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20+ Best Alcohol Brands in India – Price List & ABV

Variety, intriguing alcoholic beverages have emerged and are sweeping the globe.  There are a lot of liquor brands to choose from when it comes to the top alcohol brands in India, but we’ve distilled them down for you. We’ll talk about the names of the Best alcohol brands in India in this piece, as well as what makes them unique.

Indian versions of well-known drinks with European provenance are referred to as “Indian Made Foreign Liquor,” or IMFL, in India. While IMFL was often viewed as inferior to “Foreign Made Foreign Liquor,” there are now Indian brands that are on par with or even surpass their competitors’ competitors.

Each person has a different favorite poison. There are numerous brands to pick from, including whiskey, vodka, and beer. There are some of the best alcohol brands that are revolutionizing the nation’s booze landscape, albeit most of them would be upscale brands from around the globe. Some of them have won awards, while others are less well-recognized. So continue reading to learn more about the liquor brands in India.

What Is Liquor?

This is also known as Seagram’s Royal Stag. generally, when we talk about alcohol, we are talking about the alcohol in wine, spirits, and beer. The component in these drinks that gives you the leftovers is alcohol. Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, is the type of alcohol used in drinks. It’s produced when an encouragement promotes the conflation of carbohydrates, which are present in grains, fruits, and vegetables. For case, vodka is made with potato sugar, whereas wine is made with grape sugar.

You’ll learn about some of the Stylish Liquor Brands in India that are presently on request in this composition. From vodka to beer to whisky, there is a commodity for everyone. With so numerous options, you can select the ideal libation for every festivity, be it an anniversary, a friend’s birthday, or a marriage. But before we dive into our list of stylish alcohol brands, flashback that temperance is the key when it comes to alcohol consumption. Drinking too much alcohol can have negative health goods, so always use it wisely. Having said that, let’s examine a few of India’s Top Liquor Brands!

Price Lists of Top alcohol brands in India

Blenders Pride₹950/750mlWhisky42.80%
The Macallan₹3000/750mlWhisky40-43%
Jack Daniel’s₹7300/750mlBeer40%
Corona₹200/330mlBeerUpto 4.8%
Johnnie WalkerStarts at ₹2490/1000mlScotch Whisky40%
Whiskin Craft₹560/750mlWhisky40-60 %
Antiquity Blue₹1410/750mlWhisky42.80%
Rockford Reserve₹1170/750mlWhisky42.80%
McDowell’s No.1₹810/750mlWhisky42.80%
Officers Choice₹640/750mlWhisky42.80%
Imperial Blue₹550/750mlWhisky42.80%
Royal Stag₹450/750mlWhisky42.80%
Royal Challenge₹1059/750mlWhisky42.80%
Amruth Whiskey₹3500/750mlWhisky46%
Old Monk₹400/750mlRum42.8%
Paul Jhon₹3700/750mlWhisky46%

List of 20 Best Alcohol Brands in India

1. Blenders’ Pride

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Blender Pride is a well-known Indian brand, as its name implies, that is renowned for its outstanding quality, smoothness, and delicious flavor. This 1995-founded brand is well-known for its extraordinary and distinctive flavor, which sets it apart from all other whisky brands available in India. The perfect proportion of Scotch malt to Indian Grain spirits is achieved.

The Blenders Pride Reserve Collection, an improved version of this brand with higher tastes and quality, was also introduced in 2011. They have stayed true to quality and grown to become one of the top whisky firms in India. The brand established itself as a leader in this order by capturing more than 40% of the decorative whisky share of the Indian demand.


2. Signature

Best Alcohol Brands in India

As everyone is apprehensive, India is one of the top directors of spirits, and most of the brands are nicely priced when compared to those made in other nations. As everyone is apprehensive, hand is a well-known brand in India with a wide variety of flavors and textures that are both distinctive and enticing. Since its 1994 launch, this brand has snappily grown to elevation in the Indian request. It’s one of the most popular whisky brands in India and is extensively drunk. Like the others, this brand’s whisky varies in price from one state to the coming.

