How to prevent online credit card theft

Demonetization has hit us hard, and there are various situations in which people do not have enough cash at hand. Under such scenario, there arises the need to make alternatives arrangements for money to make required transactions. Credit cards, and debit cards are the first thing that comes to our mind. A Credit card is the perfect medium to fulfill your needs and wants, especially when it comes to online shopping.

As far as online shopping is concerned, it is a convenient way to buy the things you need without even going outside. But by making the payment online, many buyers are worried or little insecure about frauds or scams. There are people who can manipulate things in order to make money. So, here we are to tell you about certain steps through which you would be able to make your online credit card usage as secure as possible.

• Unique password for every website

If you are having one specific password registered in all the websites, there are people who may come to know about your that particular password and is able to steal your information to make you fraud. So, it’s better to have different passwords for each and every website you use and that password should be as strong as possible.

• Shop only at known and reputed websites

One of the best ways to protect your online shopping is to restrict online services through the use of well- known websites. When a website has a great reputation, there arise very fewer chances to be made a fool for your trust. Of course, somehow, you have to trust some websites but at the same time, be a little careful of where you are using your credit cards.

• Don’t share too much personal information

When it comes to your status online, there is no need to share too much information, especially related to your personal and financial life. Criminals are clever enough to make out important information by hacking your account. Not only sharing your information online may fool you but also in your personal life when you tell something to any kid, co-worker, or any other person you trust might use that information to fraud you.

• Check you timely statements

It may seem time- consuming but you should have an idea of what is being done to your account time to time. It is something which provides you the transparency from your bank account details and your financial activities. By having your account statement, either monthly or weekly, you would be able to make out how far you have spent your money through your respective credit cards.

• Control the declined number of transaction

You may take it for granted but having a control over your rejected transaction is important. There may be chances that some other person might be having an eye on your transaction with the use of some software, which is why it keeps on declining. Do not make the further transaction via your credit cards if the number of attempts has succeeded.
So, I hope this would be helpful enough to know how to keep your financial status online. Follow various steps and be careful enough to know what is happening around the world.