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Expert Review on World Economic Crisis: Olymptrade

Do you think the economic crisis began all of a sudden? The answer is No. The recession was anticipated for a long time with the economy growing rapidly without any lengthy regression. Olymp trade brings to you the best news article, information and tricks to save/ grow your money and enrich your life.

Major Reasons for World Economic Crisis 2020
Second World War Situation
Russia’s Oil Market

What are the impacts of Covid-19 on World Economy?

  • Gradually, the mortality rate will be reduced to minimum values. At the same time, quarantine restrictions will weaken. In this case, the economic recovery may take years.
  • An effective vaccine will be created. Until then, countries will spend huge resources to contain the impact of the pandemic, but once the vaccine becomes available, economies will start growing rapidly.
  • The pandemic will come to nought, but there will be new COVID-19 or its mutation outbreaks.

The fact that sooner or later, the pandemic will end, gives us optimism. A little over a century ago, the world suffered from the Spanish flu, which claimed between 25 million and 100 million lives. In total, about 30% of the world’s population was affected. Doctors say that modern coronavirus is much less dangerous.

What is the impact of the Second World War situation on World Economy?

Governments, central and commercial banks are now trying to calculate the volume of economic recession they are going to face this year. Every country is blaming others for the crisis which may show that the crisis is going to be deeper.

If we compare the current situation with the financial crisis of 2008, we can conclude that the current crisis will be much harder. For comparison: in the fourth quarter of 2008, the drop in GDP was limited to 6.3%.

What a trader should look for in 2020 with Olymptrade?

  • You can also opt for stocks of major U.S. companies that show the characteristics of a monopolist, such as Facebook and Google.
  • Google produces smartphones and improves web technology. Facebook tries itself in the role of a payment tool and hopes to repeat the success of the Chinese WeChat.
  • If we take into account that bitcoin is not controlled by any country, is not subject to inflation and is limited in emission, it has all chances to become the main safe haven for investors.

Wherever the crisis turns, remember the factors outlined in this article are the key to understanding what is happening. Markets will recover, things will get back to normal for the humanity, but until then we will see stock rallies, strong bullish trends, collapses and bankruptcies. This is what we will be dealing with and making money from.

Remember – The above predictions are subject to situations and might change over time.

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