15 Best Whiskey Brands in India With Prices | 2022

whiskey brands in India
whiskey brands in India

Whiskey Brands in India are very limited in terms of “Less Whiskey Alcohol Percentage”. People consider whiskey because it has less percentage of alcohol. Therefore, if you are also thinking to determine the top brands and whiskey prices in India, then you have to read this blog. Nowadays the trend of Black and White Whiskey is also very popular and that’s why most of the best whiskey in India belongs to the range of Black White Whiskey. Even, there are so many types of whiskey that you need to know.

Having whisky is a culture in some families while others drink it for fun and memories. And out of the many whiskey brands, few are the top favorites of the major whiskey lovers.

But before going ahead to know more about scotch whiskey brands and the top 10 whisky brands in India. Let us know the basics. Right?

What is whiskey/whisky?

The term whisky means ‘water’, which originated in Scotland. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage, that is made from fragmented grain mash like corn, rye, wheat, barley, etc., and among the whiskey, the scotch whiskey is considered the best whisky brand in India and globally.

There is a whisky to enjoy on the weekends, authentic ones for special occasions.

How old whiskey is the best whiskey brand?

It doesn’t matter with the day it’s manufactured. Sometimes, the one which is packed recently tastes amazing. Since whiskeys are made in cask (hollow-wooden container which is cylindrical), the longer the whiskey stays in the cast, the older it becomes, and yummier it will be and that’s the reason it is more expensive. Therefore, the duration between distillation and bottling is the age of the whiskey. Hence, it is demanding and known as the best whisky in the world. Wanted to know the whiskey brands with a price? Listed below is the detail of the whiskey brands with price, how it is made, and for how long.

Types of whisky in India

You must have heard single malt, blended whisky, or grain whiskey in and around your circle. And must be confused about it. We have made it easy for you to read as these are the types of whiskey in India.

Whiskeys are made from grain products and with the variant base product, alcohol content, and quality. It changes the taste and so, is the value. So, there are whisky types and branded daaru to have a good whiskey taste. Right? 

Majorly, there are two types of whiskey:

  1. Malt whiskey: This is made from malted barley. Malting is a process of converting barley into malt for use in breweries, distilling, etc. It is a germinated cereal grain that is soaked in water and then dried with hot air. It is also used to make beer, malted milk, etc.
  2. Grain whiskey: it is made from different grains.

And when malts and grains are combined in different ways:

  • Single Malt Whiskey: Single malt whiskies are produced and bottled in a single distillery. It has a unique fruity taste compared to the blended malt and it has a dry finish. There are many single malt whisky in India the whisky lovers like them. 
  • Blended Whisky: It is a combination of two or more malt and grain whiskies.

How to drink whiskey?

There is no specific way to drink whiskey. It all depends upon how you prefer. Mostly people prefer neat (without any mixing), with ice or you can have it with water, soda, or any mixers. Adding on to it, whiskies look classy when they are drinking in proper whiskey glasses, which adds another point to your shots.

Premium whiskey and the best daru brand are unrivaled in terms of flavor and smoothness. Whether you prefer a glass of whiskey after dinner or shots of glasses at the bar, we have compiled a list of the best whiskey brands in India with a price list. So, cheers with your favorite drink!

And what will be the better surprise of gifting the drink on special occasions to the special person?

Indian Best Whisky Name List

Which is the best whisky in India are India’s best whisky:

  1. Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky
  2. Paul John Edited Single Malt Whisky
  3. Officer’s Choice: Best Indian whiskey
  4. Rampur Select Single Malt Whisky
  5. Woodburn whisky: premium scotch in India
  6. Solan Number One malt spirit whisky
  7. McDowells.

Irish whiskey brands in India: Whisky Name List in India

The best Irish whiskey brands available in India are under 5000 INR.

  1. The Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition: strongest whiskey in India
  2. Tullamore D.E.W.
  3. The Bushmills Black Bush: smoothest whiskey in India

Cheap Whisky in India: budget whiskey in India

Best whisky under rs1000 in India 2020 which is rated as the affordable viski daru price.

  • Bagpiper Deluxe
  • Imperial Blue Superior Grain
  • DSP Black Deluxe
  • Eight PM
  • McDowell’s Platinum
  • Royal Stag Deluxe
  • Officer’s Choice Blue


Our list of premium whiskey brands falls under the price category of Rs. 3000. Here’s our list of best whisky brands in India with Indian whisky prices. Check out the best whisky brands in India at a price. And don’t forget the best whisky in India with the price before you by your favorite whisky brand. Read on!