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3. The Macallan

Best Alcohol Brands in India

The Macallan is one of the whisky brands that will quickly become a favorite of yours since it is the second largest by value and the third largest by sales of single malt whisky worldwide. It is said that the two Gaelic terms “Magh” and “Ellan,” which indicate “fertile ground” and “of St Fillan,” respectively, are the source of the brand name The Macallan. The highly acclaimed Macallan single-malt scotch whisky boasts a hint of spiced sherry sweetness. For dedicated collectors, The Macallan offers some of the most sought-after bottles in addition to entry-level scotch.

4.  Jack Daniel’s

Best Alcohol Brands in India

This brand’s whisky is best served with your preferred soda, ice, or cola because it is frequently distilled from corn and has a sweet aroma along with hints of caramel and toasty oak. Tennessee whisky brand Jack Daniel’s was founded in 1875. In 2011, it was also the whisky with the greatest global sales.

Jack Daniel’s whisky is fantastic since it goes well with both drinks and starters. Because Jack Daniel’s is available in a variety of bottle shapes and taste profiles, it was crowned the world’s best-selling whisky in 2011.

5. Corona

Best Alcohol Brands in India

One of the biggest manufacturers of Corona Beer is the Mexican brewery Cervecería Modelo. Owned by the Belgian corporation AB InBev, Corona is the best-selling beer brand globally and particularly the most well-liked in India. Corona is available in bottles, cans, and a draught variant.

Additionally, the company offers a line of beer cocktails called Corona Refresca, which has three distinct flavors and scents. Corona Extra, Corona Light, Corona Premium, and Corona Familiar are the four different beer varieties available. In the manufacturing process, ingredients such as water, barley malt, non-malted cereals, and hops are employed.

6.  Kingfisher

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Over time, Kingfisher became one of the most popular beer brands in the Indian request thanks to its commanding request dominance. It’s largely well-liked by youthful people who enjoy beer since it offers a large selection of both strong and mild beers. It comes in a variety of high-alcohol kinds, similar to Kingfisher Lager, Kingfisher Premium, and Ultra Max. With a nice balance of citrusy and malty grains, this beer is among the most stylish to drink in India and has a fresh flavor. Since 1978, this business has garnered a significant quantum of fashionability due to its outstanding quality products at an accessible price.

7. Bira

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Beer and its varieties have undergone several alterations over time. The world’s most diverse brewing culture is created when a high-quality, sustainably innovative crafted alcoholic beverage is made for beer drinkers. The founder, Ankur Jain, initially released this alcohol brand under the name “Biru” in Japan.

Following difficulties with registration in Japan, they changed the name of their brand to BIRA 91. In India, this brand is among the best-selling beer brands. They want to connect with Indian consumers who live in cities by focusing on the youth demographic. Following their initial success, they introduced Bira 91 Light and Bira 91 Strong.

8.  Heineken

Best Alcohol Brands in India

It’s among the topmost and most well-known beer brands worldwide. The maturity of us are ignorant of how well-known a brand like Coca-Cola is. The brand was innovated in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and it presently dominates further than 140 nations worldwide.

Records show that the value of the trademarks from 2016 is original to the GDP of multitudinous minor nations, including Jamaica, Cambodia, and Albania. Grounded on profit, it’s the third-biggest nectar in the world. Heineken Beer includes 40 calories per 100 milliliters and is free of beast constituents. It’s one of India’s top ten alcohol brands.

9. Tuborg

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Whether or whether people enjoy drinking alcohol, everyone is familiar with this other brand. With an 18-request share, Tuborg is one of the top brands both in India and outdoors. Launched in May 2010, Tuborg is a product of the Carlsberg company. Ever since its launch, it has fiercely challenged all other beer brands with its remarkable performance, making it the number one choice for beer suckersaround. However, you really should give Tuborg a pass because of its amazing wimpiness, which will win you over to this brand, If you’ve just lately begun to drink beer.

10. Budweiser

Best Alcohol Brands in India

When it comes to the stylish beer brands available in India, Budweiser is the most popular option. Having been innovated in the United States in 1876, Budweiser has led the sector with a current request share of 29.8. presently, 80 different nations vend Budweiser. This brand’s exceptional beer quality is the reason behind its enormous global fashionability. In addition, Budweiser — also appertained to as the King of Beers is adored by beer suckers of all stripes. It sticks out from the pale gold beer thanks to its bitsy but brilliant white head.

11. Johnnie Walker

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Premium blended Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker is celebrated for having a flavor profile that is both rich and smooth. It’s a creation of whiskies that have been progressed for a minimum of 12 times and come from several Scottish distilleries.

