  • Host- Gaelyn Mendonca
  • Runner up- Baseer Ali

Roadies Rising was one of the show’s most exciting and gripping episodes. There were four gangs, each led by a renowned figure such as Neha Dhupia, Karan Kundra/Nikhil Chinappa,  Rannvijay Singh, or Prince Narula. Harbhajan Singh also had an important role in the program.

Shweta Mehta was crowned Roadies Rising champion after a series of difficult assignments and fierce competition. The Roadies X5 champion is an actress and gym model. She is also a sensation on social media.

  15. Kashish Thakur Pundir- MTV Roadies Xtreme winner (2018)

kashish thakur pundir

  • Year- 2018
  • Prize Money- Renault Duster
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Preeti Kuntal

The season of Roadies Xtreme featured severe feats and challenges. Roadies jobs were assigned to several sites in North-East India. The season’s host was Rannvijay Singh.

Kashish Thakur, the champion of Roadies Xtreme, had to overcome tremendous tasks in 27 episodes before placing his name on the Roadies winners list. Neha Dhupia was the mob boss of this Roadies season 15 victory.

  16. Arun Sharma- MTV Roadies Real Heroes Winner (2019)

arun sharma roadies season

  • Year-2019
  • Prize – Droom Used Super Bike
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner up- Ankita Pathak

Roadies’ seventeenth season broadcast on MTV and Voot. The season was thrilling, with 20 enthralling assignments for the competitors. The work was limited to India, namely Munnar, Wayanad, Madikeri, Alleppey, and Chikkamangluru. All of the challenges bring us towards the Roadies 2019 champion.

This season, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Raftaar, Neha Dhupia, and Sandeep Singh are influential mob bosses. Raftaar was the victorious gang boss. Arun Sharma, a Kashmiri youngster, was crowned MTV Roadies Real Heroes champion in the final episode. This Roadies 2019 champion is a multi-tasker who likes singing, strumming, and dancing.

  17. Hamid Barkazi-Season 18: MTV Roadies Revolution Winner ( 2020)

Hamid Barkzi

  • Year-2020
  • Prize – Jawa bike and ₹3 lacks for a cause
  • Host- Rannvijay Singh
  • Runner-up Michael Ajay

Hamid Barkzi, a Delhi native, was crowned Roadies champion. Although his family lives in Delhi. He enjoyed modeling and dancing and was a member of Nikhil’s Team ‘Loyalty’ last season. He also works as an Insta influencer for fitness enthusiasts; he enjoys traveling and listening to music.

This Roadies Revolution season was unlike any previous season. Social media was used to arrange the auditions. There were no gangs or mob bosses, and the show occurred in a separate part of India. The season’s decisive job was a difficult last challenge in which he defeated Michael Ajay to win.

 18. Nandini G and Ashish Bhatia-MTV Roadies 2022 – Journey to South Africa Finale Winner


Nandini G and Ashish Bhatia roadies season 18

  • Year-2022
  • Prize – ₹10,00,00
  • Host- Sonu Sood
  • Runner up- Jashwanth Bopanna & Yukti Arora

Season 18 of MTV Roadies, titled ‘Roadies: Journey in South Africa,’ is the most recent. This time, the participants demonstrated their ability and aptitude for general knowledge. In addition, unlike previous seasons, Season 18 featured competing in Buddy Pairs involving Ex-Roadies and Current Roadies.

The program was only available on Voot. It was the first time throughout all Roadies seasons that there were two winners. Ashish Bhatia and Nandini G have been included in the Roadies 2022 winning list. The winner, Nandini G, is a 25-year-old aerobic dance teacher and footballer from Bengaluru, while the other champion, Ashish Bhatia, seems to be from Dehradun.

19. Vashu Jain  –  MTV Roadies 2023 Karm ya kaand  Winner

Vashu jain mtv Roadies 19 winner

In 2023 MTV Roadies started their search for new roadies. After winning the MTV Roadies show winner gained the huge popularity. In 2023 MTV Roadies bring with the latest season 19. MTV roadies Theme is based on Karm ka Kaand and hosted by Sonu Sood. The judges of season 19 are Prince Narula, Gautam Gulati, and Rhea Chakraborty this Show started with 30 contestants. And the winner of Roadies MTV Karm ya kaand Vashu Jain played an excellent game in roadies and he belongs to Rhea Chakraborty’s gang. Vashu Jain is from Bilaspur Chhattisgarh he is an Indian Actor, Athlete, and content creator. He is a very multi-talented personality. In 2019 he won the title of Chhattisgarh’s next Super Model trophy.

  • Year-2023
  • Prize – ₹5 lakh
  • Host- Sonu Sood
  • Runner up- Vashu Jain

Bottom Line

Roadies are an incredible youth-found reality shoe that relates to many youngsters. It gives a platform to show talent. Every passing season adds a new roadies real heroes winner. We have now covered up the best MTV roadies winners who have won the title after clearing all the challenges. In the next coming season will see who becomes roadies winner.

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