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5 Steps To Get a Salon Like Hair Spa at Home

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“Invest in your hairs; it is a crown you never take off.”

Your hair deserve love and care just like your skin. Exposure to sun, dust and countless pollutants wear them off from the tips to the roots. Don’t cheat your hair by satisfying yourself with the idea of using just the best shampoo and conditioners. Your hair deserve a lot more than that. And giving your hair a relaxing and rejuvenating spa is a good way to go. Hair spas are known to combat most of the hair related problems like dandruff, damage, hair fall. They not only repair the damaged hair but also boost your blood circulation and help you feel relaxed and calm.

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Today, hair spa is an expensive and time consuming business. So, how can we get our hair thick without making our pockets go thin?  Make use of your free time at home and the ingredients residing on your shelf, screaming out for you to use them. Mix and put and wash and get yourself a saloon like spa experience at home by following these 5 simple steps –

Step 1 : Massage your scalp

Your scalp needs constant nourishment. Use any nourishing oil like olive oil/ coconut oil/ almond oil or you can use any combination of these oils that suits your hair type. Warm the oil and massage your hair from roots to tips for good 10-15 minutes. This will help boost your blood circulation and growth of your hair.

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Step 2 : Steam your hair

After massaging your hair, steaming them is a necessity. Take any cotton towel or a cloth, dip it in hot water and squeeze out the excess water. Properly wrap the warm towel around your head and cover all your oiled hair. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. This ensures deeper penetrations of the oil to the scalp and provides more nourishment.

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Step 3 : Hair Wash

Next step is to wash your hair using a mild or herbal shampoo. Wash your hair properly and rinse all the shampoo. Use only cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair as hot water tend to damage your roots and cause dandruff.

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Step 4 : Condition your hair

Conditioning is important for your hair as they provide extra nourishment and shine. It prevents tangling of hair and makes them smooth. You can use a homemade conditioner (water of tea leaves to which a few drops of lime juice has been added or a paste of grated beetroot to which hibiscus powder has been added) or any mild ready-made conditioners. Leave it for a reasonable amount of time and rinse it with cold water. Avoid applying it to the scalp.

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Step 5 : Hair Mask

Last, but not the least, apply hair mask to your hair. Use a Homemade Hair mask (Make a paste a fenugreek and curd or banana, egg and milk. Add some lime or honey to it.) or a ready-made one. Add up the ingredients according to your hair needs and apply it on hair from roots to the tips. Take a towel and dip it in warm water and squeeze out the excess water. Wrap the warm towel around your head and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Now, wash it off with a mild shampoo.

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Tadaa!! You’ve got for yourselves a saloon like hair spa treatment at home. Ask your mom or your bestie to join in and have a little fun for yourselves. It is recommended that you give yourself this spa at least once or twice a month for healthy and nourished hair.

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