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India is a country that love their cup of tea it not only brings family and friends together, also starts the journey of a healthy living. In our daily life there are certain habits that is essential, one of it is a cup of tea. No matter what the season in tea is always a necessity.Tea is an aromatic beverage and it used to be consumed for the longest time just for its medicinal properties and now its a daily requirement

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Different Types of Tea for Daily Us


There are different types of tea and each of them have their own benefits . Green Tea, Black Tea, White tea, Oolong Tea, Ice Tea and many more. However its benefits go far beyond refreshment, it is a flavorful way of getting the daily requirements of antioxidants. Tea can help in reducing the risk of heart attack and strokes, we have heard this from the longest time that tea helps in reducing weight and increases metabolism rate. Regular consumption of tea helps in reducing the risk of cancer and improves immunity system. Therefore the ones that wants to indulge in a evening refreshment, tea is a better choice as it has less caffeine.But the question is where do we find all these varieties with an exceptional quality and without losing its flavor and its authenticity.


Top 3 Websites To Buy Organic Tea Online in India

The question is where do we find all these varieties with an exceptional quality and without losing its flavor and its authenticity. With the growing demand and want for Tea, there are many websites that has come up, which are providing Organic Tea Online in India. These websites are providing different varieties and a wider range of tea in different packages, different quantities and different forms. They provide categories from the basic black tea to the flavored and unflavored tea, green tea, white tea, ice tea, oolong tea. Here are the list of sites known for providing authentic and quality Tea online in India.



Teafloor is a website that help us to find them all in one place . Its designed to cater to every individuals need and brings a wide variety of tea. Teafloor is set out to improve the quality, freshness, and authenticity of the tea purchased by offering with choices that are rarely seen in the tea market .They deliver the freshest Indian teas from various estates. You can choose your tea by garden, type, flavor and season of produce . Some drink tea as a habit developed over time, some drink tea for medicinal purposes, some drink tea for the taste and some drink tea as a partner-in-crime to the warm snacks enjoying the rain. No matter what your reason, no matter what your taste, you will always find the finest and the freshest tea of your choice and your need at Teafloor.


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 Top Selling Products of Teafloor

Teafloor North East Exclusive Green Tea Unflavoured Green Tea

teafloor north east exclusive green tea unflavoured green tea 100g

Fresh green tea handpicked and contained to make the perfect cup of tea filled with antioxidants an flavor and especially due to its perfection it makes it more beneficial for the consumers. Gives benefits of a green tea and also relives from stress. Packaging offers differ from 10 grams to a higher quantity allowing them to get the suitable size It retails for Rs 295/-


Teafloor Vanilla Swirl Vanilla Green Tea

teafloor vanilla swirl vanilla green tea 100g pouch

This vanilla flavored tea has one of the most aromatic and delightful experiences to relief from stress . It is ranging from a high to low quantity and provides the customers with any quantity they want . Therefore it gives the customers a delightful experience  . This not only benefits mentally but also physically . It retails for Rs.521/-


Teafloor Trinity Tea Collection Plain, Chamomile, Chocolate Tea

Teafloor Trinity Tea Collection Plain, Chamomile, Chocolate Tea(96 g, Box)

A Tea gift box having packets tightly closed containing the 3 wonders of tea, each of different flavors and aroma. Taste of heaven and melodious fragrance. Each having 4 pieces of packets. A perfect choice of beverage for luxurious get together, potlucks and hang outs. Teas available are: 1. Nilgiris Silver Leaf White Tea 2. Chamomile Green Tea 3. Chocolate Luxe Black Tea . It retails for Rs 630

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Teafloor Nilgiris Silver Tip Unflavoured White Tea

 Juiciness of ripe tropical fruits tugs at your senses right from the moment these tea leaves start steeping. Made of high quality clone, this scrumptious white tea is great for someone who is new to this class of tea and wants to explore more. These tea can be made to give freshness and aroma.  A packet of 100g retails for Rs 441


Teabox is an online tea shop that delivers, the freshest Indian teas from estates . An exceptional cup of tea has a more exalted place in the everyday life. how are they different? Well, it’s got a lot to do with freshness. . So, fresher tea tastes better and is healthier. They buy the first pick of every season and take utmost care when it comes to storage and packaging. Also consider it important to deliver the products to the customer with the same aim. Also they give each product that not only looks good but also is very convenient to use . Hence the customers believe the quality and now with PaisaWapas you can get you daily tea in a affordable price . Get Rs. 700/- Cashback on All Orders Above Rs.1000/-. You can find latest Teabox Coupons on PaisaWapas to save on your Tea Purchase.

teabox coupons & offers

Top Selling Products of Teabox

Teabox Assam Nitrogen-flushed Teabag Black Tea

Teabox Assam Nitrogen-flushed Teabag Black Tea(16 Sachets, Box)


There is so much to love about Assam leaf tea. They are dense, pleasantly astringent, have strong flavors, and so the perfect amount of caffeine for a sip in the mornings. Featured here is one such Assam black tea from the tea estate. Starting from a range of a package containing 20g and more  retails for Rs.299

Teabox Natural Darjeeling Nitrogen-flushed Teabag Oolong Tea

Teabox Natural Darjeeling Nitrogen-flushed Teabag Oolong Tea(16 Sachets, Box)

This oolong comes from a small-lot tea cooperative located in the foothills of the Himalayas. We love this tea for it’s complex, more-brisk-than-usual oolong characters. The dry leaf mix has an abundance of tips which lends brightness to the cup, while the high-fired leaves embolden the brew with darker, more earthy flavors. Therefore It’s likely to find takers among those with an adventurous palate. It retails for Rs.350

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Udyaan Tea

Udyan Tea is based out of Darjeeling district, the homeland of all-things-tea. This means they bring the high-quality tea from lands, sourced out directly from the best gardens, directly to by cutting out all middlemen, and in the process, reducing the time frame between production and consumption. At Udyan Tea, sourcing out the best tea is an ongoing process. Every week, Udyan expert tea tasters sample a variety of teas collected from different gardens and choose the top quality tea.

Udyantea Coupons

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Here is list of trending Tea from UdyanTea

Gillidhary Assam Gold CTC Chai

Gillidhary Assam Gold CTC Chai

This is one of the highest quality tea. This Indian Chai Tea requires very little sugar as it has an inherently sweet flavour with notes of honey.This is the tea that is generally  consumed by the people and this gives an added benefit of healthy flavor to it . It gives a flavor of strong tea with the help of some honey which help in relaxation .It retails for Rs.420


Chamomile Delight Green Tea

Chamomile Delight Green Tea

Aromatic and relaxing tea with sweet undertones to calm your mind . chamomile is known for its stress relief and peace giving extracts in them . It i used for most purpose starting from salons to meditation.The properties that it contains not only gives you relief metally but also physically . It retails for Rs 504

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