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Achieve actual clean girl look | DIY | ft. Intimate hygiene

We all love to keep our bodies clean. right? but no matter how much we clean ourselves there are certain things that need more care than the rest. You don’t have to hurt your pocket to maintain the ‘Put together look. At times, DIY is the solution. DIY is the rescue.  Follow the hacks mentioned in the article to keep the ‘clean girl look’ game on point.

So basically, a clean girl look is nothing but a more put-together look with less makeup and more natural clean skin. This in not just for the face. It includes nails, elbows, necks, how you smell, and much more. We will look at how to maintain hygiene in order to attain the clean girl look by using DIYs and some product suggestions as well.

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Clean Girl look DIY for face | Skin care | Skin care mistakes | Tips

Basic skin care includes just 3 steps. Remember these three steps as CTM. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. (CTM)

You don’t have to buy products from the market. You can use natural products to do so.

For cleansing | Tips

1. Multani mitti – Gram flour mix. 

You can mix these ingredients with little water or directly apply it in a damp face and wash it off in 2 minutes. ( It is better to let it sit on the face for 3 minutes)

It helps you get that facial kind of glow and also prevents acne.

Tips :
  • Add rice flour to this mixture with rose water/curd and make it a scrub.
  • Use it once a week.
  • Skincare mistake:
  • Don’t let it dry. It won’t brighten your skin instead it will cause more damage.

2. Coffee powder – Aloe vera gel mix

This is my personal favorite. It brightens your face in a minute.

Mix coffee powder with aloe gel and apply it on your face gently.

Let it sit for 3 minutes and wash it off to see the glowing skin.


  • Add sugar to this mixture and use it as a scrub once a week.
  • Add gram flour and wild turmeric to this mixture and use it as a mask.
  • Don’t ever add too much pressure while scrubbing it. It might cause micro-tears on the skin.
  • Don’t let it overdry for the best result.


Toner :

1. Rice water Toner: 

Let the rinsed rice soak in the water overnight.

Use fragmented rice water as a toner.

For a nice feel add it to a spray bottle.

Tip :

Add essential oil for extra benefit.


Don’t use it for more than a week. Store it in an air-tight container.

2. Green tea toner: 

Make green tea without adding sugar.

Transfer it to a spray bottle.


Add essential oil to it.

Can add aloe gel for the best result.


Every DIY has a storage life.

Don’t use it for more than a week.


Aloe gel is the OG, very very very trustworthy moisturizer. So consider this your best friend if you go by DIY.

Take raw aloe vera, peel it off and grind it.

Use it for a week and see how moisturized your skin looks.

The clean girl looks DIY Fragrance | How to smell good | Body care.

1. Bath twice – no matter how much you hate or feel lazy to bathe it is very very important. It helps you get rid of sweat and dirt before you hit the bed or hit the world. This is a very basic effort to smell naturally good.

2. Exfoliate – Exfoliate your body once a week. Use coffee powder and coconut oil as a body scrub. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells thus helping you smell better.

3. Add essence to your bath – Add lemon juice. It will help you get rid of your sweat or any smell hence adding lemon will refresh you and help you smell better.

4. CURD – Consider this a tip. I swear this works.

Apply curd to your intimate area ( including under arms) let it sit for 5-10 mins and rinse it off.

This will help you get rid of any smell from your intimate areas.


Add on:

This is avoidable but use perfume post-bath.

How to maintain elbows and dark underarms for a clean girl-look DIY.

  • Use lemon and baking soda mixture.

Mix these ingredients and let it sit for 10mins. 

Wash it off. 

  • Use chemical exfoliator:

Use a chemical exfoliator on your elbows or under your arms and let it sit for 10 minutes. 

Wash it off after 10 mins and use sunscreen and moisturizer post-wash. 

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Add-on tricks:

Body and facial hair removal is a personal choice. Do it to get a more defined clean girl look but it is optional.

Use Vitamin C serum for glowy skin.

Stream your face and hair.

Wash hair thrice a week and use conditioner for smoothness.

End note:

A clean girl’s look is having clean skin, not clear skin. Original skin comes with texture. It is the best to carry your skin with confidence thus it makes clean look cleaner. 

Hygiene and skin care are to make ourselves feel good and clean hence do it for yourself.

You can avoid it if you think this is overwhelming.

Drink water. Eat healthily. Take care of your health first.

Meditate and journal. Take care of your mind.

A clean look will happen automatically with little extra effort.

Happy skincare. Happy self-care.





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