How to Use Flipkart Super Coins February 2024 – Ultimate Guide

Flipkart Super coins

Flipkart provides rewards in terms of coins; for example, when you buy a specific good, you can earn some points called Flipkart Super Coin. How to Use Flipkart Super Coins? Flipkart is a large e-commerce company and is united with several other e-platforms, including Zomato, Swigy, Oyo, Make-My-Trip, Urban Clap, etc. The coins can be used on several platforms that are connected with Flipkart.

The e-commerce giant offers 4 SuperCoins for every Rs. 100 spent. The points thus accumulated by customers can be used to buy products, mobile recharge, free services, and more. You can redeem your SuperCoins to buy products for Rs. 1, among other benefits. Check, Flipkart 50 super coin value in rupees below in a simpler way.

So, whenever you place an order with Flipkart and the order is delivered successfully. You will earn supercoins depending upon the amount of your order purchased. Keeping in mind that, SuperCoins has a validity of 1 Month.

What is Flipkart Supercoins & How to Earn Supercoins in Flipkart?

Flipkart super coin is a type of reward for the users which they will get after any product purchase from this platform. Flipkart super coins are earned by both plus and non-plus membership users of this portal. For example, if a Flipkart Plus member spends INR 100 on Flipkart, then he or she will be able to earn 4 Flipkart Super Coins. 

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How to Use Flipkart Supercoins?

Are you also looking for the answer to “how to use Flipkart coins”? if yes, then this section is an ideal place for you to know more details about the use of Flipkart super coin.

1). Flipkart Plus membership users can pay for orders by using Flipkart supercoins. However, customers need to buy only those products which came under the category of Flipkart super coin. Whenever you want to shop online at the portal with these coins, then use the filter of “Super Coins Price” to search for applicable products.

2). On the other hand, customers can also buy coupons and EGVs from the super coin zone.

3). There is a separate section with the name ‘Super Coin Zone” where customers can shop for the products by using Flipkart super coin.

4). Not only for goods, but users can also use the Flipkart super coin for booking flight tickets from the Flipkart application.

Flipkart Supercoin Hack: – Flipkart coin use

Flipkart unlimited super coin hack download is a major search on the web browser because many people are looking to get to know more about “Flipkart supercoin hacks”. Hacks help you to earn more coins from the Flipkart app. 

1). First Flipkart hack super coin is to browse the products from the super coin section. There is a different section for the users where they can choose products that came with Flipkart super coin offers.

2). The second hack Flipkart super coin is shopping for those products that came with more supercoins benefits and offers. 

3). Flipkart super coin hack generator is also a good idea for the users that they can use for more amazing offers on Flipkart supercoins.


What is Flipkart Supercoin Value? 

The super coin value in Flipkart is one of the major concerns of the customers because they want to know about the value of those coins which they have in their wallets. Some users also called this the “Flipkart Super Coin Generator”.

  •  1 Super Coin Value in Flipkart:

One super coin value in Flipkart is also important to know for the buyers. Flipkart 1 super coin value in Rupees is 0.091994 Indian Rupee. Hence, you can evaluate Flipkart 50 super coin value in rupees this way. 

  • Flipkart 10 Super Coin Value in Rupees:

0.919944 Indian Rupee

  •  Flipkart 50 Super Coin Value in Rupees: 

4.599720 Indian Rupee

Flipkart conducts Big Shopping Sales, and with the help of the Super coins in Flipkart, a person can get an additional discount, and with the help of Super coins, a person can get an additional discount.

The Flipkart Super Coin can also help you be a member of Flipkart Plus and can access amazing offers and get the previous Upcoming Flipkart sales updates.

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How to become Plus Membership?

You can easily become a part of Flipkart Plus membership, and you do not have to spend a single penny on this but have to contribute 300 Flipkart Super Coins, and you can get free super coins in Flipkart. Furthermore, you can click Join Now and can become a Plus Member.

How can you Earn Flipkart SuperCoins?

