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15 Best Rum Brands in India | May 2024 Price List

Take a sip and fall to heaven is what they say. Flavors of joy are worth every shot and every sip counts you know if you love alcohol. It can be the best brands of Rum, Gin, Vodka, Cocktails, or Brandy choices of need will always be flavorful. One among those and a very famous one, we are going to discuss in this article. Rums- strong, heavy, and filled with flavor. Let us know about the top 15 best rum brands in India so that you can end up finding your favorite one.

Price List of Best Rums in Top Cities of India May 2024

Rum Brands

Price in INR/ml

Old Monk Rum Price in Bangalore


Old Monk Rum Goa price


Bacardi Rum Price in Bangalore


Gold Barcadi Rum price in Delhi


Hercules Rum Price in Bangalore


Captain Morgan Rum Price in Mumbai


McDowell’s Rum Price in Delhi


McD Rum price in Bangalore


Bacardi White Rum Price in Goa


List of Top 15 Rum Brands in India – Drink Type & Price/ml

1. Old Monk Rum – The Best Indian Rum

Old Monk Rum is the Iconic, most in-demand beer, and rum brand in India. It is a dark rum launched in 1954. The brand of all bachelors and a friend indeed to those rooftop talks with your mates. This is the most in-demand or trending rum brand in India in real-time. As it is an emotion from bachelors to hostel boys it’s a true friend.

The old monk ingredients are filled with flavors. Vanilla, sugarcane of molasses.

  • Alcohol percentage in Old Monk Rum: 42.8%
  • Old Monk Rum Price in India: ₹760/- for 1000ml

2. Hercules Rum

Hercules Rum Hercules is the most popular and best rum brand in India. This rum is given/sold only to the defense ministry in India. Which is only to the soldiers of our country the best men. Hercules’s famous Indian Rum brand produces both White and dark rum.

Hercules rum ingredients are strong and contain a pretty exotic taste. The hero ingredients of Hercules rum are American rye, bitters, and fresh ginger.

  • The alcohol percentage in Hercules rum is: 43% recommended only to the defense team and also available only to the defense.
  • Hercules Rum Price in India: ₹310/- to ₹849/-

Price List of Hercules Rum in India – 2024 Updated

Hercules Rums in India Hercules Rum Prices
Hercules Deluxe Rum(dark) 750ml ₹672/-
Hercules XXX Rum(dark) 750ml   ₹273 – ₹350/-
Hercules White Rum price ₹651/-


3. Old Port – Most in Demand Rum Brand

Old Port Rum | Best Rum Brand in IndiaOld Port is the huge Indian rum brand from Amrut Distillery in Kambipura, Bengaluru, India. It is a native Indian rum brand known for its making and quality of rum produced.

Ingredients in Old Port Rum distilled sugar cane with more ethanol. The fermented sugarcane does its job to bring out the best essence of old port rum.

  • Alcohol percentage in Old Port rum: 40%
  • Old Port Rum price in India: ₹650/- approx. for 750ml

4. Maka Zai – Authentic Indian Homegrown Rum Brand

Maka Zai Rum | Best Rum Brand in IndiaThe new-aged Indian Rum from the three best co-founders started in 2020. Is now one of the leading Rums in Goa. A homegrown distillery situated in Mumbai, India is now popular for its Indian essence and for cultivating an authentic Indian taste. Maka Zai is no quality edition of rum that is worth your money.

  • Alcohol Percentage in Maka Zai Rum – 42.8%

Prices of Maka Zai Rum Available in India

Types of Maka Zai Rum

Price in INR/ml

Maka Zai Gold Rum (Tribute Edition)

₹1300/750ml bottle
Maka Zai White Rum ( Bartenders Edition)

₹1000/750ml bottle

5. McDowell’s No.1 Rum

McDowell’s No.1 one among the world’s top 3 best-selling rum brands. And most in-demand best rum brands in India started in 2009. McDowell’s is known for its celebration and because it is known to unite friendship.