 Best Whisky brands in India with Price List

Whiskey Brand /  Best whiskey names Price (Rs.) Quantity (ml)
Director’s Special Whisky 310 750
Imperial Blue 404 750
The Rockford Reserve 750 750
Blenders Pride in India 930 750
Royal Challenge United Spirit 1250 750
Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky 1500 750
Grant’s Family Reserve Whisky 1610 1000
Dewar’s White Label Whisky 1700 750
Teacher’s Highland Cream Whisky 1990 750
100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky 12 Years 2000 750
Black Dog Centenary Whisky 2050 750
Black And White 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky 2290 750
Ballantines 12-Year-Old Whisky 2300 750
Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition 2850 750
Monkey Shoulder Scotch Whisky 2900 1000

So, these are all whisky names & prices.

Top 15 Whisky Brands in India that you should try once…

   Best whisky Brand

Top alcohol brands in India: Whisky names in India

1. Dewar’s: Top whisky in India

Dewar’s White Label Whiskey-both smooth and buzzy is roughly Rs 3000 and is known as the top scotch. An example of this divine taste is Dewar’s, single malt and blended Scotch whiskey owned by Bacardi. Moreover, it is one of the best scotch whisky brands.

Which is the best whisky in India?

The ‘double-aged’ combination- six months in oak barrels distinguishes the Dewar’s as the top choice among whiskey connoisseurs. When you try this darru brand, the shots of this whisky, you will get a flavor of a creamy, honeyed taste with mild vanilla undertones which makes it the best whisky in India.


Whiskey brands in India-PaisaWapas Blog.jpeg

2. Jameson: Blended Whiskey brands in india

These are the scotch whiskey brands in India.

The Jameson scotch whisky has experienced a steep rise in India in recent years. In addition to that, this whiskey is made up of Irish whiskey, which is known for its smooth taste. An understated floral and peppery fragrance permeates the aroma of this triple-distilled whiskey.

It smells peppery, nutty, and sweet which makes it the whiskey lover’s choice!  It is one of the best premium scotch whisky brands in India and needs a shot. Moreover, Jameson scotch whiskey price in India is roughly Rs 3000. Hence, it is the best brand of whiskey in India and the world and known as the good scotch whisky in India.


Best scotch Brand in India

3. Ballentine: Best scotch whiskey in india

Ballentine is the world’s highest-selling whisky which is pocket friendly.  Moreover, it is the best whisky in India with a price of less than Rs 3000. As friends, the older the better, So, is this premium scotch whiskey which is 12 years old and is considered branded daru. Hence, this Indian scotch brands is the favorite of all whisky lovers!

To create this unique blend, they meticulously selected over 40 different malts and grains from all over the globe. This Ballentine-12-year-old- includes honey undertones and vanilla aromas which are best and worth every penny. So, it is ranked in the top scotch brands in the brands of whisky in India list. 


Best scotch whisky brand

4. Black Dog: top whiskey in india

The Black Dog whiskey is a famous whisky brand that has been given seven worldwide honors for its exceptional quality. In India, Black Dog Centenary is one of its newest and one of the best brands of whiskey varieties, and it has swiftly gained a whiskey lover’s taste. This daru brand name is generous in taste and a well-executed blend of malt and grain that has been aged for eight years in Scotland’s whisky-producing regions. This is one of Black Dog’s most well-known Indian whiskeys; this is a favorite among many whiskey drinkers. Hence, it is the most popular whisky in India.


Whisky Brands in India

5. Johnnie Walker’s Red Label

More than a billion bottles of Johnnie Walker’s Red Label the famous whiskey in India are sold each year. Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, which was first produced in 1909 is still a popular choice. It’s made by combining up to 35 different whiskies from different distilleries throughout Scotland which make it a great mixer of various drinks like whiskey’s cedar, butterscotch, and rum spice characteristics.

Therefore, it is the best whiskey in India.

Best scotch whiskey brand

6. Monkey Shoulder: Top Whisky Brands India

It is one of the best Indian scotch. Monkey shoulder price in India is under Rs 3000 on the comprehensive collection of the supreme whiskey brands in India.  This blended malt whisky has single malts from three of Speyside’s most renowned distilleries. The distillation process for malt whisky was the inspiration for the name of this whiskey. And also, it is the best scotch whisky brand in India. 


Whisky Brands in India

7. Black & White: Popular Whiskey Brands in India

Besides its soothing taste and affordable scotch price in India, Black and White is an award-winning London-style blended scotch whiskey and falls under the top seventh. Moreover, it is one of the best scotch in India. This blend of Black & white scotch liquor is a grain whiskey and a mixture of some of Scotland’s finest whisky. This whisky will never make your pocket lighter with its price. Therefore, it is known as the best scotch brand in India.