Johnnie Walker is a special blend of further than forty whiskies, each contributing a distinct flavour emphasis to the finished product. With a long, silky finish, traces of fruit and vanilla, and a smokey, peaty flavor, the end product is a rich, full-bodied Scotch whisky. The senior process used to produce Johnnie Walker is one of the main characteristics that distinguish it from other whiskies. The whiskies’ unique flavor and color come from their aging in oak barrels.

12. Jameson

Best Alcohol Brands in India

The Jameson brand gained popularity not only in Ireland but also overseas, particularly in the US. Jameson was brought into the US by smugglers during the Prohibition era when it was still lawfully made in Ireland and quickly gained popularity among Irish Americans.

Pernod Ricard, a French beverage business, currently owns Jameson, which is still made in Ireland. As a blended whisky, it is created by combining various whiskies varieties, such as grain and malt whiskies. Jameson gets its unique flavor from being matured in oak barrels for at least three years.

13. Whiskin Craft

Best Alcohol Brands in India

One of the best-known premium whisky brands is Whiskin Craft, which is expertly made in India with some incredible international flavors and expertly blended with luxurious Scotch. This product and its spirit are well-liked in India due to their enticing qualities. Established in 2013, Whiskin Spirits (P) Ltd aims to offer exceptional quality products that are expertly blended with remarkable ingredients.

The business also offers two different types of Rum—Jogger Rum and Bronco Rum—and one more beer variety, Glider Whisky. With the help of a skilled French blender, this brand has put in a lot of effort over the years to create India’s best and most well-known whisky brands. Its natural tastes include roasted dark chocolate, honey, and dry fruits.

14. Antiquity Blue

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Antiquity Blue and Antiquity Rare: the former is a combination of grain spirits and Indian Scotch malt whisky. The International Wine and Spirit Competition is also named Antiquity Blue the finest deliver-class whisky in the spirit tasting competition. It is among India’s top brands of spirits and alcohol. This brand’s market share is steadily growing.

15. Rockford Reserve

Best Alcohol Brands in India

At this pricing point, Rockford Reserve is India’s decoration alcohol brand. Under the professed guidance of the Scottish master blender, the finest watercolor-filtered Indian grain spirit is combined with oaked-aged Scottish malt to produce this delicate and unique whisky.

A demineralized server and grain spirit with a beautiful, deep golden tinge are included. This whisky has a  veritably smooth, mellow flavor with a gentle agreeableness that’s well-balanced by fruits and wood. It’s one of the most popular brands of alcohol among young people in India.

16. McDowell’s No.1

Best Alcohol Brands in India

A combination of foreign scotch whisky and a few carefully chosen Indian malts and grain spirits is used to create Mc Dowell’s No. 1. At this price, it is among the most popular alcohol brands in India.  Indians are the brand’s primary consumers because of its distinct flavor and quality. One of the distinctive whisky brands in India, United Spirits Limited controlled the brand. Since the brand’s 1968 start, they have successfully grown the company.

17. Officers’ Choice

Best Alcohol Brands in India

This is a well-known brand of spirits or alcoholic potables that’s possessed by Kishore Chhabria. This is an alcoholic libation created by combining neutral Indian spirits with malt. Up to 10 of the brand’s deals are gained annually. In 2012, their profit was $ 18.1 million. This is one of the stylish alcohol brands that we’ve listed. This brand is getting further and further popular in the low-cost request.

18. Imperial Blue

Best Alcohol Brands in India

One of the most well-known whisky brands in India, Imperial Blue, has maintained its position among the top ten brands and has even been listed as one of the best brands at a price.  The Indian Whisky brand winner for 2018 is the alcoholic beverage Imperial Blue.

Since launching the “Men Will Be Men” campaign, the company has become associated with some of the most perceptive messages in the minds of consumers. One of the nation’s most recognizable campaigns, the movement has attained cult status.

19. Royal Stag

Royal Stag is also known as Seagram’s Royal Stag. This is an Indian whisky brand that was introduced in 1995. The brand is offered in a range of sizes in multitudinous nations worldwide. It has long been regarded as one of India’s most well-liked and well-known alcohol brands. At this cost, it’s the most popular alcohol brand in India. The brand is expanding steadily amidst violent competition. Scotch malts and imported alcohol are combined to make it.

