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International Beer Day- Seven Best Breweries in India


List of Best Breweries in India

Beer, after water and tea, is the most sought after beverage in the world! Its various health benefits, creativity in flavours, seamlessness in alcohol percentage and availability makes it a very popular and loved drink, across all ages. Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, fermented from malted grains like- barley, maize, wheat and rice. It is brewed in a brewery through computer-controlled, stainless steel equipment. The evolution of mankind has given birth to the evolution of beer, and beer has truly evolved through the ages.

Archaeological evidence date back to 10,000 BC where recipes of beer were first written on stones and clay! Almost every culture has a deep-rooted history with beer and the oldest evidence dates back to ancient Babylonia and Mesopotamia. From the ancient era to now, the 21st century, every culture is associated with beer and brewing. Beer has seamlessly weaved mankind together to quench their common thirst.

Started by Jesse Avshalomov, the first Friday of August, every year, the IBD (International Beer Day) is celebrated to appreciate the process and craft of brewing and quenching man’s common thirst. Originally started in the United States, in Santa Cruz, California, the day has spread like wildfire to about 207 cities, 50 countries and 6 continents. In fact, there are a plethora of best breweries in India where people can enjoy their hearts out.

A common misconception is that the day is simply about alcohol. However, International Beer Day glorifies art and education in a very subtle way. The pompous is not only around beer but also the breweries, beer technicians and bartenders.

Read on to find the ten best beer brands in India and enjoy International Beer Day with relaxation.

The International Beer Day brings light to the various techniques involved in creating beer and it stands by three principles.

The Three Principles of International Beer Day

  • Bringing people together for the sake of enjoyment and love
  • To celebrate crafting of beer and breweries, and
  • To unite the world by celebrating the beers of all nations.

Beer has become a very popular drink in India because 30% of our population comprises youth and with the increase in social interactions and number of breweries, it is widely produced and distributed. Continue reading this article to find the best breweries in India.

India is blessed with a variety of beers- Fruit beers, Ale, Lager and Craft beers. Goa, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai are known as the best beer cities in India and are a mirror of the pot-culture sentimentality of India.

Beer contains only about 6% to 8% alcohol, making it a very mild yet suitable beverage for all occasions and age groups. Studies also shine light upon the fact that beer drinkers tend to have stronger bones and tend to lead a healthier and longer life. Of course, being drunk is not advisable, but drinking beer is in fact safer than wine! Beer is also rich in flavonoids, making beer great for the skin and hair. Beer also protects your heart and helps fight cancer. Thus the numerous beer health benefits of beer make it a safe beverage to consume. Find the ten health benefits of beer and enjoy International beer day by visiting the best breweries in India without any guilt.

India has one brewery per 18000 units. We have one of the world’s best and biggest breweries, craft breweries and microbreweries, producing the best quality beer! The top 4 breweries of the world, are all active in India! Some of the best brewery companies in India include United Spirits, Radico Khaitan, Globus Spirits and United Breweries.

India has been taking a huge leap in the microbrewery arena. With experimental flavours, vibrant colours and seamless amalgamation of beer and other spirits, there are some best breweries in India. The Biere Club, Arbor Brewing Company, The White Owl and Toit Brewpub are some of the most renowned and best breweries in India.

Top Seven Best Breweries in India

International Beer Day celebrates the evolution of this craft and changing yet rooted beer flavours. Some of the best beer brands in India include- Budweiser, Heineken, Corona and Bira 9.

For a beer admirer and avid drinker, visit these best breweries in India to find great quality, creative and traditional beers are:

The White Owl Brewery in India

The White Owl cranks out top-quality brews made with new-age and traditional brewing methods. The Irish Red Ale, Torpedo and Outlander are the must-try beverages. The White Owl is present in Mumbai and is truly a beer lovers’ paradise.

Brewbot Brewery in India

Brewbot, present pan India, prides itself on using progressive sensor technology to automate the brewing process. This craft beer brewery brews beer which is named and created after popular culture icons. Their Experimental brews like Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is a must-try.

The Biere Club Brewery in India

The Biere Club was the first microbrewery in South India. With an assortment of traditional beers, including lagers, wheat, stouts and ales made in fresh batches, this is one of the best breweries in Bengaluru. Their traditional ales served with complementary Mediterranean food is a must-try.

Toit Brewpub Brewery in India

Toit is one of the most famous and best microbreweries in India hailing from Bangalore. Using creative brewing techniques and styles (like handcrafted beers with wood fire recipes), Toit offers a wide array of beers, ranging from Double IPA and pale ales to lagers and porters. Some highlights include Breaking Matt and Tintin Toit. This is one of the best breweries in India and is a must-visit for all beer lovers.

Brewsky Brewery in India

Very well renowned in Bengaluru, this brewery offers exciting and experimental flavours that will challenge your palate. The funky and unorthodox brews complement the cocktails which are very famous at Brewsky.  The Opperworld Hefeweizen which is a light wheat beer with notes of banana and clove is a must-try.

Arbor Brewing Company Brewery in India

Arbor Brewing Company or ABC as it is known among locals – is India’s first American craft brewery in India. This International Beer Day, all beer enthusiasts can sample different ales, from spiced and smoked to bitter and dark. Some must-try beers include the Belgian-style Phat Abbot and Honey Lavender Ale.

Doolally Brewery in India

Started in Pune, Doolally Taproom is one of the best breweries in India. It has also started outlets in Mumbai and is a great brewery to visit this International Beer Day. The traditional Stout and Apple Cider Brew is the most popular drink and is a must-try.

Takeaways- Best breweries in India for International Beer Day

These are the top best breweries in India that can be a great visit during International Beer Day. They produce good quality beer and have elevated the social life and togetherness in India. This is exactly what International Beer Day is celebrated for! It knits people from all genders, races, age groups and tastes through something as beautiful and simple as beer! So add pomp of celebration to the International Beer Day, and appreciate the art of drinking beer.


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