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Get List of Miss Universe Winners from India (1994-2023) | Interesting Facts

Miss Universe Winners from India

Beauty pageants are a path to fame, name, and success, and for some, it is a direct route to enter the film industry. Among all the beauty pageants, the Miss Universe pageant is the most prestigious one which invites countries globally to showcase their amazing, vibrant, and dynamic personalities on this platform through their representatives. However, numerous factors are taken into consideration when judging the representatives, such as intelligence, physical appearance, talent, how they talk, etc.  Today the women from India have started working hard to achieve the title of Miss Universe. Unfortunately, till now only three women have become Miss Universe from India, though, they are a source of inspiration for everyone. Their victories tell the inspiring stories of Indian women who have left their everlasting mark on the pioneering Miss Universe stage.

Here we are talking about those Indian women who have won the Miss Universe contest. Note that the India Miss Universe list prepared below is from 1994 to 2023

Miss Universe Contest – A brief introduction 

The Miss Universe pageant is a global beauty pageant, which is held every year. Run by a Philippines organization named Miss Universe Organization. This international-level competition is the most popular and watched across the world. It is reported that Miss Universe has over 500 million viewers in 190 territories around the world.

Founded in June 1952, the competition was launched with the aim of empowering and celebrating representatives belonging to all backgrounds. This global program provides a platform for women to realize their goals through experiences that foster confidence and opportunities for future success. That’s it for this section, now let’s discuss about the Miss Universe Indian Winners. 

List of all Miss Universe from India 

We have provided comprehensive information about Miss Universe India who has won the title of Miss Universe and is considered to be one of the most beautiful and vibrant women.

First Miss Universe from India – Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen First Miss Universe from India 


She made history by earning the title of Miss Universe. She is the first Miss Universe from India, who was crowned on the prestigious platform on 21 May 1994. Sushmita Sen participated in the Miss Universe pageant in the same year and won the Femina Miss India Universe title.

She placed third overall in the preliminary round of the pageant under Miss Venezuela and Miss Colombia. Sen eventually became Miss Universe in 1994, after placing second, fifth, and third in the following rounds.

Since bringing home the Miss Universe crown, she earned a reputation and fame as one of the most inspiring and beautiful women in the world. Over time, the Indian diva cum actress, philanthropist, and poet inspired other beauty queens and common women to emulate her, which later led to Indian queens winning many international beauty pageants.

Interesting facts about Sushmita Sen:

  • In the Miss Universe list, she is the one from India who won the Miss Universe title. When she won the title, she was 18 years old.
  • Born on 19 November 1976 in Hyderabad into a Bengali Baidya family.
  • She Made her acting debut through Dastak in 1996.
  • Adopted two daughters (first at 24 years of age in 2000) (and second in the year 2010).


Second Miss Universe from India – Lara Dutta 

Lara Dutta | Second Miss Universe from India

India won the second Miss Universe title, after six years. In the Miss Universe India Winners List, Lara Dutta became the second woman from India to bring the Miss Universe crown back in the year 2000. Earlier, she had earned the Miss Intercontinental title and the annual Gladrags Mega Model India competition in the year 1997 and 1995, respectively. 

In the year 2000, she took part in the Femina Miss India competition and with her hard work and efforts, she secured first place. This paves the way for her to represent her nation at the 49th Miss Universe pageant. She eventually won the title on the international stage and today joins the list of Miss Universe winners from India.


Interesting facts about Lara Dutta:

  • Lara Dutta was born on 16 April in 1978.
  • She won the crown of Miss Intercontinental in the year 1997.
  • Dutta, in the Miss Universe with photos and name, is not just a winner of Miss Universe 2000 but also an Indian actress and entrepreneur. 
  • Made her first appearance in the Movie, “Andaaz”. 
  • Received Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut.

Third Miss Universe from India – Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu 

Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu | Third Miss Universe from India

Practically the last and the latest winner from India who earned the Miss Universe title is Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu. On December 13 in 2021, Sandhu made the whole country proud. The coveted international beauty pageant came to the nation after a gap of two decades. Indian actor, model, and prior winner of beauty Pageant, Harnaaz is the third winner of Miss Universe

Formerly, Sandhu earns the Femina Miss India Punjab title (in the year 2019). She participated in numerous beauty contests before winning Miss Universe Content and bringing home several titles. In the year 2021, she also won the Miss Diva Universe Title. 

After a historic win, she also earned a reputation and admirers for her significant mark in the Punjabi film industry and appeared in numerous films such as Bai Ji Kuttange, etc. She is a powerful supporter of mental health awareness and women’s empowerment, apart from beauty. Harnaaz is the best example of beauty with a purpose.

Interesting facts about Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu:

  • After a leap of 21 years, a 21-year-old girl made the nation proud by competing with others to win the Miss Universe 2021 Title. 
  • Sandhu was born in Chandigarh on 3 March in 2000. 
  • She belongs to a Sikh family.
  • She has great fluency in English, Punjabi, and Hindi language.
  • She won numerous titles including Miss Max Emerging Star India and Miss Chandigarh in 2018, and 2017, respectively at the age of 17. Among the Miss Universe winners, Kaur was another best representative.
  • She placed in the top 12 in Femina Miss India in 2019.
  • She earned the title of Miss Diva in 2021.

Our country has a proud and long history of Miss Universe Winners. The Miss Universe list of India winners has been inspiring millions of young women by creating history and representing the nation on the global stage.



India’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant has come a long way in terms of determination, passion, and unmatched beauty. With the final victory of the most beautiful and talented Harnaaz Sandhu, the country’s legacy on the stage turned a new page. It came with the promise of more magnificent moments in the upcoming editions. Recently, Shweta Sharda represented India in Miss Universe 2023 and made it to the top 20, which is commendable. We are eagerly waiting to bring the crown back to India at the Miss Universe pageant in the future.


1. Who was the first Miss Universe from India?

Sushmita Sen, an Indian actress, was the first woman who become the Miss Universe from India. After winning Femina Miss India, she earned the Miss Universe title in 1994.

2. Who is the most recent and last Miss Universe from India?

24-year-old Indian actress and beauty queen, Harnaaz Sandhu won the Miss Universe pageant after 21 years. She was crowned at the 70th Miss Universe in the year 2021.

3. How many Miss Universe Indians are there to date?

The Miss Universe title winners list from India includes three winners so far. The Indian Miss Universe winners are Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta and Harnaaz Sandhu.

4. How many contestants participate in the Miss Universe pageant?

The number of contestants in the Miss Universe pageant varies every year. However, it usually ranges from 80 to 100. In 2023, contestants from 84 countries and territories competed in the 72nd edition of Miss Universe.

5. How Miss Universe pageant is different from other beauty competitions?

Miss Universe is one of the most well-known and renowned beauty pageants in the world, having millions of watchers globally. It emphasizes empowerment and confidence. Contestants taking part in the Miss Universe represent themselves as inspirational leaders and role models for their nation, communities’ backgrounds, and fans across the globe.

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