Earning Flipkart SuperCoins is very easy and effective at the same time. If you buy anything from Flipkart worth Rs. 100 then Flipkart Plus Members will avail of 4 Super Coins, and those who are not a Plus Member can earn 2 Super Coins in Flipkart.

Furthermore, Flipkart Plus members can avail of 100 Supercoins in their orders. And in the same way, non-plus members can earn up to 50 Super Coins per Order.

How to Use Super coins in Flipkart for Shopping? 

A person can also earn Super coins in Flipkart with the help of Flipkart Supermarket. By referring friends, you can also earn Flipkart Super coins. Once you completed your shopping and return policy, the Super Coins of Flipkart will automatically get credited to your account. With the amazing and valuable reward program of Flipkart, a person can also avail of Super Coins from another plan of action.

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How can you use Flipkart SuperCoins?

Use of Super Coins in Flipkart is very easy, and you can use this from either Flipkart’s e-commerce platform or any other platform. You can perform Flipkart coins used in the following scenarios. This is how to use flipkart coins.

  • To buy any product from Flipkart with an additional discount.
  • To buy tickets for movies and dates.
  • You can use this to buy clothes.
  • You can use this to buy groceries or other household items.
  • You can also avail of this to invest in electronic things.

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How can you check Flipkart Supercoins?

Checking the Super coins of Flipkart is very easy, but people don’t know the steps, and they make themselves confused and could not find the destination from where to find the super coins. By following the below steps, you can easily find the Flipkart Super Coins:

  • You need to open Flipkart on your website or your application.
  • You need to login into your Flipkart account with the help of the id and password.
  • You need to go to the “Flipkart Plus Zones.”
  • You can, after this, click the ” My Coin Balance.”
  • Then on the left side of your screen, you will find “my coins,” from where you can check your Flipkart Super Coins.

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What are the Benefits of Flipkart Super Coins?

There are several types of benefits that you can enjoy from Flipkart Super Coins. Some of the benefits of super coins in Flipkart are:

  • You can earn Flipkart free super coins when you buy any product from Flipkart or any other platform that is connected with the largest e-commerce platform.
  • Super coins help to reduce the amount of the product the person is thinking to buy.
  • It helps to avail a person extra discounts.
  • Super Coins of Flipkart allows an individual to transact on other platforms that are partnered with Flipkart, including Oyo, Zoomato, Swiggy, and other Apps or Websites.
  • A person or individual can redeem These Super Coins at any time according to their needs.
  • A person can benefit from Vouchers or coupons with the help of Super Coins.
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How can you redeem Super Coins on Flipkart?

You can redeem Super Coins in Flipkart by the following measures:

  • You need to go to the Flipkart official Website or Application.
  • Then you need to go to your Flipkart Profile Section
  • You will automatically go to your redeem page of Flipkart Super Coins.
  • You can then press or touch or click “Go to Plus Zone.”
  • In the plus Zone, you have to click on “My plus Coin Balance.”
  • Then you can avail yourself of your desired Vouchers/product or can simply buy with your Super Plus Coins.
  • You need a minimum amount of 50 Super Coins to avail any kind of Additional vouchers or Coupons.

What is the value of Flipkart in Rupees?

If you earn 50 Super Coins, you can avail of a gift voucher worth rupees 1000 and buy goods with the given amount. So the Super Coins are of great value and can give you high and satisfactory returns.

What Rewards can you enjoy with Flipkart Super Coins?

If you earn Flipkart Super coins, you can avail yourself of a lot of rewards. Not only rewards, but you can also enjoy various subscriptions by using the Flipkart Super Coins. So there are various ways that you can utilize by using Flipkart Super Coins, and the amazing rewards that you can get are discussed below:

  1. YouTube Premium Membership- You can enjoy YouTube Premium membership with the help of Flipkart super Coins. You can easily buy a premium membership with the help of only 150 super coins and can enjoy various movies, shows, series, and much more without any disturbance. With the Super Coins, you can enjoy the below further points on YouTube:

– You can get 6 months of ad-free YouTube

– And, avail yourself You Tube Music Trial

– Not only this, you can only use this offer within 15 days of the claim.

