How to Cancel Order on Meesho for March 2023

How to cancel orders on Meesho

Anyone may create a business without any investment thanks to the Meesho App, which is accessible on both the iOS and Google Play stores. In particular, in India, it is one of the biggest social commerce platforms where anyone can launch an online business. Simply resale Meesho’s items to your connections is all that’s required of the user. The application is only open to female company owners, stay-at-home moms, college students, store owners, beauticians, wholesale merchants, and anybody else searching for a side gig or a method to launch an online business.

Although it is very convenient to buy products of your choice online, the user should be aware of its cancellation and refund policies. This article focuses on How to cancel orders on Meesho.

Cancellation Policy of Meesho

The cancellation policy is the plan made available on the Meesho website, accessible at, or the mobile application with the Meesho brand. This cancellation policy outlines the procedure by which a user, supplier, or Meesho may cancel an order placed on the Platform by a customer or reseller.

Cancellation By the User

When is a user permitted to cancel an order?

After placing an order through the Platform, the user can cancel the order only before the provider has shipped the product.

How Can the User Cancel an Order Before the Order Is Shipped?

  • Go to “My Orders” in your “Profile” if you want to cancel an order.
  • Click the order for the product you wish to cancel
  • Choose a reason for the cancellation from the options available
  • Click the “Cancel Order” button.


What Are the Allowed Reasons for Cancelling Orders on Meesho by The User?

The following grounds exist for the user to cancel the order on Meesho:

  • If a testing order was placed
  • If the user has ordered the same product more than once
  • If the user finds the anticipated delivery date unacceptable
  • If the user wishes to alter either the delivery or billing address
  • If the customer decides not to place the order
  • If the user desires to alter the terms of the contract, including the method of payment
  • In the event that the User desires a different product’s size or colour
  • For any other reason

How To Cancel the Order After the Order is Shipped?

Meesho won’t have the ability to cancel an order if it has already been dispatched. In this situation, the customer must politely refuse to take the order whenever the delivery person brings it to their location. Without incurring a cancellation fee, the order will be cancelled and the meesho order cancel number will be given to the user.

In the event that a consumer cancels an order, there are no meesho order cancellation charges. There are no hidden fees or costs associated with cancellation. However, the cancelled order won’t be taken into account for their bonus program.

Meesho Dispatch & Delivery Time

Domestic products ordered by you will be dispatched within 2-3 working days and delivered within 4-5 working days following the day of dispatch. When ordering an item from abroad, the shipping process could take up to 10-15 working days, and delivery will occur during the next 4-5 working days.

Meesho Refund Policy on Cancelled Orders

The user will get a refund of the full money paid if the order is cancelled after the user has completed the payment. The original payment method, such as a bank account, UPI, or another similar service, will receive credit for the reimbursement. The amount will also be credited to the source of origin if the user has chosen any other method, such as wallets. The total sum that the User paid will be refunded to the User. In the event that there are any questions regarding the receipt of the return amount, Meesho may ask for more details, such as a bank statement or other pertinent paperwork.

Will The Discount Coupons or Promotional Offers Be Brought Back?

Any promotional or discount coupons that the User may have utilized to place the cancelled order will be lost.

When Will The User Receive The Reimbursement?

The processing times once Meesho receives the product or following the seller’s notification of receipt of the merchandise are listed below.

Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and refunds from UPI-linked banks are the available refund methods in the 3 to 7 business-day timeframe.

Meesho maintains the right, at any time and without giving you previous written notice, to change, amend, modify, add, or remove any part of this policy at its sole discretion. You are accountable for regularly reviewing this policy for any updates or modifications.

How can you get in touch with Meesho delivery?

You can go to “Contact Us” option in your profile section. You will see below two options:

  • Customer Service Hotline: 080 61799600
  • Customer Service Email: for returns, replacements, exchanges, or refund queries


Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce that enables customers to purchase goods or services directly from merchants over the Internet using a web browser or a mobile app. One of the online shopping applications in India that lets users purchase products and services is Meesho. As much as online shopping is easy and convenient, all users must have information regarding its policies of cancel the order and refund or return. This article focuses on how to cancel orders in Meesho with its refund policies and information regarding cancellation charges.

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