Christmas Decoration Ideas


Christmas is such a happy and blissful celebration, which has an entirely different vibe. The month of December brings that feels really hard to put it in words. The sense of winter is enough to give chills about the beautiful occasion of gifts and love. The cakes, wines, and lots of gifts, this gives Christmas its total vibe. Definitely, the lit stars hanged outside of every house shows its that time of the year. The Christmas star depicts the star in Bethlehem that guided the three kings to the baby Jesus. It is also considered as the heavenly sign of the fulfilled prophecy and depicts the shining hope of humanity.


Christmas is celebrated everywhere around the world, by most of the people. Every loving festivals get along to enjoy this beautiful blessed month in Christianity. There will be Christmas papa dressed and roaming with sweets, its not just for kids but also for the adults. Christmas, a time of vacation everywhere, to have fun in the chilling winter climate. Red and white is the main colour that gives the feeling of Christmas. To make the houses more beautiful we all need unique Christmas decoration ideas.


Candy Christmas Tree


Now, this is going to be a really happy sight of everyone, especially the kids. Candies are one best part of the Christmas. Every one of us love candies to the most, there are unique favourites for every single person. so if the party is going on in your home, friends place or office, find the favourites of most of them and hang on the Christmas tree instead of the bells. Maybe include the bells also, but candies will add so much colour the beautiful Christmas tree.


Also, you can make small Christmas trees with candies, mainly in green, silver and red. For example, stick with kisses chocolate in green and silver, decorate it with red ribbon flower on top. Can make a few of this and decorate the corners, tables and fireplaces. This will be one cool and yummy Christmas decoration ideas.


Cute Chairs


Adding details is a very big part of the decoration. It actually completes the decor into a whole new level. That is actually its beauty and happiness, little by little. Ribbons are always a part of any decorations. There are wide varieties of Ribbons. Here we can use red, silver or green satin ribbons. Tie up a cute bow on the top of chairs, of sitting room, dining etc.


let the bow be on the backside of the chair, on top. Do this every chair, and in middle of the bow add a small piece of baby breath flower or maybe any other cute plants or flowers. Also, you can add this to apt places, like staircase handles etc.

Diy Wine Bottle Vase


You will have some or the other kind of bottles at home. It doesn’t have to be specifically wine bottles, but those kind of bottles will look so good. Anyway, get any bottle you have, clean it well. Paint it with white and red. Can give white as the background and red on to and bottom. Also can use silver and golden colours. If you want to keep it simple, paint the whole bottle white, and write on it some beautiful word like JOY, BLISS etc using red.


Get thin rope and tie just on the neck of the bottle. Put in some flowers like babies breath or roses, or fake ones. You can also add pearls attached to strings, stary fairy lights etc. If you are trying on plastic bottles add in some stones, marbles or pebbles, with will make it stand. Another thing is with glass jars. Paint it with golden or silver metallic paints, place it in a wooden tray, 2 or 30 of them. Then likewise add flowers, lights, small stars etc into the jars. Maybe some chocolates, lollipops on the side of the trays.


Decorated candles


Candles are one best decoration for any occasion. It can be used in various ways. You might have a cake stand at home, of glass/wood or any kind. place candles of different sizes in the stand, or maybe of different colours. Add some flowers or candies in the trays. Tie a ribbon on the leg of the stand, like a flower.


You can decorate the dining tables, bedside tables, open shelves etc. This will look really pretty. Tie a small piece of brown colour stiff net on the candle. Tie it around with a rope, add a small piece of any leaf or flower, eg; babies breath/pine leaves. Do it on big white candles. This will really look so pretty.

Frames For Elegance


Do you have any broken frames? that can be really made of use. If you don’t have any, get the frame grid. Maybe get an old frame and take the middle part where the picture is attached. Wooden or metal ones with beautiful carvings on it or a simple one in red. Clean well and varnish it to give a good shine.


Hang small decorating shiny balls of different sizes on to the frame using thin satin ribbons. Tie up a ribbon bow or flower on the frame at top or bottom. You can also do this same on large wooden sticks, staircases, windows, curtain sticks. Attach some pearls on the frame. This is main in Christmas decoration ideas.

Flowers and Lights


Flowers and lights can be used in multiple ways. With flowers and lights, everything can be made beautiful. Add flower and leaf garments along with the long handles on your house, with fairy lights or small single lights. This can be used to decorate places like staircase handles, on the top or below sideways of the steps, windows, Kitchen slabs.


Make polaroid picture grid in triangular shape, like a Christmas tree. Add lights along with it, maybe attach ribbon flowers or bows. If you don’t have a polaroid, take print outs of favourite photographs in polaroid sizes from any studio. This will only cost a few bucks, it will really look pretty. Take a glass bottle, a big one, add big pearls or decorating balls into it. On the top of the pearl vase, keep big beautiful flowers and some leaves. Also, dry flowers of different colours can be used which will give good scent.


Do you want to save some space or keep it simple in your cute little room? Create a Christmas tree on the wall. This is very simple yet will look beautiful. Attach pine leaves on a rope or string. Either you can get a leaf garment. Stick it on the wall in a triangle shape, like aligning from small line from the top and getting larger to the end. You can see it in the picture given above. Stick starry lights along with it, or single lights will also go. Make it near to plug, so it will be easy to light the wall Christmas tree. This is really a great among Christmas decoration ideas. Stickers are also a very easy and decoration idea.


So guys have a beautifully decorated Christmas party with all these beautiful ideas. This is all really simple, not even expensive. Definitely check it out and create your own crazy and creative decors.

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