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Best Broom Sticks to Buy Online

Best Broom Sticks to Buy Online

When choosing the right broomstick it is way too important to learn about your house flooring and then buy the right one. Broomsticks, also known as brooms or sweeping sticks, come in various types. For everyday home use, consider options like quality, and the broom type i.e., coconut brooms or long-handle broomsticks. So that sweeping becomes easier and you don’t have to keep changing the broom very often. To help you find the right one we have curated the list of best quality brooms for home use.

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Which are the Different Types of Broomsticks Available?

  1. Synthetic Bristle Broomsticks: Made from synthetic materials such as plastic or nylon, these broomsticks are durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They are easy to clean and are washable.
  2. Natural Bristle Broomsticks: Typically made from natural materials such as straw, grass, or coconut fibers, these broomsticks are eco-friendly and offer gentle yet effective cleaning for indoor surfaces.
  3. Long-handled Broomsticks: These broomsticks feature an extended handle, allowing users to reach high or hard-to-access areas such as ceilings, corners, and under furniture without bending or straining.
  4. Short-handled Broomsticks: Compact and lightweight, short-handled broomsticks are ideal for quick and easy spot cleaning of small areas such as countertops, stairs, and entryways.
  5. Specialty Broomsticks: There are various specialty broomsticks designed for specific purposes, such as dusting, sweeping pet hair, or cleaning delicate surfaces like hardwood floors.

Price of Broomsticks to Buy in India – May 2024

Broomstick Name Average Price Range (INR)
Scotch-Brite No-Dust Broom ₹250 – ₹500
Gala No-Dust Broom ₹200 – ₹400
Monkey 555 Regular Grass Broom ₹100 – ₹250
Sparkmate By Crystal Stick Broom ₹150 – ₹300
Coconut Broom Stick ₹50 – ₹150
Chakaachak No Dust Broom ₹200 – ₹400
Gala King Kong Broom ₹300 – ₹600

Note: The above-mentioned prices my subject to change depending on the platform or location of purchase.

Top Products to Buy in Broomsticks for Home Use

1. Scotch-Brite No-Dust Broom, Long handle

Scotch-Brite No-Dust Broomstick


The Scotch-Brite No-Dust Long handle broomstick offers versatile cleaning solutions for your home. Designed with durable plastic fiber in a vibrant green color, it effectively tackles floor cleaning and dusting tasks. The flagged bristle design ensures efficient fine dust removal, while its flexibility allows for reaching corners effortlessly. With its water-resistant properties and the option to remove the handle for use as a duster, it’s a convenient and reliable cleaning tool for every household.

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2. Gala No-Dust Broom

Gala No-Dust Broomstick for Home


The Gala No Dust Floor Broom XL offers an innovative solution for efficient and hassle-free cleaning. Unlike traditional grass brooms, it doesn’t shed dust upon first use, ensuring a clean sweep from day one. With its long handle design, it prevents back strains during floor cleaning. Made of washable synthetically engineered bristles, it can be used on wet surfaces and offers superior cleaning with 5000 touchpoints. This lightweight broom is flexible, reaching corners effortlessly, and its detachable feature adds convenience to storage and use.

3. Monkey 555 Regular Grass Broom

Monkey 555 Regular Grass Broom


The Monkey 555 Regular Grass Broom is a top-tier household cleaning tool crafted from premium Garo-Hill grass, renowned for its exceptional flexibility and durability. With its sleek virgin plastic handle ensuring optimal grip and comfort, sweeping becomes effortless, reducing hand fatigue for prolonged use. This eco-friendly broom embodies sustainable cleaning practices without compromising performance, guaranteeing superior cleaning results with every sweep. Trust in its longevity, efficiency, and superior cleaning capabilities for maintaining a pristine living space day after day.


4. Sparkmate By Crystal Stick Broom

Sparkmate By Crystal stick Broom


The Sparkmate by Crystal Kharata/Plastic Stick Broom is a reliable choice for home and bathroom cleaning. Constructed with durable pure plastic sticks, it ensures a long lifespan and robust cleaning performance. With 44 hard square broomsticks, it effectively tackles dirt and grime on both dry and wet surfaces. The comfortable and firm grip handle makes sweeping comfortable and efficient. Trust in Sparkmate for a thorough and hassle-free cleaning experience, every time.

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5. Coconut Broom Stick

Coconut Broom Stick


The Uva World Natural Coconut Leaf Grass Broom Stick is a sustainable solution for wet floor and bathroom cleaning. This pack includes two eco-friendly brooms, each measuring 2.5 feet in height, manufactured by an Indian brand. Embracing an old Indian proverb, these brooms not only clean but also symbolize the removal of negative energies. Handcrafted with top-quality Meghalaya and Assam hill grass, they are durable, eco-friendly, and fully biodegradable, making them an essential part of every Indian household’s daily cleaning routine.

6. Chakaachak No Dust Broom

Chakaachak No Dust Broom


The Chakaachak No Dust Broom XL is an essential tool for efficient floor cleaning in your home. Its XL long handle enables easy access to high corners, ceiling cobwebs, and under furniture without straining your back. Designed to attract and lock in dust, dirt, and pet hair, it ensures spotless floors and surfaces with minimal airborne particles, thanks to its innovative non-dust technology. With a sturdy construction and versatile compatibility with various floor types, this broom is a reliable and convenient addition to your cleaning.

7. Gala King Kong Broom

Gala King Kong Broom


The Gala King Kong Grass Floor Broom is a reliable cleaning tool crafted from high-quality, durable Meghalaya grass. With a length of 104 cm or 3.5 feet, it provides ample reach, making floor sweeping effortless and efficient. This pack includes a one-floor broom, featuring a multicolor design (color subject to availability). Trust in Gala’s quality and longevity for a hassle-free cleaning experience, ensuring your floors are pristine and free from dust and debris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there eco-friendly options for broomsticks?

Yes, there is an eco-friendly option broomstick that is made from natural coconut leaves.

2. How to choose the right broomstick for my needs?

Consider the floor surface, the bristle material, handle length, grip comfort, weight, and budget.

3. What are some common problems with broomsticks and how to fix them?

Bristle wear, handle damage, difficulty in sweeping, loose bristles, and storage maintenance by addressing these common problems and implementing the suggested solutions, you can keep your broomstick in good condition and ensure that it remains effective for your cleaning needs.

4. Which is the best type of broomstick for wooden flooring?

Soft bristle broom or microfiber broom is the best type for wooden flooring.

5. Which type of broomstick should be used for marble flooring?

Avoid brooms with stiff or hard bristles that could potentially cause scratches or damage. Instead, get broomsticks that are specifically designed for gentle cleaning on smooth surfaces like marble.

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