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How to Block Airtel SIM Instantly?

Every day, countless cases of lost and stolen phones are registered in India. When the phone is stolen or lost at any place, it may also create the problem of lost or stolen SIM for the users. Hence, they need to block the SIM immediately. A physical SIM card can be easily used if the phone is stolen for unethical use. Hence, through this post, readers can understand – how to block Airtel SIM with easy steps.

Your phone is nothing without a SIM card because this small chip has its own storage memory. It saves your contact details, important text conversations, and other personal data. Your SIM card must be in a safe situation because of the data security. Your data will not be protected if your number is used by someone else for unethical use.

Can e-sim be stolen as well? Yes, the e-sim card can be stolen if the device is stolen. Therefore, you need to make sure that the SIM card will be blocked before any illegal activities.

5 Easy Methods to Block Airtel SIM

With more than 350 million active users, Airtel has a wide customer base, and that’s why the company understands the user’s problems and provides 24-hour accessibility for data security needs. Hence, there are some easy ways and methods through which you can complete the process of Airtel SIM block.

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how to block airtel stolen sim

1). Airtel Store Near Me to Airtel SIM Block

The first approach for the users to block Airtel SIM is visiting the nearby store of the company. This is the easiest way for the users, where they don’t need to do anything. Here are the steps to know.

a). Visit the Airtel franchise store near me.

b). Talk with any agent

c). Request to block SIM with the valid number.

d) Provide the details of the SIM card number, address, AADHAR Card, and address.

e). You may also need to provide the details of the last recharge amount for verification and DOB.

f). Once the Airtel store agent verifies all details, then they will proceed with SIM block Airtel.

2). Airtel Customer Care Number to Block SIM

When you are in a hurry, and you don’t have enough time to visit any store or website, then you can simply get in touch with the Airtel SIM block customer care number. 198 and 121, both helplines are working for the SIM block objective. Here are the given steps.

If you have another Airtel Number:

  1. Dial 198 or 121 from any Airtel Number.
  2. Select the IVR number that proceeds for customer care executive service.
  3. You will get connected with the customer care person in a few seconds.
  4. Tell the SIM block reason.
  5. Verify your identity by giving the required details.
  6. Once the details are verified by customer service, then the SIM will be blocked immediately.

What do you do if you don’t have an Airtel phone number to talk with customer care?

There are two numbers for non-Airtel users to block the Airtel SIM card, and these are 9849098490 and 1800 103 4444.

3). How to Block Airtel SIM From Airtel Thanks App

Now, let’s talk about the web way through which you can block SIM cards by sending an online request. Here are the steps given to complete this task.

a). Download the Airtel Thanks App on your phone.

b). Go to the “Help” section.

c). Select – Live Chat Support

d) Follow the instructions given to block your Airtel SIM card.

4). Airtel Lost SIM Block from Email

Users can also drop the email with the required input at You need to explain the SIM card block reason, issue, and required data for verification. The support team will help you with a quick resolution.

5). Airtel Corporate SIM Block Process to Know

On the other hand, if you are using the Airtel Corporate SIM and the SIM card has been lost, then you need to block it immediately before any unethical use. These are the given steps –

a). Give information to the manager about the lost SIM card.

b). The manager will request the network administrator to block the lost Airtel SIM.

c). For corporate SIM block, users are required to fill out the physical form with the application of blocking SIM cards.

d). Once all forms are filled out and fully submitted, then the SIM will be blocked immediately.

Wrap Up

Users who lost their physical SIM card or phone should block their SIM by using the above methods. Once you shut down the old connection, then you can simply get the new SIM card by visiting the Airtel store or booking an online appointment. You can get the same number instantly after blocking the old physical SIM card.


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