McDowell’s rum production is a large and time-consuming process, but it’s worth every sip to drink. The distilled rum will be stored in oak barrels for three years. With time the taste of the rum is meant to be more delicious.

  • Alcohol percentage in McDowell’s No.1 Rum: 42.8%
  • McDowell’s No.1 Rum price in India: ₹540/750ml

6. Amrut Two Indies Dark Rum

Amrut Two Indies Dark Rum | Best Rum Brand in India

It is the same distillery that manufactures Old Port rum in India. They have the two leading rums that are the best and have all the qualities to be on the list of top rum brands in India. It tastes like tropical fruits and honey. A classic sweet and dry Finish.

  • Alcohol Percentage in Amrut Two Indies Rum: 42.8% 
  • The Price of Amrut Two Indies Dark Rum: ₹1820/750ml bottle

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7. Rock Paper Rum

Rock Paper Rum | Best Rum Brand in IndiaA third-generation founder who re-established his family’s old legacy and got the best rum into the club of Indian rum brands. This rock paper rum contains the best Indian spices as its ingredients which makes it strong and organic with a punchy flavor. A real champion of flavor in the list of best Indian Rum Brands.

  • Alcohol Percentage in Rock Paper Rum 42.8% in 750ml bottle 
  • Rock Paper Rum 750ml bottle Price ₹1500/-

Types of Rock Paper Rum & its Price 

Types of Rock Paper Rum Price in INR/ ml
Rock Paper Indian spiced Rum  ₹190/90ml
Rock Paper Coastal White Rum  ₹175/90ml

8. Ron Zacapa Rum

Ron Zacapa - Best Rum Brand in India

Ron Zacapa Centenario produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. The Ron Zacapa rum was created in 1976 to celebrate the anniversary of the foundation named Zacapa. This Rum stands out among other Indian rums for its flavors and the smoothness it carries. Hence, they call it an ultra-premium-aged rum.

The flavors and the taste of this Best Rum are filled with vanilla, caramel, cocoa, cinnamon, oak, sweet apple i.e., cognac, and more mouth-filled ingredients. That makes this rum much more special for it to be on the list of best rum brands in India.

  • Alcohol Percentage in Ron Zacapa rum: 40%
  • Ron Zacapa Rum price in India: ₹7,250/750ml

9. Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Rums - Famous Rum Brand in India Bacardi is a famous, superior, and flavourful rum brand in India. The Bacardi is an aromatic white rum. With delicate floral and fruity flavors that highlight the mixing and taste. Bacardi the famous Rum brand in the world was pioneered by Don Facundo Bacardi Masso. He was the man who came up with an interesting and new way to create rum and change it in a new way for ethanol lovers.

The Bacardi Rum carries only three important and main ingredients, molasses, yeast, and the much-needed savior of living -water. There are many flavors and varieties you can find in Bacardi.  Following are the price and alcohol percentage of Bacardi Rum in India,

  • Alcohol Percentage in Bacardi Rum: 40%
  • General Range of Bacardi Rum Price in India: ₹1495/750ml

Price List of Bacardi Rum in India – 2024 Updated

Types of Bacardi Rums Available in India Bacardi Rum Prices
Superior Bacardi Silver Rum 750ml Bottle ₹1895/-
Bacardi Gold Rum 750ml Bottle ₹1900/-
Black Dark Bacardi Rum 750ml Bottle ₹1895/-
Limon Rum Flavoured Rum 750ml Bottle ₹800 – ₹1500/-
Bacardi Coconut Flavoured Indian Rum 750ml Bottle ₹1495/-
The Bacardi Spiced Rum 750ml Bottle ₹800 – ₹1500/-
Dragonberry Bacardi Flavored Rum 750ml Bottle ₹1302/-

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10. El Dorado Rum

El Dorado - Best Rum Brand in IndiaOne of the finest rum brands in India is El Dorado. It represents almost 300 years of Caribbean rum crafting and contains a unique collection of aged rums. El Dorado was created in Demerara and at the time, it was the world’s second-largest producer of rum. And the best most in-demand Indian rum for sure.

