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Years we spend in University are the first stepping bloc to the real world. The complete college experience is all about growing up, being independent, learning, taking chances and discovering you. The lessons learnt stick with us lifelong and the memories forever. College life marks the transition of a school kid into an adult ready for the real world and its hardships. But college is also about fun, friends and happiness. College life is the best phase for anybody and there’s no better place than Du to experience it I believe.Not only University of Delhi is acclaimed nationwide for its academic proficiency but it is also famous for having a holistic, fun-filled and exuberant environment. DU is usually a dream for many high schoolers which only few achieve. It is one of the most desired Universities in India and this fact is testified every year by the whooping average of 2.5 lakh applications the university receives during the admission months.


Life at DU is a fun filled roller coaster that lasts 3 years long which in my dictionary is too short. from extra curricular activities to fests to cafes to eateries to scenic beauty to amazing parties to melodrama, you’ll find all of this at the campus in abundance.

For a fresher, it can be intimidating to step in without an ally but worry not it will be an amazing experience. Here’s what you should expect:

  • First day Jitters :No one will spoon feed and you’ll have to find your own way to your class on your own but that’s good since it makes you feel independent and empowered. also, you can always ask anyone for help and it wouldnt be difficult to figure out the rest.


  • Seniors. They might seem intimidating but they are the best source of information for you. they know the ins and outs, the best food places, cheap alternatives, great hangout spots, and they are well versed with the teachers, their methods and their peeves. DU is really strict about ragging so you have nothing worry about there. The most you can expect is an ice breaking session which is more of getting to know and finding interests and boosting confidence.


  • Societies: They are a great way to mingle and get a group to hangout with. Not only that, they help you diversify your CV and pursue interests and hobbies more productively. They also teach you how to multitask and manage schedules as you juggle studies, friends and society responsibilities. Socities at most Du colleges are pretty serious and can be a great way to channel your talents. So even if you don’t join, you must give auditions.
Register for as many society auditions as you think you can

Register for as many society auditions as you think you can
  • The Campus: Both north and south campus are known for their liveliness and cool hangouts, be it satya niketan or kamla market or Hudson lane, there is loads to discover from sasta food stalls to pocket friendly cafes to must visit restaurants. Take tips from your seniors and roam around for this time shall never return. Time is of essence, my friend.

Du Campus

  • Finding Friends: The first day is all about socializing and learning about your classmates. You might or might not find friends the very first day but don’t be disheartened. College is an amazing place to find great friends. Don’t just sit in a corner and rather try and get to know other people. Remember to be polite and honest about yourself. Also, don’t go by first impressions solely and learn to be cordial with everybody. And soon enough, you’ll have a squad of your own as you learn more about your classmates.


So go ahead and enjoy folks while it lasts. For these 3 years will be the quickest years that shall pass by you before you’d know.

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