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7 Classy Indian Songs That Became Huge International Hits

Music is like a remedy to your ears or a therapy after a long tiring day. If you love bollywood then these hits of bollywood songs which are some of the best songs of India are what your ears need. Here’s a list of 7 Classy Indian Songs That Became Huge International Hits.

#1 Mera Joota Hein Japani

This song from the movie Shree 420 is from the year 1955, which had become very famous not only in India but also made wonders in Russia. This song was used in the Hollywood film Gravity in 2013 and the film Deadpool in 2016 as well which made it one of the hit songs in India and internationally.

#2 Mundian to Bach ke

Mundian To Bach ke was sung by Labh Jaunga and produced by Panjabi Mc originally in the year 1997 However it got famous worldwide in the year 1998 and was one of the international hits when it was re-released with the rapper Jay Z. This song had made it to the top international charts in countries like Italy and Belgium. It had sold over 10 million copies worldwide and had been one of the best singles worldwide. This was one of the best songs of India.

#3 Tunak Tunak Tun

If you think about Punjabi song you will never miss to remember Daler Mehndi , his Best Indian song Tunak Tunak Tun released in the year 1998 made wonders as not only in India but also in other countries this song showed its magic. It broke all records and made it to the international hits. From all around the world people made videos on this song as a it became a trending bollywood song.

#4 Jimmy Jimmy Aaja

Jimmy Jimmy Aaja is a song released in 1982 from the movie disco dancer. This song was famous in many countries like China, Turkey Russia, even today this song and film is very famous in Russia. This song made wonders not only in India which makes it an international hit. If you’re wanting to download album songs Hindi, then listen to these Hindi music tracks from Spotify Cashback offers

#5 Urvashi Urvashi

This song is from the Tamil film Kadhalan which was released in the year 1994. This was a huge hit, however, is popularity increased when it was dubbed in Hindi. Soon this song was played in all clubs, parties, disco, marriage halls. This song has also made it to the Indian movie history list of the most popular songs of all time. This song also did wonders in Australia and US. In 2014, American hip hop artist and Cody wise had recreated this song named “It’s my birthday “which became a top hit in the UK.

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#6 Kolaveri Di

This Superhit song was from the Tamil Psychological Thriller 3 released in 2012. Multi-talented actor Dhanush not only wrote this song but also gave his voice to it. Because of its easy lyrics this song went viral as soon as it was released and was very popular in Asia. Mainly in Japan this song had famed a lot. In Tokyo every night club played this song, its easy lyrics made it easier for foreigners to understand and sing this song.

#7 Jai Ho

This song from the movie Slumdog Millionaire was released in the year 2008. A.R Rahman was the popular music artist who sang this song and also won a lot of Oscar and Grammy awards. This Old song Indian was also performed by international celebrities.

Bottom line

These Indian songs will forever be in everyone’s hearts and in the Bollywood song hits as they are evergreen. So, enjoy listening to these Indian gane now as these Indian songs became huge international hits.

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