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Best Tripod to use for Youtube Videos: Tripod List India 2021

Finding the best tripod can make an incredible difference to your photography. Having stable camera support opens up all sorts of possibilities in terms of low-light shooting, long exposures, panning shots, panoramas and more. Whatever discipline of photography/ videography you’re in, you’d be amazed by the ways in which a tripod can make a difference.

Why to use a tripod for making Youtube Videos?

  • To help your camera stay balanced and avoid it tipping forward or back.
  • To keep the horizon straight.
  • To speed things up even more, some high-end tripods come with a ‘spreader’ between the legs.

Top 10 tripods to use for Youtube Videos in India 2020

Youtube Video TripodsBest Tripod PriceTripod Price India + PW Cashback
Manfrotto BeFree Live Lever Kit – aluminumRs 18,490Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Velbon DV-7000N with PH-368 Fluid HeadRs 20,999Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Vanguard VEO 2X 265CBPRs 20,650Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Libec TH-Z TRs 19,850Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Benro A373FBS6ProRs 16,750Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
3 Legged Thing Mike Carbon Fiber with Quick Leveling Base and AirHed Cine Arca HeadRs 15,500Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Manfrotto MVK502C-1 Pro Video Carbon systemRs 14,850Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Manfrotto 635 Fast Single Leg Tripod with Nitrotech 608 headRs 21, 999Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Sachtler 4585 Flowtech 75 MSRs 19,950Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback
Miller 3780 CX18 Sprinter IIRs 18,650Amazon + Upto 7% Cashback

Top 5 Tripods to use for Youtube Videos in India 2020

1. Manfrotto BeFree Live Lever Kit – aluminum Microphone in India

Manfrotto is one of the market leaders in tripods with something to suit all users and budgets. The BeFree Live Lever-Lock tripod kit uses three-section aluminum legs that are clamped down using lever locks. There is a different version available using twist-lock legs, too. And even a lighter carbon fiber version but that costs significantly more. The aluminum BeFree Live Lever-Lock tripod offers the best balance of weight, price and features, and can be packed down into a very small package.

Why use Manfrotto BeFree Live Lever Kit – aluminium Microphone for Videos?
A small and light tripod that’s ideal for travelling
Folds into a compact package
Fast to set up and use
Light weight

2. Velbon DV-7000N with PH-368 Fluid Head Microphone in India

If you want an entry-level tripod designed for video and aren’t bothered about the distinctly old-school looks, the Velbon DV-7000N Video Tripod with PH-368 Fluid Head is a decent bit of kit. The three-section legs are braced from the center column to keep the tripod from twisting, which adds to the traditional looks. The head has separate locks for pan and tilt and the damping is adjustable, although the knobs are a bit tricky to get hold of. But the movement is surprisingly smooth and well-damped for a budget tripod. 

Why use Velbon DV-7000N with PH-368 Fluid Head?
It’s a budget tripod but one that can handle a decent payload.
Decent pan and tilt performance
Good maximum height of 162.5cm
Wind-up center column fast to adjust

3. Vanguard VEO 2X 265CBP Microphone in India

The Vanguard is light, folds down incredibly small and has a high payload of 12kg. That’s because it’s made out of carbon fiber instead of aluminum, but comes without the usually high premium price the material commands. It can also have the center column removed and used as a monopod. However, the Vanguard is not really a specific video tripod but a multi-use tripod. This is due to having a ball head that can be locked off for tilt, then the friction knob used to slow down the pan movement. It does come with a pan handle that can be fitted to aid smoother movements. But there’s no fluid drag at all.

Why use Vanguard VEO 2X 265CBP for Youtube Videos?
The carbon fibre tripod that packs up small but has a big payload
Packs down to a compact size
Can be used as a monopod
Multi-use tripod

4. Libec TH-Z T Microphone in India

The Libec TH-Z tripod kit is traditional-style video tripod, made by a Japanese company that has lots of experience of making tripods for filmmaking. It has a twin tube leg set-up, which is fast to use and stable, as well as a mid-level spreader to get it set up quickly. It’s not too heavy and takes Manfrotto-fit tripod plates which are very popular. It’s the relatively basic head that’s the limiting factor in both maximum payload of just 5.99kg and its basic design. The pan and tilt movements are good, but the drag is not adjustable and there’s no counterbalance adjustment. The tripod is a 75mm bowl fitment, so putting on a better head in future is a good plan. 

Why use Libec TH-Z T for Youtube Videos?
The traditional-style video tripod with no frills but at a great price
Traditional video design with spreader
Fast to set up and use
Comes with a carry case

5. Benro A373FBS6 Pro Microphone in India

Benro has packed lots of modern technology into its good-looking tripod kit which mates the A373F aluminum single-tube tripod with a 75mm half bowl fitting to the newest S6Pro head. The head is impressive as it has a five-step counterbalance system to keep your camera from tipping forwards or back, and adjustable drag for pan and tilt with large and easy to use adjuster knobs. The camera plate is long for easy adjustment, too, and the pan bar can be fitted to the left or right. The tripod reaches 163cm in height but can go as low as 31cm, which is a unique benefit for such a burly bit of kit.

Why us Benro A373FBS6Pro for Youtube Videos?
A single tube-style tripod with an advanced tripod head
Modern design tripod and head
Very low minimum height of 31cm
Adjustable pan and tilt drag

Just as there are many different types of photographers, there are also many different types of filmmakers. From the latest crop of vloggers and YouTubers typically using small mirrorless cameras, to indie filmmakers with larger set-ups to full-on cinematographers with the biggest budgets and cameras, there is no one tripod that’s perfect for all. Choose and shop the best.

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