Whisky Brands in India

8. Grant’s Family Reserve

This is a low-range whisky that is likable by whisky lovers! Grant’s Family Reserve Whisky is the most-loved scotch whisky brand in India, and the whiskey price of Grant’s Family Reserve is only 3000 bucks. It’s the perfect whiskey for your weekend plans with friends and family on a humid summer night.  It tastes sweet and tranquil which syncs nicely with spicy dishes. Also, you can blend it with soft drinks or juice. So, it is in the list of top 10 scotch in India. 

Hence, it is the best whisky brands in India with a price.

Whisky Brands in India

9. Teachers

Indians are crazy about Teacher’s Highland Cream, which is one of the most preferable brands of whisky brands in India and around the world. Jim Murray awarded Teacher’s Highland Cream 90 points in his Whisky Bible. Moreover, it tastes like a sweet toffee flavor, with hints of malt and fruitiness, and makes a great mixer. Teachers are the on-go drink that adds the additional shot to the whiskey, and you can gift your loved one an amazing gift set. Check this out!

Apart from that, it is the best Indian scotch whisky which is the cheapest single malt whisky in India.

Best scotch whiskey brand

10. 100 Pipers: Top alcohol brands in India with price

This Indian daru brand name, 100 Pipers is the number 2 standard whiskey Brand in India. This brand of blended Scotch whisky named for the smoked notes is produced by Pernod Ricard and it holds the seventh position on the worldwide market. A wonderfully 12-year-old aged whisky is hand-picked malt whisky that is synonymous with craftsmanship and finesse. It is the leading whisky scotch.

                                          Whisky Brands in India

11. Blenders Pride: Top Ten Whisky in India

Blenders Pride was launched in 1995, and it is branded whisky in India. Not only this, it is one of the premium drinks with high quality. Moreover, this whiskey is named for the way its made. It is made by combining an Indian grain spirit with imported Scotch malt. In 1995, a mix of Chivas Brother’s scotch malts and premium Indian grain spirits was released which is often served in a glass of water with an ice cube. Also, this is the scotch whisky brand India which is available at all the major liquor stores.

This whiskey is good for the health when consumed in moderation as ellagic acid content is greater compared to red wine. Therefore, it is a famous whisky brand and is the whiskey brand best for whisky lovers. 


Whisky Brands in India

12. Director’s Special: Top Scotch Brands in India

Director Special is a brand of Indian whiskey which is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd. Director’s Special Whisky is the ideal option for those looking for an economical drink. It is one of India’s most popular whiskey brands, and it is well-known for its rich, smooth flavor. In 1988, the Director’s Special was introduced to the public and held the customers with its unique product design-etched emblem and an exceptional malt, blended to the exquisite smoothness.

DSP is one of India’s greatest whiskies with a whisky price of around Rs 2000. This whisky has a deep scent and a pleasant flavor. Under 500, this whiskey brand is considered as best in India.

Moreover, it is the single malt whisky price in India which is Rs 2000 and is known for alcohol brands in India with prices in an affordable range.


Whisky Brands in India

13. Imperial Blue: Branded price

Imperial Blue is the leading and fastest-selling whiskey brand in India. It came into the market in 1997 and swiftly rose to prominence as a top-tier whiskey brand in the country.

Through their campaign ‘Men will be men‘ which has sent quirky, relatable yet insightful messages to the people have set the rising demand. Thus, they have edged over the market with annual revenue of $20 million. Therefore, it is the best brand of whisky in India.

As they say, the older the age of the whisky, the tastier it would be. So, is the Imperial blue whiskey brands India, where the core reason for its success is consistency and quality? And they never compromise on the quality of their old whiskey.  Moreover, they create an exquisitely smooth flavor for this affordable whiskey brand- Indian grain spirits and scotch malts are combined, which are a high-quality product with exceptional smoothness and minimal degradation of potency.


14. Royal Challenge: Best Indian Whisky Brands

As the name states, it never fails, the royalty with its perfect fusion- a taste of scotch, Indian malts, and grain spirits that’s been blended to experience the smooth taste.

Royal Challenge, known as RC, is a whiskey brand in India. RC is manufactured by United Spirits Ltd, which was initially created by Shaw and Wallace but is now owned by Diageo.

The alcohol strength carried by Royal Challenge is 42.8% ABV, the permissible level of alcohol for whiskies in India.

Royal Challenge is the first brand to cross the threshold of 1 million cases in the mid-prestige price segment. In addition to that,  4.5 million whiskies are sold annually.


Whisky Brands in India

15. The Rockford Reserve: Indian scotch whisky brands

The Rockford Reserve is a joint venture between Umesh Modi Group and Saronno Modi Illva India Pvt. Ltd. This whiskey is the best brand for whisky in India and globally.

