Handbags Clearance sale (Up to 60% off)


Handbags are one of the most favourite accessory of any female. It carries away the look effortlessly. There are different types and models of handbags available now. The brands like Giordano, Lenno Parris etc are at great price that you don’t want to miss.


Handbags Clearance sale (Up to 60% off) gives you wide options to purchase from and update your handbag collection. On your first fashion order, get 20% cashback. Also, purchase with PaisaWapas to get cashback offer.

Giordano Women’s Tote Handbag

Giordano-Women's-Tote-Handbags-with-Free-Pouch-Handbags-Clearance sale-Up-to-60%-off-Amazon

With the tag line “Classy, not pricey”, this sale explains it all. Get your hands this beautiful Tote bag from Giordano. The brand has its level of classiness which is unbeatable. This is a great deal to update your handbag collection, and slay every outfit with matchy classy bags. Also, you get a free pouch with this white handbag.

  • Price: Rs.6,950.
  • Amazon discount (76%): Rs.5,251.
  • PaisaWapas Cashback: Rs.98.
  • Final Price: 1,601.

Giordano Multicolor Tote

Giordano-G8789WHBKNVY-Multicolor -Tote-Handbags-Clearance-sale-Up-to-60%-off-Flipkart

A multicolour Tote perfect for office and college. This can add a little colour to your professional looks as well as used for daily looks. It is big enough to fit you stuffs and colourful enough to give that happy vibe.

  • Price: Rs.4,290.
  • Flipkart discount (83%): Rs.3,591.
  • Final Price: Rs.699.

Van Heusen Women’s Tote Bag


Van Heusen is a premium brand with high-quality products. A striped bag is one favourite of everyone. This beauty is at a great price, which is the perfect time to grab it up.

  • Price: Rs.2,799.
  • Amazon discount (58%): Rs.1,629.
  • PaisaWapas Cashback: Rs.67.
  • Final price: Rs.1,103.

Caprese Tilda Women’s Satchel


Be a Caprese girl with beautiful white bag. This is perfect for any occasion you want to look perfect. A date, a day out with friends, a gift to your mother, the white elegant beauty is all yours at a great price.

  • Price: Rs.4,499.
  • Amazon discount (65%): Rs.2,925.
  • PaisaWapas Cashback: Rs.91.
  • Final price: Rs.1,483.

Caprese Pia Women’s Tote Bag


A simple bag for daily use. Caprese bags has its own styles to it. Even the simplest has beauty. To slay the everyday look gets your hands on this bag.

  • Price: Rs.2,999.
  • Amazon discount (66%): Rs.1,979.
  • PaisaWapas Cashback: Rs.59.
  • Final Price: Rs.961.

Giordano Women’s Tote Handbag


A brown bag is a must-have for every women out there. This one has got a little work on it, which is more perfect for special occasions. Simple and classy one for your festive look.

  • Price: Rs.6,550.
  • Amazon discount (74%): Rs.4,851.
  • PaisaWapas Cashback: Rs.98.
  • Final Price: Rs.1,601.

Caprese Austria Women’s Satchel


There is never a no for a black pretty bag. Black is the perfect colour to make anything looks more sexier. This is a must-have one from the handbags clearance sale.

  • Price: Rs.3,899.
  • Amazon discount (65%): Rs.2,535.
  • PaisaWapas cashback: Rs.79.
  • Final price: Rs.1,285.

Gio Collection Women’s Tote Bag


A cool bag with the military print in blue is definitely little funky. This can rock a casual denim and t-shirt look. For college, day outs with yourself and all, this is perfect.

  • Price: Rs.4,225.
  • Amazon discount(75%): Rs.3,169.
  • PaisaWapas Cashback: Rs.61.
  • Final Price: Rs.995.

Van Heusen Spring-Summer Women’s Satchel


This is a very pretty colour. It can add warmth to any outfit. This will be at its best with simple looks, mainly with neutral colour outputs or a full black/white look. Floral printed cloths will add that spring feel, you will be a flowery beauty.

  • Price: Rs.2,499.
  • Amazon discount (45%): Rs.1,125.
  • PaisaWapas cashback: Rs.79.
  • Final price: Rs.1,295.

Giordano Women’s Tote Handbag


A very simple bag for any simple days. The bag is perfect for office use. To make your looks simple, this is perfect.

  • Price: Rs.3,890.
  • Amazon discount (50%): Rs.1,945.
  • PaisaWapas cashback: Rs.112.
  • Final price: Rs.1,833.

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