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7 DIY Art Ideas for Home – Try During Lockdown


Redecorating our home is always a happy thing to do. The minute changes can bring a lot of differences to the atmosphere. There are many things we can do by ourselves to renovate our home, Especially during this lockdown, we have plenty of time to try out our ideas. You must be wondering about the items, materials etc. Some of it you can find it from home, other order online from Flipkart.

Here are some DIY Art Ideas for Home, which is very simple yet refreshing. This is how we find ideas at places and with things that we never thought of. You can purchase using Flipkart Coupons with PaisaWapas, which can lead you to a lot of offers and deals.


Mirror Gallery – DIY Art Ideas for Home


Now the word Mirror Gallery quiet gives you thoughts, but as soon as you picture, it’s going to be definitely a part of your home. Mirrors reflect the beauty that you have stored in your home, it just about arranging them well. It is not hard at all. You can create a mirror gallery corner at your home. This is actually a best DIY Art Ideas for Home, to begin with.

You might have old mirrors at home, in different shapes, sizes, patterns etc. Maybe you can purchase from Flipkart, like small handy mirrors and arrange them beautifully, Or mirror with different shapes etc.

Garlands – DIY Art Ideas for Home


To make your home feel more alive make garlands to hand on the wall using branches and leaves. This garlands can give a unique touch to yoghurt home. There will be definitely a corner where you can hang these. Maybe play a little with paints by creating a colour block. Keep it subtle and gentle, as the beautiful Garlands.

Hat Wall – DIY Art Ideas for Home


This will make you wonder what actually this wall is about. It can be said as an artistic way of arranging your stuff. Create a Hat Wall for your home. Definitely this will be the eye-catchy decor of your home, Also it is a great idea for a home with less storage space. In this way, you are storing your stuff with innovative art.

Found Objects – DIY Art Ideas for Home


Any special object can make your home pretty. Like in the picture, a sating brad can add detail to the modern interior. You just have to style it well. Anything like instruments, sharing boards can be modern art to give your home a new touch. So make your collection of found objects into an art decor for your home.

Wall Hangings – DIY Art Ideas for Home


You can create a lot of varieties of wall hangings. It can basically be up to your likes and attractions. For example, beaded hangings are one shown in the image. This is a very simple wall ganging to create. You can make a similar one using different material other than beads, Like different shapes of the star, moon etc. Hang it on the wall of your living room, or where you work, or on that special corner where you sit to read and chill/ socialise etc. The beads and branch really give a bohemian elegance with the asymmetrical hanging.

Clipped Art – DIY Art Ideas for Home


Are a minimalist or want to be one? This can basically be a start to it. Simple take out one of your favourite photographs and clip it to the wall. The without frame look gives a minimal touch to your wall. This is in a way less damage causing to any artwork, just displaying it as fresh as it is.

Young Artists – DIY Art Ideas for Home


Children’s artwork is now modern art because they are also inspiring artists. The amusement in their art gives it beauty. Make a space on your wall for the children’s art. It can really be beautiful when it all comes together with your room. Arrange the artwork in the form classic floor to ceiling grid after farming it with clean, modern frames. The detailing of your home will get very refreshing and inspiring. Display your children work with pride, as it has a significance if growth to it. By this way, you can make them feel like young artists and you get a wall of art at the same time. Grab your frames here.

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