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Homestays For Weekend Vacations

A decade ago, the idea of homestays first emerged in Kerala. Now, many travellers prefer homestays as they are not as pricey as the best hotels in India and still give you all the amazing facilities at budget-friendly prices. If you think homestays in India are not that gorgeous, then you have to think twice. There are many best homestays in India that offer the best accommodation facilities along with palatable home-cooked food. They will provide you with personalized attention to make your stay meaningful.

They are perfect for weekend vacations. You can live peacefully away from the frantic city life. It would be great if you pick the homestays in a destination which are remote. There are many homestays in India but some are quite popular due to their gorgeous facilities, locations and hosts. Get discounted prices with GoIbibo Hotel Offers and book your weekend vacation right away.

Staycations India | Best Homestays in India

Here are some of the best homestays options for you to choose from:

Sunnymead Bed and Breakfast, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh


There is Bed and Breakfast, and then there’s Sunnymead. If you are a nature lover then you are going to enjoy this place wholeheartedly. You just don’t get a bed here rather you are going to be welcomed in an exquisite heritage homestay.

This colonial-style ancestral property with an English Garden has lots of beautiful flowers such as alstroemerias, dahlias, lilies, geraniums, irises, azaleas, red hot pokers and many more. Undoubtedly, Sunnymead is an extraordinary destination in Shimla. In 2011, this ancestral property was converted into Bed and Breakfast.

It is surely one of the best homestays in India. When you enter the room, you will feel the colonial era as the bedroom comprises colonial-style four-poster beds and flamboyant curtains. The bedroom is gorgeously embellished with the classical style with contemporary accents. There are four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Whether looking for a staycation Indian or a short weekend trip, this place is really amazing if you want to stay in a homestay in Shimla.

Capella Forest Retreat & Homestay, Goa

A Goa trip is not only about parties, crowds, and night outs but there are also many places that have serene beauty. You can stay away from the chaos and will have a great time. For the nature explorer and traveller, this place is going to be more fascinating. Stay close to nature and enjoy the allure of solitude at the Capella.


Wondering what makes this among the best homestays in India? There are three rooms here and all are fitted with luxury facilities, making your stay comfortable. A beautifully decorated house accompanied with modern arrangements empowers you to have a great time with your loved ones. You can relax on the verandah and enjoy homemade delicacies such as rice, curries and salad. Get yourself a drink and rejoice on the beach in just 15 minutes. Overall, you will have a great time on your weekend trips to this lovely Goan house. And guess what, it is also among the best budget honeymoon destinations in India

The Bangala, Chettinad, Tamil Nadu

The Bangala is a stately heritage bungalow and in its initial days, it was mainly used for the entertainment of VIP guests. In 1940, The Governor of Madras, Sir Arthur Hope visited this place. The furniture, dining, and other household items are still there in very good condition. Later on, the property was converted into a club and it was used for tea parties and a place for tennis tournaments. It is now used for staycations India. 

In 1998, it was returned to its glory and converted into one of the well-known homestays for weekend vacations. There are 25 guests’ rooms with all the modern amenities. It has a spacious banquet hall where the cuisines are served on the banana leaves. Apart from this banquet hall, there is a big library and a swimming pool. It is a great place for all architectural lovers as they can explore more about architectural history. Check out the best flight booking sites in India and plan your next holidays. 

Kannur Beach House, Kerala

Kannur Beach is located in Kannur in north Kerala. It is a century-old home that is now styled as one of the best homestays in India.

Set amidst the coconut groves next to the small freshwater lagoon, the homestays are a perfect place to relax and unwind seaside. Here you will get very delicious Kerala cuisines that are homemade. The finger-licking dishes satisfy your taste buds and make your staycations in India more enjoyable. You can perform a lot of activities like swimming, bird watching, boating, walking and many other exciting activities. All the rooms have an elegant balcony from where you can see the gorgeous sea view. The homestays also arrange a visit to Theyyam performance (from October until May) and there are many attractions like handloom weaving centre and more. It is the perfect place for weekend trips and short weekend vacations.

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Shahpura Bagh, Rajasthan


If you want to spend your weekend vacation in a royal and luxurious place, then Shahpura Bagh Rajasthan is a great choice. Set on 45 acres, this magnificent property was the summer residence of the ruler of Shahpura. Nowadays, it is a working farm estate resplendent with different kinds of trees and birds. On the estate there are mainly two residencies, one is 19th-century Nihar Niwas and the other is Umaid Niwas. The former remains the family home and the other has been restored with six suites and all the facilities of the premium hotel. The suites are elegantly embellished with royal paintings and antique furniture. It is indeed one of the best homestays in India that is perfect for short weekend trips.

Himalaya Retreat

If you want to see the scenic beauty of nature closely, then the Himalaya Retreat is the perfect place for you. Himalaya Retreat is a perfect destination for a great winter getaway. It is located in a remote area where there is no road. So, you have to trek for about 50 minutes to reach your destination. It is an astounding destination for trekking lovers. This homestay is for two people but the hosts can arrange for two more people. The view from the apartment is captivating and gorgeous. You can spend the entire day viewing the beautiful nature’s creations. No doubt, it had to make it to the best hotels in India and perfect staycations India. 

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Hidden Forest Retreat, Gangtok, Sikkim


This extraordinary homestay is only a few kilometres away from Gangtok. Hidden Forest Retreat is an astonishing destination for those who love to spend quality time in privacy. It is spread over three acres and surrounded by plenty of beautiful flowers, fruit trees and forest.

A 40 years old orchid nursery was converted into a beautiful homestay by their hosts. In 2003, it was opened for travellers and guests and is managed by the daughter Kesang, a graduate of horticulture. Her parents also help to take care of guests and show them around. There are 12 spacious guest rooms with balconies overlooking large mountains and a green paddy field that soothes eyes. Rani Khola (river), Vistas of Rumtek Monastery and Gangtok town can be seen through the veranda. There are plenty of activities that you can perform here like trekking, walking, a tour of the nursery, local sightseeing, and many more. Food served by the host’s family is organic and home-prepared. There is no fixed menu but the delicacies are prepared as per the guest’s choice. Dying to visit this place? Grab the latest GoFirst Coupons and book your flights today.

Fort Rampura, Rampura, Uttar Pradesh

Fort Rampura homestay is one of the most beautiful homestays in India. The 700 years old fort speaks a lot about the bygone era. It is in the village of Rampura in the Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh not mentioned in any tourist’s book. This homestay has three spacious rooms. You can spend an entire day exploring the wonders of this amazing fort. Including many living rooms, the fort has countless unique and priceless artefacts, furniture, and many more. A lot of interesting activities such as Bonfire, games room, boating on Yamuna River, attending village fare and markets, photography, and open-air dining can be done here. It has some beautiful and best hotels in India for your weekend trips.

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Takeaways- Best Homestays and Best Hotels in India

If you want to take a break from your hectic life and enjoy a lavish weekend vacation, check out the above-mentioned homestays and look for the best hotels in India. They are perfect for small weekend trips and staycations India. Get your MakeMyTrip Coupons and plan your weekend vacation at pretty awesome prices.

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