Mobikwik Supercash

Mobikwik Supercash

About Mobikwik

Mobikwik is an Indian company founded in 2009 that offers digital wallets and mobile payment services. The users can easily add funds to their wallets and use them further for their transactions. It provides services like online shopping, recharge and bill payments, ticket bookings, hotel booking, and bank transfers.

Mobikwik has numerous offers for its users and keeps adding new ways of attracting the users. Their latest way was by introducing the Mobikwik Supercash.

What is Mobikwik Supercash?

Mobikwik Supercash is a new style of cashback. It is a new way to earn, shop, save and transact on Mobikwik app. It gives you a 5% discount on every transaction through Mobikwik and helps you save some extra money.

To earn Mobikwik supercash, you can use the offers and promo codes in-app and load in the supercash in your Mobikwik wallet.

What is Mobikwik Supercash offer valid on?

1) Use supercash on medicines

You can use Mobikwik supercash on purchasing medicines from Pharmeasy, Apollo, Dawaa dost, and Medplus, with a maximum amount of supercash fixed at Rs. 100. You can also pay via Mobikwik wallet and earn supercash from offline purchases.

2) Use supercash on bus booking

You can use Mobikwik supercash on booking bus tickets with a minimum transaction of Rs. 500, and get supercash worth Rs. 500. The offer is only valid on the first booking.

3) Use supercash on bill payments

You can use Mobikwik supercash on electricity and mobile bill payments. While there is no minimum transaction limit, users can get up to Rs. 50 supercash, which they can use for other payments.

Using Mobikwik Supercash as discount

You can use supercash to get extra discounts on your purchase. When you purchase using supercash, you may use 10% to 20% of your cashback points as a deduction to the payment. Not that 1 supercash point is worth Re. 1. For example, if you have 200 supercash points, you can use Rs. 20 to Rs.40 deduction on your purchase. Sometimes, you can get an extra discount when paying through supercash and be able to save more.

Using Mobikwik Supercash as cash

This new feature will surely make you scream with joy. Yes, you can use supercash points as real cash. Mobikwik wallets offer scratch cards that act as a raffle entry. Each time you scratch the card, you stand a chance to win something; you can win up to Rs.100 and add that straight to your wallet, and you can spend it on your next purchase.


This new feature by Mobikwik has taken all its users by sheer surprise. It gives you a chance to save extra money and splurge more. What’s best is that you also stand a chance to convert all this into cash. Further, with certain additional offers available in different categories, you can always satiate your thirst for shopping. While the team offers more exciting features in the coming months, let’s enjoy this one for now.

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