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How to Cancel Order on Zepto?

Order Cancellation Process on Zepto | Explained

Nowadays, practically everyone makes purchases using different internet services. As a result, there is significantly less work to do. Although many individuals find it uncomfortable, this strategy is significantly more effective. And when ordered online then order cancellation also becomes necessary. And similar is our topic for today, which is – How to Cancel an Order on Zepto, we have provided a variety of information below.

Here is How to cancel the Zepto order by utilizing customer care 

How to Cancel Order on Zepto

Understanding the process of how to cancel an order on zepto after shipping is a crucial task. So, follow the instructions below,

  • You need to log into your zepto app first
  • Click on the three horizontal lines above the home page
  • The assignment of how to cancel an order on zepto will then start,
  • Go to Your Placed Order/ Order Cart
  • Select the order you want to cancel
  • A page with comprehensive information about that item will open up after the previous step. You will see an option labeled “Order Details”.
  • Then you should then tap on the “Get help” option
  • A window of the Customer Support & FAQ tap on “Orders/Product Related
  • Then another slide of FAQs will pop up where you have to select “How to cancel my order”

How to Cancel Order on Zepto (1)

After which the exact Process for Cancellation of the Zepto Order Will Start,

  • After choosing the option of canceling my order you will end up on the “Chat With Us” & “Call Us” Customer support options from zepto to cancel the order.
  • You can choose any of your choices and give your reason for order cancellation
  • After the chat or call process is done you can go back to your cat and find that your zepto order will be canceled successfully.


Additional Method to Cancel Your Order on Zepto 

Cancel Order on ZeptoWhile calling customer service, there are frequently several potential technical problems. As a result, the order is not canceled on time. We are offering a different alternate approach as a result.

  • you must open the app and select the ordering option.
  • If you choose the one you wish to cancel from there, you will receive the delivery person’s phone number.
  • By dialing the number, you can cancel your order.
  • This implies that the canceling process in this instance is rather simple.



Hope we helped you through how to cancel an order on zepto. Follow the above-mentioned and enjoy the shopping process without any confusion.

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