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How College Life Changes You

“Change is an inevitable part of your college life.” And that might be for a better cause. Before you leave for college, all of your older friends and your parents are telling you how much the experience will probably change you. You think you’re perfect already, so why would college change you at all? You know who you are, you know what you want (or at least pretend to know). The college application process itself helped you learn more about yourself than freshmen year ever could.

I’m here to tell you that you’re probably wrong. At the end of your freshmen year, you will change in small, subtle ways that only your parents notice at first. Then, old friends notice. Suddenly, YOU notice!

Little later does it hit and you go like ‘DAMN! I’m not who I was a year ago’. So, here’s a list of moments when you realize how much you’ve grown.

1. When you have a sense of self-discovery!

You find new horizons of your own self that you would have never imagined. You know your likes and dislikes now.

2. When you literally NEED coffee.

Finals week had me like…caffeine. Now. Need. Now.

3. When you start scheduling naps into your schedule.

No, I’m busy. That’s when my nap time is.

4. When you don’t have to be asked to help with the dishes at home.

Partially because you’re becoming an adult, partially because you don’t have a dishwasher back at hostel and home is a luxury now.

5. When you are passionate about something nobody else understands.

You’re starting to find unique things that you are passionate about and want to pursue. You’re finding yourself.

6. When you feel okay sitting down in public spaces alone.

Eating in a huge dining hall alone really isn’t bad at all.

7. When something you learned from a professor applies to real life.

The realization leaves you mind blown.

8. When you have a falling out with your first friend in college.

It will happen, and it is okay. College is a time to be choosy about who you hang out with.

9. When you become opinionated about world issues.

This is when you find yourself debating at 3 A.M with your friends and are not afraid to put your opinions out in the front because you feel so strongly about the issue.

10. When you call your parents and tell them everything.

The good, the bad, and the ugly. College is the time when you start building a mature relationship with your parents where they tend to understand that you are growing and coming to par with the real world issues and listens to you and vice versa. You are no more that annoying stubborn teenager.

11. When you realize there’s only a few friends you want to see this summer.

You feel entirely okay seeing two friends this summer anyway.

12. When someone who knows you really well says that you’ve changed.

At first you deny it, but then, you’re like, yeah. I have. For the better.

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