Five Best Crackers for This Diwali

The first thing that comes in our mind when we talk about Diwali is, Crackers. They represent the happiness of the kids and all the family members.
There are plenty of Crackers in the market right now, but in this business there is always something new, something innovative that comes out to surprise the people. Here are a few interesting crackers that you must try, this Diwali.
1. 3D Fireworks and Crackers
Add new dimension to your Diwali patakhas with 3D Diwali firecrackers. It is A parcel of 3D firecrackers accompanied by a 3D glass. There are more than 20 assortments of 3D crackers accessible in the Indian markets, for example, Anars, Roman candles, Sparklers (Phuljhari) and Airborne shells or comets (Akash tara or Akash ganga).
The 3D crackers are environment and neighbour friendly as they don’t deliver any sort of sound and do not cause contamination. The price of 3D crackers begins from Rs 500 up to 1,900.

2. Electric Firecrackers

How about Electric patakhas this Diwali? Yes, you can purchase Electric Fireworks and Crackers and celebrate a jolting Diwali this season. The electric crackers create uproarious sound and do not cause contamination. The best part is that the electric Diwali sparklers can be reused boundless number of times. Electric sparklers comprises of an electronic circuit which delivers a high decibel sound when turned on.

3. The Traditional Diwali Patakhas

Regardless of what you think, the conventional Diwali patakhas are compulasary. There are different sorts of Diwali fireworks which Indian individuals burst to observe Diwali “The celebration of light.”
The following are the different sorts of crackers that one must purchase if you are wanting to observe Diwali with a Bang.
Anars are the most prevalent Diwali sparklers. They are known for their shimmering presentation and the showers that grow upwards. There are different sorts of Anars relying on the shading and tallness of sparkles.

Different sorts of Anars found in business sector are:
Vases Big
Crackling King
The Great Splendor
Smaller than usual Fountain Red
Smaller than usual Fountain Gold
Tower Pots

Chakra or Charkha or Ground Spinner

The ground spinner (charkhi or charkha) is most loved among children. This roundabout turning firecrackers shoots out colouful starts and flares. The Charka comes in different sizes and sorts. For instance, you can purchase a standard ground charkha or the enormous red and green charkha.

Different sorts of Charkhas:
Zamin Chakkars Normal
Zamin Chakkars Big
Red and Green Chakkars
Sparklers or Phuljhari

The most mainstream Diwali firecrackers ever. Practically every Indian has moved the phuljhari in the murkiness of the night to make stunning shapes. The sparklers, generally known as phuljhari is a little handheld metal stick covered with compound arrangement (explosive and sparklers), which discharges brilliant flashes.

Different sorts of Phuljharis:
Gold Sparklers
Crackling Sparklers
Multi Color Sparklers
Shriek Sparklers
Shading Change Sparklers

4. Rockets and Akash Ganga

Rockets have always been connected with the Diwali festivities. They reach up in the sky and Blast. Few Rockets additionally discharge various types of shimmering impacts. The other variation of Rocket, the Akash Ganga or Akash Tara is the most shimmering type of Rocket. These are otherwise called Comets or Parachutes. These Akash Tara or Parachutes dispatches a canister high into the air, which blasts into maybe a couple parachutes. There are various shot Akash Taras which discharges more than 100 hued parachutes, which gives a picture of Akahs Ganga (Milky Way Galaxy). These are likewise the costliest Diwali sparklers.

The most well known Comets or Akash Tara (Akash Ganga) are:
Blazing Diamonds
Star Fire Red
Group of Stars
Whiz Crackling and Silver Rain
Whiz Blue and White
Red Coral (single)
Green Coral (single)
Crackling Sound

  • 5. Bombs or Sounding Crackers or Garlands or Ladis

Well known for high sounds like Bombs, these sparklers are the most cruel among all. The Garland or Bidi Bomb is a string of sparkler intertwined, which create a proceeds with sound impact for the long span. You can purchase laurels of 50 piece up to 10,000 piece, in light of the quantity of fireworks melded.

I hope you try all these new crackers this Diwali and make the most of your time with your friends and family while trying out these cool new crackers. Have A Safe Diwali (

Posted by Shivani Pandya