BSNL 6 Months Validity Recharge May 2024

BSNL Validity Recharge Plans List 2023

Are you considering completing the 6 months recharge of BSNL? Here, we have the bucket list of BSNL validity recharge for 6 months, 1 month, 3 months, etc. BSNL is the leading telecommunication company owned by the Government of India. The company is working under the ownership of the Department of Telecommunication, Ministry of Communications. The market share of BSNL is 10.25%. The company is not famous like Jio and Airtel but still needs to improve in the industry. BSNL 6-month validity recharge.

There are multiple validity recharge plans by BSNL that you can explore, but some are popular. The minimum validity recharge BSNL is Rs 107. The highest recharge plan is Rs 2999. This blog is all about BSNL validity extension. Plans through which you can get the details of each recharge plan. There are around 15 plans for each state and circle. 

Users can extend the validity of the BSNL by choosing the right plans. Here are the prepaid plans of a small amount to a large amount that you can explore. You can also check the benefits of these plans. 

BSNL Validity Extension Recharge Plans

1). Rs 105 BSNL Validity Extension Plan –

BSNL’s 18-day validity recharge is Rs 105. If you want to get the validity for 18 days, you can consider this plan. However, 2GB of data is the plus point of this plan.

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2). Rs 107 BSNL Validity Recharge Plan – 

The next BSNL Validity Recharge Plan is a validity plan for 40 days that costs Rs 107. The plan offers 3GB of data and 200 minutes of voice calls. The extra feature in this plan is 40 days of BSNL tunes.

3). Rs 153 BSNL Recharge Validity Plan –

It is a BSNL validity recharge for 1 month with 1 GB data per day feature. If you are looking for a 28-day validity recharge plan, consider this option.

4). Rs 197 Validity Recharge in BSNL –

It is another extension pack with a validity of 84 days, and you can also enjoy unlimited calls and 100 SMS in a day with 2 GB of data daily.

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5). Rs 199 BSNL Incoming Validity Recharge –

Another 30-day validity-based pack is for Rs 199, which offers you 2 GB of data per day with a speed of 80 Kbps and unlimited voice calls/ 100 SMS per day. 

6). Rs 201 BSNL 3 Months Validity Recharge Plan –

It is a 3-month validity recharge plan that offers 90 days validity to the users with 300 minutes of free voice calls.

7). Rs 229 Validity Recharge for BSNL –

It is a monthly recharge pack that should be done on the same day every month for validity. It offers unlimited local, and STD calls with the feature of 2 GB of data every day and 100 SMS in a day.

8). Rs 249 BSNL Validity Extension Plan –

You may be looking for BSNL Validity Recharge 36. However, right now, there is no Rs 36 validity plan. The next plan is for 45 days means around 1.5 months, through which you can get unlimited calls, 2GB of data, and 100 SMS per day.

9). Rs 397 BSNL Validity Recharge Plan – 

This plan comes with a 180-day validity recharge with unlimited voice calls and 2 GB of data per day with a 100 SMS per day feature for 60 days.

10). Rs 666 BSNL Validity Extension Plan –

A validity recharge pack for 105 days costs around Rs 666 and offers 2 GB per day of data with 100 SMS per day.

11). Rs 699 BSNL Validity Pack –

You can avail unlimited voice calling feature and an unlimited data pack with 100 SMS per day.

12). Rs 797 BSNL Validity Recharge Pack –

This a true pack for all those people who are looking for the maximum month validity pack in this company because the validity period of this plan is around 395 days. For the first 60 days, you will get unlimited voice calls + 2GB data every day and 100 SMS per day.


BSNL Validity Recharge Plans –

Rs 107 3GB internet data, 200 minutes of talk time, and BSNL Tunes for 50 days 50 days
Rs 108 Unlimited voice calling, 1GB data/day, 500 SMS 28 days
Rs 153 Unlimited voice calling, 1GB data/day, 100 daily SMS and PRBT 28 days
Rs 197 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB data/day, 100 daily SMS and ZING access 100 days
Rs 199 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB data/day, 100 daily SMS 30 days
Rs 201 300 minutes talk time, 6GB data, 400 SMS 90 days
Rs 229 Unlimited local + STD voice calling, 2GB data/day, 100 daily SMS, PWA gaming service 30 days
Rs 249 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB data/day, 100 daily SMS 45 days
Rs 395 3000 minutes voice calls for BSNL to BSNL numbers, 1000 minutes voice calls for BSNL to other telecom numbers, 2GB data/daily 71 days
Rs 666 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB data/day, 100 daily SMS for 120 days, PRBT and ZING access 110 days
Rs 699 Unlimited voice calling, 0.5GB data/day, 100 daily SMS, PRBT for first 60 days 160 days
Rs 797 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB data/day, and 100 daily SMS for the first 60 days 395 days
Rs 997 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB of data/day, 100 daily SMS 180 days
Rs 999 Unlimited voice calling and BSNL Tunes 240 days
Rs 1198 300 minutes of local voice calling, 3GB data/month, 30 SMS/month 365 days
Rs 1199 Unlimited voice calling, 24GB total data, and 100 daily SMS (Plan for inactive BSNL mobile numbers) 365 days
Rs 1499 Unlimited voice calling, 24GB total data, and 100 daily SMS 365 days
Rs 1999 Unlimited voice calling, 600GB total data, 100 daily SMS, Eros Now subscription, and Lokdhun content for 60 days 365 days
Rs 2399 Unlimited voice calling, 2GB data/day, 100 daily SMS, free PRBT, Eros Now subscription 425 days
Rs 2999 Unlimited voice calling, 3GB data/day, 100 daily SMS 455 days

Why BSNL Validity is Important For Users? 

1). Gone were the days when people could receive calls and text messages without a single recharge on the phone.

2). Now the rules changed and validity recharge is mandatory in all SIM cards.

3). BSNL validity recharge plan is important for the users to receive calls, text messages, and make calls as well.

The Bottom Line –

No matter you are looking for the BSNL Validity Recharge UP East or BSNL Validity Recharge Rajasthan? We hope this checklist of all BSNL validity recharge plans is helpful for you. The validity recharge pack is essential for all users using this company’s network. You can only take calls and receive messages with the validity of recharge plans.

FAQs –

1). What are the best BSNL validity recharge plans?

There are so many different recharge plans for validity in BSNL, which vary as per the validity period and other benefits.

2). What is the minimum recharge for BSNL validity?

The minimum recharge plan is Rs 107.

3). How to check BSNL’s latest plans?

You can visit the official website of BNSL to view the BSNL validity recharge packages.

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