DIY Gift Wrap Ideas to Make Occasions Special

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Creative DIY Gift Wrap Ideas to Make Occasions Special

Gifts are something that comes from our hearts. It makes someone feel special and adds a pinch of joy to their life. 

But the excitement of getting a gift on several auspicious occasions lies in its presentation. Nothing can meet the love and care like something handcrafted for your loved ones. 

So, guarantee that your presents look as delightful and gorgeous as you are. Wrap them up with a touch of creativity and innovation to make them more tempting for the receivers. 

Are you wondering about gift decoration ideas? No worries, as we are here to make wrapping gifts more fun. Here are our top creative DIY gift wrapping ideas- 

Gift Wrap Ideas for Birthday

Instead of carrying those old school and boring gift packaging, try to use some out-of-the-box birthday gift wrapping ideas to decorate the gifts. Check out our top birthday gift wrap ideas below – 

  • Birthday Cake Box

One of the classiest and interesting DIY gift wrapping ideas is giving the gift a cake’s disguise. With little crafting skills and some simple things, you can easily give your gifts a look of a delicious cake. 

Materials Needed: Cardboard Box, Acrylic Paint, Tissue paper, Hot glue gun, Puffy paint, A drinking straw, Orange paper.  

Procedure: Step 1 – Grab the cardboard and paint it with acrylic colors. Use the tissue and glue to shape it as a mini birthday cake. 

Step 2 – Cut the straw and shape it to give a candle look. 

Step 3 – Attach the candles to the cake to give it and decorate it to enhance its look. 

Step 4 – Let the colors dry out, and you are done. Now, you can load the cake up with candies or other gifts to surprise your loved ones. 

  •  Flamingo Gift Wrap

Flamingo is booming on Instagram today. It is one of the most trending diy gift wrapping ideas today. Therefore, make sure that it adds a touch of gorgeousness to your gifts. There are tons of flamingo gift wraps available in the market. If you search for the best gift packing mṣaterials online in India, flamingo papers will be the first thing to pop up. You can also make your own flamingo gift wrap, simple with paper and some colors. 

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids

Well, if you want to amaze your kids with an out-of-the-box gift. Makes sure to add an element of fun and interest for your kids with these DIY gift wrapping ideas. Here are some creative gift packing ideas, which can help you craft a wow-worthy gift for your child. 

  • Robot Gift Box

If your kid is obsessed with technology, what can be a better surprise than a robot? To make a robot gift box, simply grab two boxes. Color them to make its body and head. Now simply craft its eyes, gear panel, antenna, and hands with cardboard, and your robot is ready. 

  • A Tie On the Gift Wrap

Add a classy look to the gifts with a tie. Simply wrap the gift with colored paper and then top it with a tie. This is one of the interesting diy gift wrapping ideas for any gifts for your kid. 

Gift Wrap Ideas for Rakshabandhan 

Rakshabandhan is one of the most auspicious occasions in Indian culture. When it comes to gifting on this occasion, you always want to give your sibling a unique present. So, make sure to surprise your sister or brother with our unique diy gift wrapping ideas. Yes, our gift wrapping ideas can add a pinch of emotion and sentiment to your gifts. 

  • DIY Gift Packing With a Shirt 

If you want to gift your brother, this can be one of the most innovative ideas. You can use a shirt to wrap the gifts with a personalized touch. This is an entirely interesting and unique way to wrap your gifts. 

  • Artistic Handmade Fabric Wrapping 

This is one of the simplest ways to give your gifts an essence of elegance—simple pick up a fabric gift wrap. You can opt for the plain or printed wraps from the market, or you can also design your own fabric wraps with stamps and ink. Simply dip the stamp in ink and start printing different shapes on the paper. Let it dry out, and your adorable gift wrap is ready. Wrap your gift with this creative gift wrap idea and enjoy a delightful Raksha Bandhan.

Chocolate Box Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Chocolates are everyone’s favorite. Everyone loves to receive chocolates as gifts. A homemade chocolate gift box created in the kitchen is extremely joyful to give. Here are our top picks to wrap chocolate gift boxes to enhances their deliciousness – 

  • Use Twin-Wrapped Parchment Paper

Twin-Wrapped Parchment Paper can be a great use to give your gift wrapping a creative touch. Simply wrap your chocolate box inside the DIY parchment paper. Level up its look with a twine ribbon, and the chocolate box is ready to be gifted. 

  • Bejeweled Heart-shaped Box

Chocolates are a symbol of passion and love for your special ones. So, gifting chocolate in a heart-shaped box can help you portray your feelings more specifically. 

Here is our DIY gift wrapping idea to make your gift a remarkable one. To make a heart-shaped gift box, simply cut four strips of stock paper. 

Print an adorable template for the wrap. Now use the glue to paste the paper and structure it as a heart. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How to gift wrap a shirt without a box?

Ans – One of the most creative DIY gift wrapping ideas for shirts is to roll them up with tissue paper. To start, simply roll the shirt tightly. 

Make that roll firmly hold its position. You can also use a ribbon or twine to tie it from the middle. 

Now, take two colored tissue papers or other colorful clothes and roll them over the shirt to give it an attractive look. Then just pinch the two ends with ribbons to make it more attractive. 

Q2: How to decorate gift boxes at home?

Ans – Everyone loves to see the joy on the face of their close ones when they receive an amazing gift. 

If you want to wow your friends and family with a gift, a creative wrapping idea can pull up its versatility. 

One of the simplest ways to create a delightful gift wrap is to cover the gift with colorful paper and add a paper bow to increase its classiness. You can easily cut and color a bow-shaped cardboard paper. 

Q3: How to make cute gift bags?

Ans – Making gift bags is one of the most interesting and creative things. To make a cute gift bag, you can simply use fabric. 

You can easily make a gift bag with little sewing experience. Sew the fabric to give it a nice bag look and feel. Add some pops like prints to elevate its beauty. 

Q4: How to pack a gift box? 

Ans – When it comes to gifts, presentation is of the most delightful factors. Packing a gift is pretty simple. But adding a pinch of creativity to make the packing more attractive requires effort. Here are the steps to wrap a gift box – 

  • Select a wrapping paper and get your gift box in the center. Cut above 4-5 inches away from the gift. 
  • Now tape any two sides of the box first. Make sure to efficiently tape both edges of the wrapping paper at the top of the box. 
  • Now look at the useless wrapping paper on the sides and eliminate it. Now just tape the paper tightly. 
  • Take one side of the paper and fold it downwards. Do the same with the leftover/ other edge.
  • Now move on to the tip of the wrapping paper and fold it against the box and tape it. Repeat this with all the sides and it’s done. 

Q5: How to gift wrap clothes without a box?

Ans – Wrapping clothes without a box can be hectic sometimes. But, with our DIY gift wrapping ideas now it’s at your fingertips. Here is how you can quickly wrap clothes without a box –

  • Step 1 – Simply fold the cloth in rectangle form – Whether it’s a t-shirt or shirt or jeans, first fold it into a rectangular shape. 
  • Step 2 – Pick a wrapping paper and place the cloth in its center. Measure the excess part and trim it accordingly. 
  • Step 3 – Secure the two sides with double-stick tape. Make sure to seal both sides, i.e., top and bottom with tape. 
  • Step 4 – Fold the two edges and tape them firmly and you are ready to go. 

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