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This is such a great time for Indian movie buffs. OTT platform has witnessed a great wave of engaging content back to back regardless of the genre. Be it romance, thriller, Horror, or whatever it has always made sure that it’s pretty entertaining. With this being said, horror has become the least focused genre comparatively. Very few writers focus on that genre as with the recent trend horror has become a sidekick to the plot with comedy being the center of attraction. To prove this point wrong Dahan is a great example. Will there be Dahan Season 2?

Basics | Dahan Season 2| Will there be Season 2?

Vikram Pawar’s Dahan Raakan Ka Rahasya has made sure people get spine chills all night post the watch. With this, it’s also engaging and entertaining with its strength being a strong storyline and consistent characterization. This horror series that got released on September 16 2022 has gained huge popularity post it’s at one go release of all episodes at once. For all those who have already watched this web series before and liked it, season 2 might hit the platform by 2023. Though the team hasn’t come up with any official announcement yet, people are quite sure that it is very much possible for Dahan season 2 to happen. (After winning all our hearts, how can they even stop?)

Dahan Storyline

This story happens to kick the mild superstition surrounding a village in Rajasthan named Silaspur.  Avani Raut, the main character who is an IAS officer visits this village to proceed with a 240 crore mining project. The villagers, even after knowing the benefits of this project denies to take it as they believe in an evil force named Ridhikayan. He is considered to be trapped inside a rock to keep the village’s peace.

As the officer proceeds to convince the villagers, Pramukh stands against her. He only performs exoticism but also guards Ridhikayan’s worship place -Silasthal. The plot grows as the officer struggles against the darkness or superstitions surrounding that place. Oh! the plot also talks about Avani Raut’s struggle as a single mother.



If you are new to this series, you can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar. This is such a great watch especially if you are into horror. Though the official season 2 release date isn’t officially released yet or even confirmed, with the audience base and craze it’s sure to happen anytime soon. For the near future, let us hope for it to happen by 2023.







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