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Best Raincoat Brands in India – Updated 2023

Best Raincoat Brands in India

Do you want to buy a qualitative and durable raincoat for the rainy season?  The rainy season is the time when people enjoy the most in comparison to summers and winters. However, this season also creates obstacles for daily commuters and they need the perfect raincoat during the rainy season. The best raincoat brands in India help you to know more about the top company names in this field. A raincoat is an extra layer for your clothes to protect you from heavy rain. Good quality raincoat brands are crucial to know when you are going to invest a good amount of money for this goal. These are the brands of raincoats for men and women both.

Best Raincoat for Men to Know in 2023 

Spending money to buy the branded raincoat means, you are going to put a stop to a one-time investment because with this you can ensure safety from rain for at least 2 or 3 seasons. Monsoons are not amazing for everyone and sometimes they may become messy. Here is the checklist of branded raincoats that you need to know before investing in any brand.

1). Puma 

There is no need to introduce this leading brand in the market because the quality of Puma has been popular among buyers. The range of Puma Raincoats and the price both are amazing things for the customers. You can get the wide range of styles, sizes, and colors that you want from the list of Puma raincoats in India.

Features of Puma Raincoats:

#1. Bikers must take a look at the biker’s raincoat range by Puma.

#2. Wide range of colors and styles.

#3. Durable quality.

#4. Price of Puma Raincoats starts from Rs 699.

2). Decathlon 

The next raincoat brand in the market which is popular due to its excellent quality is Decathlon. Again, you can explore the comprehensive range of colors and designs in the Decathlon raincoat brand. From small to extra-large sizes raincoats you can find in the stores of Decathlon.

Features of Decathlon Raincoats: 

#1. Cost-Effective price in comparison to other brands.

#2. Decathlon is the largest supplier of sports gear in India.

#3. Decathlon Raincoat’s price starts from Rs 499.

3). Wildcraft 

We choose Wildcraft in this list because it is among the best raincoat brands in India. The company is known for its branded product and amazing quality. This brand was started in 1998 and it is an Indian brand that was founded by Siddharth Sood and Gaurav PublishPublish. Now they are producing jackets, bags, and sportswear as well. Right now, in India, there are more than 4000 stores and 200 independent outlets of Wildcrafts.

Features of Wildcraft 

#1. Looks very stylish in terms of appearance

#2. Design with polyester and nylon lamination

#3. Stylish hoodie that covers your head

4). Adidas 

4th position secured by Adidas and this brand is very popular in India because of its optimum quality and great design. You can buy the Adidas raincoats from the store and the online website. Adidas raincoat price starts from Rs 700 to Rs 3999. You can buy the top quality clothes from this brand hassle-free.

Features of Adidas:

#1. Offer optimum quality range in the affordable price range.

#2. Leading clothing brand in the market.

#3. Good quality material

5). Columbia 

Raincoats by Columbia are the branded raincoat in India and are known for their amazing quality. When you are looking for winter jackets, then you can also explore the range of Columbia raincoats and jackets. On the other hand, when we talk about the wide variety of colors and styles, then we can say that this brand never disappoints you. You can explore the best quality raincoats for multiple rainy season use from the Columbia raincoats.

Features of Columbia Raincoats:

#1.Optimum quality with affordable pricing.

#2. 1-year manufacturing warranty on its products.

#3. Columbia raincoat price starts from Rs 599.

#4. Easy to wash.

6). Zacharias 

The next name in the list of best raincoat brands in India is – Zacharias. The brand produces and manufactures jackets as well and is known for the best quality products at minimal pricing. You can get a wide range of colors and all sizes from this brand according to your requirement.

Features of Zacharias Raincoats: 

#1. Vibrant colors.

#2. Affordable pricing.

#3. Price of Zacharias raincoats starts from Rs 389.

7). New Era 

If you want to invest in a brand that is suitable for heavy rain then choose the New Era raincoats. It is the best quality raincoat for heavy rain. The brand offers various colors and a wide range of designs to its customers.

Features of New Era Raincoat:

#1. Best quality jackets and raincoats in India.

#2. Competitive pricing.

#3. Waterproof raincoat brand.

#4. Price of New Era raincoats starts from Rs 499.

The Bottom Line:

It is all about the best raincoat brands in India and we hope that this checklist is enough for you to choose the best quality raincoats. Top raincoat brands are countless but a customer must select according to the size and budget requirement. You can make sure your purchase is worth it by exploring the raincoat brands list.

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