“Kuch Din Toh Gujaro Gujarat Mein”- Top 5 Must Visit Places In Gujarat

December 1, 2016

Looking for escape from chilling cold or respite from the scorching sun? Our list of top places to visit in Gujarat during the winter is for those looking for warm weather escape as well as for those looking to enjoy the cooler climes. We have compiled both where is hot in October, November and December stretching on till March as well as places where one could enjoy the chill weather…


Five Best Crackers for This Diwali

October 14, 2016

The first thing that comes in our mind when we talk about Diwali is, Crackers. They represent the happiness of the kids and all the family members. There are plenty of Crackers in the market right now, but in this business there is always something new, something innovative that comes out to surprise the people. Here are a few interesting crackers that you must try, this Diwali. 1. 3D Fireworks…