20. Royal Challenge

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Among the Indian whisky brands produced by United Spirit Ltd. is Royal Challenge. The 1980s saw the introduction of the brand. In 2004, the first whisky in the nation to sell one million cases was the inspiration behind this mix of Indian malts and scotch known as the Royal Challenge. This brand of alcohol is produced under stringent quality control and close observation to give the blend the distinctive organoleptic qualities of roundness overall. It is among the best alcohol brands in India (Price & Facts).

21. Amrut Whiskey

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Amrut, India’s first single-malt whisky, was introduced in 2004. The Sanskrit term Amrit, which means “elixir of life,” is where the word Amrut originates. Amrut undoubtedly rates among the top 10 whiskies in the world. It is made from barley harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas and matured in wooden Oak barrels, giving it a distinctive color and flavor. There are 11 different varieties of Amrut single malt whiskey. 

Single malt whiskey is the company’s main product, although it also has a variety of other alcoholic beverages, such as gin and vodka. Amrut is now among the most well-known whiskeys that serve the best alcoholic drinks in India, hence it is on this list of the best alcoholic brands in India!

Amrut’s rise to prominence as one of India’s leading alcoholic beverage companies started when it won one of the best alcohol brands in India prize at the 2004 World Whisky Awards. It was ranked third among all whiskies in Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible in 2010. 

  • Amrut Price in India: INR 3500/- 750ml

22. Old Monk  – Best Liquor Brand in India

Best Alcohol Brands in India

To meet the British demand for beer, an enterprising Scotsman by the name of Edward Abraham Dyer established a brewery in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, in 1855. The ownership of this brewery was transferred to Mohan Meakin Pvt. Ltd., which later produced Old Monk rum best known for its Indian flavor and also goes by one of the best alcohol brands in India.

The Old Monk drink is a dark rum, which is manufactured in a traditional process. And left in oak barrels for a minimum of seven years. The alcohol content for organic beverages is 42.8 percent. It has a creamy, silky texture. Its flavor has hints of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate, producing a wonderfully lovely symphony.

Old Monk is an emotion as it was sneaked into the hostel with a pack of cheap cigarettes, and all these memories are connected with thousands of people which is why it is one of the best alcohol brands in India.

  • Old Monk Price in India: 750ml for Rs. 400

23. Paul John – Best Branded Alcohol Names in India

Best Alcohol Brands in India

Paul P. John established the Paul John distillery in 1992, which solely makes single malt whiskey using water and grains from India. Therefore, Paul John did not begin as an Indian brand. After being distilled for the first time in London, it quickly spread to other parts of the world due to the enormous response. Since its founding in 1992, John Distilleries has grown to become one of the best alcohol brands in India and producers of spirits. Paul John Single Malts was first introduced to the world in Britain in 2012, marking the beginning of John’s development.

The distillery has its headquarters in Bangalore, but its single malt whisky manufacturing facility is in Goa. Before this, the company had been producing blended whiskies since it was founded more than 25 years ago; however, its decision to introduce these specific malts was an unparalleled success that allowed it to become one of the best alcohol brands in India and beverage producers.

Indian ingredients from Goa Bay and indigenous barley from the Himalayas are used to make the whisky. The ingredients of barley, water, and charred oak barrels are what give it the name “The Great Indian Single Malt.” It is offered in shops in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi and has an alcohol content of roughly 46%.

Ways to Consume Alcohol

  • One can have a liqueur neat at room temperature, chilled, or served over ice (note that cold diminishes the sensitivity of the taste buds).
  • While some liqueurs, like Limoncello, are traditionally consumed very coldly, they can also be diluted with extremely hot water to create a delectable warm punch.
  • Liqueurs add personality to a wide range of mixed potables. They’re now in the limelight due to the growing interest in mixology, which is the art of combining liqueurs and other alcoholic potables. You can not make the most well-known amalgamations at home without a bottle of Cointreau, Campari, Aperol, or, more yet, our Fabbrizii Aperitif!


Then’s all the information you need to know about the Top Alcohol Brands in India. I have covered the numerous kinds of alcoholic potables that are vented in India, including decoration and precious brands. In the Indian request, each brand is famed for its superior quality and taste. Many of them offer excellent quality at incredibly low costs. I hope the details I handed in will enable you to select the ideal option for the situation.

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