1. Disney+ Hotstar Subscription- Hotstar is also an amazing platform where you can watch movies, the latest shows, series, and cartoon movies and shows. With the help of Flipkart Super Coins, you can avail yourself free subscription and can enjoy all the things without any cost. With 1499 Flipkart Super Coins, you can buy a Hotstar VIP Subscription. Furthermore, with the Disney Hotstar + Premium Membership, you can enjoy international movies and shows.

2. ZEE 5 Subscription- With the help of the super coins of Flipkart, you can buy the ZEE 5 Subscription with only 350 coins. You can enjoy this subscription for 1 month which is equivalent to 1 year. This is a great offer to grab, and you don’t want to miss out on any chance. But the only criteria of ZEE 5 are that it allows you to subscribe only one time. You can use this offer only within 30 days of claim.

3. ALT Balaji Subscription- ALT Balaji is all about series, shows, and exciting serials. With the help of only 250 Super Coins, you can enjoy a 1-year subscription and can watch all Ekta Kapoor shows. But some conditions include:

– Existing users can not purchase the offer.

– You can only avail of this offer in your Android mobile app, ALT Balaji site, PWA, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, and LG WebOS device.

– Only Indian residents can avail of this offer.

  1. ShemarooMe Subscription- ShemarooME is a new app that contains all the latest movies, shows, and many more. With the help of only 150 Super Coins, you can enjoy the ShemarooMe app. This subscription is valid for 1 year. Furthermore, you can alter or remove the offer in the ShemarroMe app. You can enjoy the offer within 15 days of validity.
  2. Sony Live Subscription- You can enjoy Sony Live Subscription with the help of only 70 Super Coins and can enjoy movies, series, and much more.
  3. MPL Subscription- You can also enjoy playing MPL with just 75 Super coins and can also avail of 500 MPL points. This offer is for only one person.
  4. Book My Show Subscription- You can avail of Book my show and can avail of movie tickets with amazing discounts. You can enjoy several things from Book my show with just 250 Super Coins. But due to Covid-19, there are many things that you cannot use.
  5. Tinder Subscription- With the help of Flipkart Super Coins, you can enjoy Tinder plus Subscription for 6 months. You can avail of the Tinder Plus subscription with 750 Super Coins and can meet with genuine and legitimate users. You might also find your partner for life.
  6. Smaaash Voucher- Smaaash is a place where you can enjoy bowling. With 250 Flipkart Super Coins, you can enjoy this game and also can enjoy several outlets. But first, you have to redeem the offer from any registered outlet to enjoy the facilities.


You can easily avail of the Flipkart SuperCoins and can also enjoy various benefits with the help of these coins. So, don’t waste your time start collecting these points as soon as possible and enjoy all the above benefits.


1. What things you can Enjoy Return and Cancellation Policy on Flipkart?

There are a few specific things by which you can enjoy Return and Cancellation policies. The things are listed below:
Items of Lifestyle- You can return or cancel clothing, eyewear, fashion apparel, and accessories within 30 days.
Home Decor Items– This includes Furniture, automotive parts, books, and lifestyle goods, and you can return this within 10 days of buying.
Electrical Items– This further includes mobiles. Laptops, tablets, and other products that need electricity to work can be returned within 10 days.
Grocery Items– You can return grocery products within 10 days and they should not be damaged or any kind of fault won’t be allowed.
Non-Returnable Items– Some items like lingerie, footwear, and hardware accessories can’t be replaced on Flipkart.

2. How many SuperCoins are equal to 1 rupee?

5 coins equal to Rs. 1.6742700000.

3. What is the value of 1 Coin on Flipkart in rupees?

1 supercoin is equal to Rs. 0.3348540000 on Flipkart.

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