The ingredients of El Dorado are natural strong spices. Like cinnamon, vanilla, and citrus, a unique blend rich in aroma tastes the best. The sip from El Dorado is a party to celebrate it being the best quality rum brand in India and all over the world.

  • Alcohol percentage in El Dorado: 40% vol, a limit set to consume
  • El Dorado Rum price in India: ₹4500/- approx. for 750ml

11. Appleton Estate

Appleton Estate is the oldest rum from Jamaica. It is one of the best rum brands in India and around the world. Appleton has been a fine rum brand since 1749. It is known for the brand and the flavor it contains when you take each sip.

Ingredients in Appleton estate rum are simple yet flavourful. The rum carries sugar cane, the thick sticky liquid left over from the sugar cane juice. Further, it will be heated to remove sugar crystals. And then stored in containers to make the finest and best rum in the world.

  • Alcohol percentage in Appleton Estate: 40% in 750ml bottle
  • Appleton Estate Rum price in India: ₹1500/- approx. for 700ml

12. Captain Morgan Rum

Captain Morgan RumCaptain Morgan a brand of flavored Rum. It is a high-quality Indian rum that is in demand all across the world. Also, one of the finest flavored rums in India. The name of this rum has a good old story behind it. As it is named after the 17th-century privateer Sir Henry Morgan.

Captain Morgan rum contains four main ingredients, molasses, water, mash, and yeast. It is a clear spirit from the aged oak barrel. The flavor of it makes you become a fan to add it to your finest collection of rums.

  • Alcohol percentage in Captain Morgan: 35%
  • Captain Morgan rum Price in India: ₹360/- for 750ml

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13. Malibu Rum

Malibu is the world’s leading flavored spirit and the best rum brand in India. The Malibu Rum is an iconic flavor from Barbados. And has a refreshing taste and gives you all the tropical vibes to have it.

The Malibu is a Caribbean rum rich in flavor. The ingredients in Malibu rum are molasses, water, sugar, natural flavorings, and citric acid.

  • Alcohol percentage in Malibu Rum: 21%
  • Malibu Rum price in India: ₹2980/- for 750ml

14. Jolly Roger Rum

List of Top 15 Rum Brands in India

Jolly Roger is the traditional English name for the flags flown to identify a pirate ship preceding or during an attack, during the early 18th century. Influence with this the Allied Blenders & Distillers (ABD) assembled to produce this best rum. This best rum is strong in flavor and you can find it in a variety of flavours during the holiday seasons. There are limited editions of Jolly Roger but currently available in India.

  • Alcohol percentage in Jolly Roger Rum: 42.8%
  • Jolly Roger Rum price in India: ₹970/750ml

15. Contessa XXX Rum

List of Top 15 Rum Brands in India

One of the largest selling rum in the military forces is Contessa. It is as strong as India’s Hercules Rum brand. It is strong in flavor and gives a soft taste in the mouth. Contessa XXX Rum is not referred to by everyone because it is 25% stronger and effective compared with other top rum brands in India. If you are a beginner then try avoiding it. 

  • Alcohol percentage Contessa XXX Rum: 42.8%
  • Contessa XXX Rum price in India: ₹450/750ml

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the Top 3 Best Rums in India?

The top 3 Rum brands in India are Old Monk, Bacardi, and McDowell’s No.1.

2. Which is the Best Rum in the world?

Tanduay Philippine rum is the best rum in the world.

3. What is the Price of White Rum in India?

On Average 90ml of White Rum will cost you Rs. 90-150/-

4. What is the Price of 750ml Old Monk Rum?

The price of 750ml old monk rum is INR 950/-

5. What is the alcohol percentage in Rum?

The alcohol percentage of Rum in a 750ml bottle will be 40%

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Overall, the above listed are the best rum brands in India. Choose the one that you would want to try and enjoy the exotic flavors of the best rums in India.

Remember Do Not Drink and Drive!!

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