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Five Best Pregnancy Test Kit in India

Five Best Pregnancy Test Kit in India

Pregnancy Test Kit in India

Timely pregnancy detection can help improve the health of both mother and baby. Pregnancy is that period of life when you need to be extremely healthy and cautious. It’s best to be sure of the result so you can take extra care of yourself. It’s not always possible to visit a clinic, especially in times of covid pandemic.

By the time you get a doctor’s appointment, it’s best to test your pregnancy by a pregnancy test kit or prega news result . This will give you instant results and relieve you from the Doubt. Pregnancy test kits are probably one of the finest inventions by science. Pregnancy test at home is easy and simple.

Top 5 and Best Pregnancy Test Kit in India

Most women, especially those using the test for the first time, often feel doubtful. Are you also one of those? Don’t worry, no extra efforts are required by these test kits. The procedure is simple and easy and the results are also 99 percent accurate. Pregnancy test kits of different brands are available in the market, both online and offline. You can check the following list to know more about these kits.

Prega News

One of the most popular kits, the Prega news kit is often advertised on the televisions as well. Manufactured by Mankind Pharmaceuticals ltd, the kit is ready to use and has a dropper and single-use strip. To carry out the test, you will have to collect a sample of your urine in the morning itself. 2-3 drops will have to be added to the strip.

The test will be revealed in 5 minutes. A single line signifies a negative result while two pink lines indicate positive pregnancy. The price of prega kit is 50 INR. A pack of 2 kits will cost you 100 INR and 200 INR for 4 kit packs.

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Velocit Eazy test kit

The easiest kit developed is the Velocit test kit. It is sold by Dr. Reddy’s Lab and is super easy to use. It is one of the famous pregnancy test kit . The kit contains only the strip, which has two ends. One is the absorbent end and the other a thumb grip. The absorbent end should be exposed to a stream of urine for 10 seconds. That’s it!

You will get the result instantly after 3 minutes. The test is 99 percent accurate. The test kit costs 98 INR. It is available online and offline.

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Dr. Reddy’s Velocit Pregnancy Kit

Yet another pregnancy test kit by Dr. Reddy’s to make your testing experience convenient and quick. It can be used on the same day you have missed your periods. You can drop a few drops on the rectangular label of the strip using a dropper. The kit gives you instant results in 5 minutes.

A faint line often states that the result was invalid and needs to be conducted again. The test outcomes are positive when you see two lines of pink or purple colour. A pack of two kits is priced at 100 INR while a single one will cost you 70 INR. Dr. Reddy’s is known for making high-quality and optimised pharmaceutical products. This pregnancy test kit is an amazing development of the company.

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i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit

The company making this kit is Piramal healthcare. The test kit is popular in the Indian market. It is handy and convenient. The pregnancy test kit is easily available in chemist shops. You can also order the kit online.

The pack consists of a kit and one dropper. A few drops of urine should be placed on a region marked or shaped like S on the kit. You can use a dropper for that. A pink or purple line in the test result indicates that you are pregnant. A no-line means the results are negative. The price of this pregnancy test kit is 50 INR.

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Pregcolor Test card

Sold by MSD pharmaceuticals, the testing kit is very popular after Prega news and I-Can pregnancy test kit. You are advised to place the card in the refrigerator before carrying out the test. Using a dropper, a few drops of urine should be placed on the card.

The test result will be revealed after 5 minutes. If you see two lines appearing on the card, the results are positive. A single line indicates a negative result. The kit is for single use and the test needs to be done again if it is rendered invalid. The price is 70 INR per strip.

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The mechanism of Pregnancy test kits

Wondering how a simple kit can analyse your body’s hormones and provide instant results? A pregnancy test kit works by inspecting your hormones. The body of a pregnant woman releases progesterone and estrogen to help in the nourishment of fertilised eggs. An additional hormone is found in the urine of pregnant women, which is called the chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)or pregnancy hormone. The result on the kit is displayed through two lines when this hormone is detected in the urine sample.

Is there a particular time to carry out the test?

No, there’s no such time frame for using the kit. You can conduct a pregnancy test through this kit on any day of your period cycle. However, the urine sample should be taken from the first urine of the day. The hCG hormone is released only 5 to 12 days after the implantation of the egg. So, these days should be calculated.

Pregnancy test kits can be easily bought without a doctor’s prescription, which is the best thing about them. You no longer need to wait for hours to get the test results. A pregnancy test kit gives you instant results and all your anxiety goes away.

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