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How to Set Caller Tune in Jio?

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio 2023 With 4 Easy Ways

Caller tunes are the best thing for people when they love any song and want to make sure that people who are calling them must listen to that particular song. Jio is the most popular and most widely used SIM card in India. Hence, caller tune-in Jio is a major aspect for the people that they want to know. How do you set caller tune in Jio? Are you finding the answer to this question? There are some easy ways to set caller tune in Jio which we mention in this article. Jio is the most preferred network for people because of its affordable data and calling plans.

About – Jio

Jio is one of the leading telecommunication companies in India. Jio Users are more than any other cellular network company. Jio company gave its users a free feature: “Free Caller Tune.” Reliance Jio never charges any cost to set the caller tune like other companies. Thus, using some methods, you can set your favorite song as the caller to tune in to Jio. Are you also wondering about getting the correct answer to this question? This blog is for you, and here you can check the things related to activating Jio Tunes on your Smartphone.


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How do I activate JioTunes on my Smartphone?

Four methods to activate caller tune in Jio and these four ways are given here.

  1. MyJio app
  2. IVR
  3. Copy JioTune from another Jio customer
  4. By SMS

MyJio app – Set caller tune in Jio from Jio Music?

1). First, visit the play or app store of your Smartphone.

2). Download the MyJio app.

3). Tap on “JioTunes.”

4). Go to the category of “Trending Now.”

5). Search the song of your choice.

6). Listen and take a look at the song preview. 

7). Select “Set JioTune.”

8). You will receive an SMS on your Jio Number about the Jio Tune activation.

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IVR – Free and Easy Way to Set Caller Tune in Jio 

1) You need to dial 56789 from the Jio Number on which you want to activate your favorite song as the JioTune.

2). Select the song.

3). Copy JioTune to another Jio Customer.

4). Press * before the call is answered. 

5). You receive an SMS to Confirm. 

SMS- Caller Tune Set without JioSaavan?

Here, users need to know that they can also set a call tune in Jio by using the SM method. You can set the call tune in Jio by SMS, and here, you are required to enter the “First Three Words of the Song of your choice.”

Send this SMS to 56789. Once you send this message, you will receive the list of all songs carrying those three words and instructions to set your selected song as JioTune. 

There are other files to search for a song for JioTune, such as particular genres, singer name, movie name, and album name, by sending an SMS singer or Movie or Album to 56789. 

One more simple way to set caller tune in Jio by SMS is to send JT to 56789 and follow the instructions to set a particular song as your June. 

How do I find songs to set as my JioTune?

Users who want to set a song as a JioTune must download the MyJio application from the App Store or Google Play Store. It would help if you browsed the JioTunes section under the category “Trending Now.” Here, you can search for the song of your choice that you want to set as a caller tune in Jio.

The Bottom Line:

Hence, these are the things that you need to know about the steps to set caller tune in Jio. We hope this information is valuable for understanding “Caller Tune Set in Jio Steps” by SMS.” People who don’t have smartphones and want to set Favourite songs on their normal phones can also use the idea of Jio Tune Activation by SMS or IVR.

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