How to get Free Netflix Membership

With the latest movie releases and web series, Netflix has become the biggest OTT platform for entertainment. So, are you addicted to streaming content on Netflix, but a monthly subscription plan sucks you? Don’t worry; we provide you with the best hacks to enjoy Netflix premium services for free and at discounted rates.

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This means you don’t need to pay Rs 199 and Rs 799 per month for mobile access and other devices access. All the tricks and tips mentioned here are tried and tested. So, you can easily use any of the methods to enjoy the free premium services of Netflix.

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Netflix Premium Plans and Pricing Details

Netflix offers four different plans for users to access premium services. By choosing any one of the plans, you will be able to watch unlimited TV series and movies and even play mobile games. Let’s check out the premium plan first.

Netflix Premium Plans Mobile Plan Basic Plan Standard Plan Premium Plan
Monthly Plan (Indian Rupee) ₹149 INR ₹199 INR ₹499 INR ₹649 INR
Number of Screens shares 1 1 2 4
Number of phones on which you can download 1 1 2 4
Unlimited Movies, Mobile Games  and TV Shows Yes Yes Yes
Available on Smartphones Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available on Laptop Yes Yes Yes
HD Available Yes Yes
Ultra HD available Yes

Best Web Series to Watch on Netflix Free Subscription

  1. Sacred Games
  2. Orange is New Black
  3. Stranger Things
  4. BoJack Horseman
  5. The Crown
  6. Black Mirror
  7. The Witcher
  8. Jessica Jones
  9. Dark
  10. Daredevil
  11. Ozark
  12. When They See Us
  13. You
  14. 13 Reasons Why
  15. Delhi Crime
  16. Glow
  17. Sense8


Best Movies on Netflix to Watch

  • Roma
  • Mudbound
  • Marriage Story
  • Always be My Maybe
  • Okja
  • Private Life
  • 1922
  • Gerald’s Game
  • Triple Frontier
  • 13th
  • Taylor Swift: Miss Americana
  • Murder Mystery
  • 6 Underground
  • The Perfection
  • The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King

Tricks to Getting Netflix Premium Services for Free

Here are some of the useful hacks that help get Netflix for free.

  1. Try for Free (One Month Free Subscription For New Subscribers)

Recently, Netflix has come up with a twist for a new subscriber. Now, they can enjoy worry-free services for one month free. Here’s how they can get the Netflix for free.

  • Go to the official website and click on “Try for Free” (for non-subscribers)
  • Now, create your account by following essential details like email address and password.
  • Click on “Sign up” and be redirected to the Premium Plan page. Choose any plan and fill in your credit card details (Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay anything)
  • Now, enjoy one month’s free trial
  • Don’t forget to cancel the plan before the last date; otherwise, you get charged for the next month
  1. Choose Share Plans to Enjoy Netflix At Discount Price

You can choose any of the plans and share them with friends. If you love to binge movies all night on Netflix but don’t want to pay a heavy subscription plan, choose the share plan which is available for friend circle. The standard plan and premium plan comes with screen sharing option with two and four friends.

It would be great to enjoy the premium of Netflix for free if your friend is gentle enough to share the plan without charging you. Moreover, you can have a share plan if your family uses Netflix. This way, you will be able to divide the amount and enjoy premium services for at least the price.

  1. Get Gift Cards to Enjoy Netflix for Free

The following best method to get the Netflix premium for free or at a discount rate is to collect gift cards. The gift cards are available on Amazon, retailers, SBI Net Banking, and another eCommerce website. The gift cards are available for a particular country and for a limited period. With this gift card, you will have 11 digital codes. With this, you can access Netflix for free or at a discount rate.

  • Shop online from any of the eCommerce websites
  • Get the gift cards to have Netflix for free
  1. Use Discount Coupons

Forth tried and tested method to get Netflix for free is discount coupons. Various websites offer discount coupons to enjoy Netflix’s premium services for free and at least prices. Some websites also provide 100% cashback coupons to get Netflix.

The coupons really work to save your money. However, there are some more sites available which offer discount coupons. You can consider that website too but be sure that coupons are real.

Click here to get latest Netflix Subscription Coupons and Offers

  1. SBI Net Banking Trick

If you are an SBI account holder and have net banking access, you can try this trick to enjoy Netflix. Follow these steps to get Netflix free subscription.

  • Go to the official website of SBI net banking and Login with your net banking credentials
  • Click on the homepage or dashboard and go to the virtual cards section
  • Make a new virtual card and make sure it is valid for the whole day.
  • Copy the card details and log in to the Netflix, and select any of the subscription plans
  • Now, use your virtual card and then click on the Pay option
  • Here you go and enjoy your Netflix free subscription
  1. Use Flikover and Get a Subscription to Netflix at Rs 100

If you are in the writing business and want to get Netflix at Rs 100, then Flikover is the right platform. The discount coupon is offered to the new users, so register your account and get the Netflix subscription by paying through your debit or credit card.

  1. Airtel Subscription Plan

Airtel also offers the subscription plan combos to enjoy Netflix for free. You can choose unlimited internet connection plans online and enjoy Netflix for free. Moreover, the Airtel set-box setup also offers Netflix premium subscriptions for free. So, you can select any of the methods to get premium services for free.

  1. Vodaphone Subscription Plans

Vodaphone also offers binge all night and unlimited plans, including weekend rollover plans to get Netflix. If you are a vi subscriber, you can choose any of these plans to enjoy premium services for free.

  1. Mediator Apps To get Netflix at Discount Price

Other than the above mention tricks, here are some mediator apps available from where you can get Netflix for free and at discount rates. So, let’s have a look and enjoy premium services for free.

  • Verizon Fios App

This is an internet services provider app available in more than nine states of the US. So, you can get Netflix for free from this website. To get the access, all you have to do is this:

  • Sign up on Fios Tv
  • Select any triple-play package plan, including television, internet and phone.
  • Once you sign up, you will get an email from the services provided to have Netflix for free
  • Get the email and enjoy Netflix for free.

Keep in mind that deals and discounts can be changed. They may have terms and conditions, so once read them before choosing.

  • TataPlay Binge

TataPlay Binge is another excellent way to enjoy services for free. Like other platforms, you need to sign up for the TataPlay Binge and get the Netflix for free in a combo plan.

  • Go to the Tata play’s website and check on “Not a Tata Play Customer.”
  • Get a “New connection.”
  • Select the preferred set-top box, and this must-have smart set-top body and Tata Play Binge or Tata Play Edition or Amazon Fire Tv Stick
  • Get the services at Rs 399 per month, and in the combo’s plan, you also get the Netflix services at discount rates.

Netflix is a great entertainment dose for people these days. But not all of us want to pay the heavy subscription plan fees. Hence, now you know the best tricks and tips to get Netflix for free. Follow any of the hacks and get your premium services for free.

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