How to prevent sun burns

It’s the season of mangoes, floral dresses and sunburns. However much you try avoiding the sun, it’s not feasible to stay indoors to escape the fury of the fireball. How to prevent sunburns and soothe your skin is a million dollar question, and here we are with some effective tips and products to fight sun burns.sunburn


Broad spectrum sunblock

A broad spectrum sunscreen lotion or sunblock is an absolute necessity to fight the scorching summers. To prevent sunburns, invest in oil free, broad spectrum high sun protection lotion which offers ample coverage (preferably SPF 25 or more) against UVA and UVB rays. By choosing the right shield against sun, you win half the battle.

Here are some great sunblocks and sunscreens to prevent sunburns and look radiant on the sultriest of days.

Lotus Safe Sun with SPF 40 and PA+++ and Lotus Safe Sun UV Screen Matte Gel with SPF 50 and PA+++:

These two sunscreens can be your best bet in summers, because of their high sun protection and oil free formulation.

Avene Very High Protection Spray – SPF 50 PA+:

This high sun protection spray is raved about in the beauty circle, and this one of the best options to invest in if you want to splurge on skincare.

Banana Boat Sport – SPF 60 and Banana Boat Sport Sweat Resistant Sunscreen Lotion – SPF 30 PA+++ :

These are quite effective sunscreens to prevent sunburns. If you are into sports or physical activity, trust this product to work its magic.


Soothing gel

If you have sensitive skin, you need to use a cooling gel right after coming back from outdoors. This is essential to prevent sunburns and sooth inflamed sun-damaged skin.

Khadi Aloe Vera Gel:

This wonder gel as an antiseptic and a soothing balm for irritated or healing skin, and is the safest bet to fight sunburns.

VLCC After Sun Soothing Gel:

Living up to its name, this after sun gel soothes skin and combats photo-damage.

Tattvam Skin Repair – Sunburn Soothing Gel :

This amazing product can be used by everyone, and is perfect for the using after a hard day under the sun. The healing properties of Seabuckthorn, aloevera, lavender and Rosehip extracts help to prevent sunburns.


Besides these products, you can rely on good old home remedies which work without fail. Rub cucumber slices or apply a curd mask on your skin to help prevent sunburns. Also don’t forget your sunglasses or umbrella which provide a barrier against the harsh sun rays.


To shine without worries in this summer and prevent the damaged induced by long hours in sun, give these products a shot. Install Paisawapas cashback extension to reap maximum benefits from your shopping. Earn 8% cashback on all Beauty and Personal care products. Happy summers and happy shopping.


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