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‘Guilty Minds’ Review: How Shefali Bhushan Legal Drama Is Winning

Guilty Minds is a  legal melodrama about one family that is the paragon of virtue and the other, a leading law firm that is dealing with all the shades of grey.

Review of Guilty Minds

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Amazon Prime lacks melodious solitude from rival lawyers, loud hammers, dramatized and compelling testimony on stands, and morally corrupt or holy attitude judges The video’s recently released legal drama Guilty Minds has been acclaimed for its nuanced outlines of the Indian legal community and criminal justice system.

Genre Suspense, Drama
Directors Shefali Bhushan
Starring Shriya Pilgaonkar,
Varun Mitra,
Namrata Sheth
Subtitles English, Hindi
Networks Amazon studios
IMDb Ratings 3.5/5

Led by Shelfari Bhushan, who grew up in a family of lawyers (father Shanti Bhushan is an experienced lawyer, former Minister of Law and Justice, and her brother is a lawyer and activist Prashant Bhushan), co-directed by Jayant. Served. The Digambar Somalkar series offers a refreshing and realistic take on the crispy genre.

Courtrooms, unlike many other genres, are not time-adapted and are often full of soap operas in the Hindi cinema space.  Guilty Mind’s creator and director Shefali Bhushan have raised the bar by creating a compelling series that is equally informative and entertaining.


From the idea of ​​consent to the role of technology in everyday life, Boushan unravels a series of complex cases. The series is not limited to the court. The issues it addresses provide a perspective on where our communities and societies stand. The case is such a fierce battle that it is not easy to determine which side you are on. In some cases, it will be development vs. life.

Alternatively, it is difficult to choose between addiction and madness. In another case, the idea of ​​originality is swaying in the music, and there is one that begins to empathize with the mother who is being tricked into choosing a male embryo for IVF.

Guilty Minds Trailer

Trailer Guilty Minds

Above all, this series does not hesitate to critically consider the judiciary when the need arises. The case of fixing the series is essentially about how government changes affect the speed at which the wheel of justice rotates. It’s also about how an incident that appeared to have died from a natural cause revives when there is a change of legislative guards. He is not afraid to point to the integrity of the Supreme Court judge who may be carried away by his love for the reputation of his descendants and family. The choice of cases is interesting, but it seems certain. There are at least three cases where technology plays a role, but there are no cases where freedom of expression or religion is threatened.

Moreover, this series is worth watching, and have 10 episodes. Furtheremore, each episode is less than an hour. So, go and watch. Do let us know, what you liked about the Guilty Minds web series?

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