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Karwa Chauth Story in English – Simple Explanation

Karva Chauth is a big festival celebrated with much excitement. On this day, married women fast to protect their husbands. During the fast, they also listen to the Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha, a story. All the women in the neighborhood sit together, dress up nicely, and listen to the story. Here is the Karwa Chauth Story in English for the readers.

The story goes like this:

Once, there was a Brahmin known for his virtues and righteous deeds. He had a daughter named Veeravati, who was the only sister among seven brothers. Her brothers loved her dearly. Veeravati got married to a young Brahmin.

After the wedding, she returned to her parents’ home and observed the Karva Chauth fast. However, due to hunger, she was very distressed.

When her brothers returned home in the evening, they asked her why she was so upset. Veeravati told them about her fast and how she couldn’t break it until she saw the moon. Her brothers, worried for her, came up with a plan.

They lit a lamp and placed it behind a peepal tree so that it looked like the moon had risen.

Veeravati believed them, broke her fast, and had her meal. But as soon as she took her first bite, she received the news of her husband’s death. She was devastated. Her sister-in-law then explained that the fast was broken due to deception.

After learning the truth, Veeravati decided to bring her husband back to life with her dedication and devotion. She took care of his body for a year and collected sacred grass called “sui-numa.” She was determined to make her husband alive again.

The next year, Karva Chauth came, and Veeravati’s sisters-in-law came to her. She asked them for blessings and requested them to give her “Yam Sui” (a special grass) and “Piyush Sui” to make her a blessed wife. One sister-in-law told her the real reason behind her husband’s death: he had died because of her breaking the fast. She said only a true and devoted wife like Veeravati could bring her husband back to life.

In the end, the youngest sister-in-law took pity on her and gave her the sacred grass. Veeravati used it to bring her husband back to life, and her dedication and love saved him.

This story teaches us about the power of devotion and true love in the celebration of Karva Chauth.

That’s sit, It’s all about the Karwa Chauth Story in English.

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