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Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't
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Like you’ve never won.


Like you’ve never lost

Entrepreneurship, if you ask the worried Indian parent- it is the easy ticket out of a serious job and responsibility; but for the passionate dreamer, it’s the only means to convert their unfathomable ideas into infinite realities.  Entrepreneurs are dreamers who would rather be a failure while working hard for their own dreams than see their hard work creating someone else’s reality.

Today’s youth is very curious and passionate. They’re forever overflowing with ideas that make a 9 to 5 job sound like something akin to poison. A poison of mediocrity, that slowly takes away their originality and creativity. To break from these mundane lives of routine work they take on to the reins of their dreams and turn into dreamers.

Though, it is not all roses and butterflies but a lot of thorns and hard work. It is a challenge to overcome all hurdles and prove to yourself that your idea is one in a million. Especially when all you have is an idea worth your heart and the fervor to make it real. You might be your own boss but who said that would be easy.  You’re never on leave. You have no set times or targets other than the ones you set. You reap what you sow. Literally. And sometimes you don’t reap; At all. Well, maybe not for a long time. It is all about hard work and commitment. Commitment often asks you to prioritize work above all. It’s not all games and fun, but its working 24×7 for a dream you chose to fulfil. It’s also about being rationale. Entrepreneurs need optimism to keep going but you need to stay grounded and take decisions which can be rationally justified as beneficial. Also, like any other workplace, an entrepreneur has to separate his personal life from professional. And therefore, mixing friendships can be toxic for your dreams and relations. . You can have your friends on board but just make sure you all are on the same page with same goal and same plan of action. Any deviation won’t just cause a huge loss but a loss of time and effort.

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