With the introduction of Rockford Reserve and Rockford Classic, the firm entered the premium whiskey market. It is one of the fastest-growing premium Indian whiskey brands, the Rockford Reserve and Classic. This well-crafted whisky has a golden hue and a smooth, seductive scent that belies its strength.

It is the most well-known whiskey brand in India and appeals to whisky connoisseurs because of its complexity and refinement. Despite the wine’s pleasant and mellow flavor, it is complex and balanced by wood and fruits.

This is an Eight-year-old scotch whisky in India, aged in American oak casks with imported grains, spirits infused with natural herbs, and Himalayan spring water, which makes the Rockford whiskey, a distinctive combination.


Best Whisky under Rs 1500 in India 2022

  • Cutty Sark Blended Scotch: Best Whisky under 1500 in India 2022 which is a popular choice for whisky lovers at an affordable price whisky. Moreover, with strong notes of barley, and lighter custard, mixed peels, and cut herbs. Therefore, it is smooth and light. And perfect for value for money. Thus, the best whisky brands in India with price will be around 1477/-. Hence, it is the best whiskey under 3000.
  • Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: It is the top bourbon in the world. These whisky brands and prices are perfect for the taste and the ingredients. It is made from a mash of corn, barley, and rye, the deep smokiness retained from aging it in charred oak barrels creates a multidimensional drinking experience. Not only this, Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon is the best Whisky under Rs 1500 in India 2022 that will cost you Rs 1363.


One of the best things about whiskey is you are ‘Ready to Drink’ at any time with a blend of mixtures. Thus, with the growing popularity of Whiskey in India, it has become easier to find the one you love. Now, you can easily choose which whisky brands and prices are in your budget. 

This list of top whisky brands in India is the recommendation given by expert mixologists and by syncing it with the taste & preferences of whiskey lovers in India. So, your weekend is all sorted with the next whisky shots. But you will need a classy glass for your Snapchat story? Check the royal collection which adds a shot to your favorite drink!

Exploring the details of Whiskey Brands in India is very much important for all those buyers who want to buy the best whiskey brand. Bourbon, Jameson, Irish, Teachers, and Signature Whiskey brands are some popular Whiskey Brands in India with price lists.

Moreover, you can buy Indian whisky online as well through websites that are expensive but you are saved from traffic! hence, you can order your single malt whisky brands in India easily as you know how much single malt scotch prices are through this blog! All set for your day with the best whisky in India!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Which is the smoothest drink in India?

Chivas Regal 12 Years is the smoothest whiskey in India.

  • What is the most popular whisky in the world?

As per the Spirits business, the Johnnie Walker-scotch whiskey label leads in popularity with its close competitor Ballantine which is also a scotch brand in India. 

  • What does whiskey do to your body?

     Whiskey has a high level of plant-based antioxidants which lowers the risk the heart disease. Moreover, polyphenols in whiskey reduce the fat in your blood. But whiskey affects health. If, consumed frequently.

  • Can whiskey make you drunk?

Firstly, it depends upon the person-to-person capacity. And apart from that, 3-4   standard whiskey drinks with 40% ABV is enough to get trips.

  • What is the single malt whisky price in India?
Fusion Single Malt, Amrut Whiskey Price in India is ₹ 3,286 for 750 ml.
  •  How much is Jack Daniels’s whisky price in India?

Best whisky in Chennai; Best whisky in Kolkata;

  • Jack Daniels price in India with the states Volume Price in INR (Approx)
    Jack Daniels

    Tennessee Honey Whiskey Price in Rajasthan

    750 ml Rs 5990
    Jack Daniels Price in Delhi 750 ml Rs 4000
    Jack Daniels Gentleman

    Jack Tennessee Whiskey Price in Delhi

    750 ml Rs 5300
    Jack Daniels Price in Chandigarh 750 ml Rs 2400
    Jack Daniel’s Price in Chennai 750 ml Rs 4,590.
    Jack Daniel’s Price in Mumbai 750 ml RS 4,450
    Jack Daniel’s Price in Bangalore 750ML Rs 3,227
  •  List of random questions which are frequently asked- the prices of whiskey bottles with their whiskies prices are listed. And also, these are the whisky brands in India with price lists. 
Whiskey Brands list Price
Vat 69 prices in Kolkata Rs 1680
Glenfiddich blue price in India

Glenfiddich 12 Years Old Malt Whisky

1 Ltr-Rs. 6800
Bourbon whiskey in India
INR 4300 for 750ml;
INR 6200 for 750ml
Jameson price in india INR 3059 for 750 ml

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