Bountiful Facts About Euro 2020

Euro 2020

Bountiful Facts About Euro 2020 That You Can’t Miss

Are you crazy about world’s leading football championship? If yes, then this blog is noteworthy for you because we are going to share some bountiful facts about Euro 2020 that you can’t miss. The championship is mainly covering Europe region. Euro cup is the top most battle between 24 football teams of the world. Due to the situation of Corona Virus the championship was postponed in 2020 because the competition is held in every 4 years.

1.European Nations Cup:

Euro cup is known as the European Nations Cup. The cup represents championship of Europe region only for football competition. However, now the name of competition is known as UEFA Euro Cup.

2. Host Nations Qualify Automatically for Tournament:

The second fact about Euro 2020 is, host nations of Euro Cup Football Championship not required to compete in a qualifying process and they automatically qualify for direct entry in tournament.

3. Last or 15th European Championship Winner:

Maybe you are also excited to know about the 15th European Championship Winners? Portugal is the winner of 2016th championship.

4. Host of Euro 2020:

Do you want to know the host country name of Euro 2021? If you are thinking that only one country is the host of this cup such as all the time then you are wrong because this time, first time in the history Euro Championship organized in 11 host cities.

Final and semi-finals two rounds of 16 games, three group games
London, England: Wembley Stadium
Six group games, one quarter-final
Saint Petersburg, Russia: Saint Petersburg Stadiu
Three group games, one quarter-final
Baku, Azerbaijan: Baku Olympic Stadium Munich, Germany: Football Arena Munich
Rome, Italy: Olimpico in Rome  
16 Games of One Round- Three Group Games  
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Johan Cruijff ArenA Bucharest, Romania: National Arena Bucharest
Budapest, Hungary: Puskás Aréna Copenhagen, Denmark: Parken Stadium
Glasgow, Scotland: Hampden Park Seville, Spain: Stadium La Cartuja Sevilla

5. Countries Who Entitle Highest Winnings?

If you are thinking of grabbing more information in the list of bountiful facts about the UEFA Cup, then don’t miss the information about countries that entitle the highest winnings in this championship. Germany and Spain both win 3 titles of the Euro Cup. The third position in the list of highest Euro Cup Winners secures by France.

6. Important Fact- Euro 2012 Final Watched by 300 Million People Globally:

As we know about the craze of the Euro football cup in the world. Almost every country has a considerable fan space for this tournament, and as per the records of 2021, the Euro cup final match was watched by 300 million people globally.

7. 2016 Host of Euro Football Cup:

France was the host of the 2016 tournament. As per the historical records, France has hosted this championship two times, such as 1984 and 1960. That means France hosted the first Euro Cup tournament.

8. What About Prize in UEFA Euro?

One more the fact that you can’t miss is about the prize that the winning team receives from the European Football Championship. Forty gold medals provide to the winning team and 40 silver medals to the runners-up team.

9. How Many Groups in Euro 2020?

Group A to Group F is the participating countries in Euro 2020 Championship.

10. Euro Championship Starting Date 2020:

When will Euro Champions Start in 2021? It is also the primary concern of many football lovers waiting to watch this topmost football championship. From June 11, 2021, the championship is started.

11. Qualified Team of Euro Cup 2020:

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
Turkey Denmark Netherlands England Spain Hungary
Italy Finland Ukraine Croatia Sweden Portugal
Wales Belgium Austria Scotland Poland France
Switzerland Russia North Macedonia Czech Republic Slovakia Germany

12. Euro Cup Broadcasting Partner:

If you are also interested in watching all the matches of Euro Cup 2020, you must know the name of the broadcasting partner of this tournament. BBC and ITV are the two broadcasting partners of Euro 2020.

13. Euro 2020 is the 16th Anniversary of the Championship

Euro 2020 is unique for every football lover in Asia, America, and the European region. No matter you know about the rules of this championship or not? You will definitively enjoy this football tournament with a 100% craze. 2020 Euro Cup Tournament is the celebration of the 16th anniversary of this tournament championship series.

14. Euro 2020-First European Championship Held in Odd Years;

Euro 2020 Cup is notable due to some historical facts. One of the facts that you need to know is Euro 2020 first tournament held in odd years. In the previous championship, the competition was organized in the even years.

Few Final Words:

Your pop-corn must be ready to watch this year’s Euro 2020 matches because competition will be more tuff in the various countries this year. Everyone wants to win the battle of the Europe Football Championship.

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