Best New Year Parties in Kolkata

best new year parties in Kolkata

New Year Events | Best New Year Parties in Kolkata

We are in the last week of 2021, and what better way to welcome the 2022 with some awesome new year eve’s celebrations. This time, if you are in Kolkata and looking for the best places for the New Year’s Eve celebration, then here are some of the best new year parties for all Kolkata people. From rooftops to live music, you can enjoy any new year party in Kolkata.

Everyone at the end of the year thinks of spending their 31st night cheerfully and amazingly. So, most people look for the best places to party all night and impressively celebrate their new year. The moment is for welcoming the new year and thanking the past. Check out these places to visit in Kolkata to enjoy the last evening of 2021.

And of course, everyone loves to enjoy the last night of the year in a beautiful way which they remember forever. With that in mind, I’ve listed here some of the best new year party destinations and events in Kolkata, which you definitely to join and uniquely enjoy the new year evening.

New Year Parties Near Me in Kolkata

Let’s explore some of the best new year parties and popular new year events in Kolkata. Book your seats now.

New Year Party at Club Boudoir

Club Boudoir is one of the best new year parties’ places in Kolkata where you can enticingly enjoy your 31st December. Here you get to see the most memorable dance number from the top Russian dancers who will entertain you during the event.

Moreover, you will enjoy hip hop music, lip-smacking food and irresistible music numbers. The DJ floor is going to make you moan.

So, make sure to explore this beautiful new year party destination. Book your tickets, enjoy the last evening of 2021 and hold the memories forever in your mind.

New Year Event at Orchid Garden

new year party in kolkata

Are you looking for the new year party in Kolkata? Orchid Garden is the best place. The place is just amazing, and you get to tap your feet on your favorite music. Moreover, you get to enjoy the famous DJ Girish and mouth-watering food.

The Orchid Garden is the best place for those who want to chill in hot water and spa because they get here the cabanas where they can sit and relax with their friends and enjoy new year’s evening. So, if you want to spend the last evening of the new year night uniquely, then this is the right place to go.

Best New Year Party at JW Marriot Kolkata

new year party

Where are the best new year parties near me held in Kolkata? If you search on Google, JW Marriot Kolkata is the best new year party destination for the new year evening. The DJ Amann Nagpal will make you crazy this night with his DJ beats.

The most amazing thing is you get everything right in this place. Everything is amazing and attractive, from music sensation night to lip-smacking food and enchanting music environment. So, hurry up, don’t miss the chance to book your tickets and celebrate the new year party in a whole new way this time. Use your BookMyShow Coupons to book your seat right away!

New Year Events at Eco-Tourism Park

Do you want to witness the celebrity-style near-year party in Kolkata? Let’s rock in the Eco-Tourism Park. But this time, the new year party is not just enjoying the music beats and dance. Instead, the evening will be hosted by your favorite party host, Mohit Hiranandani.

The night becomes more spectacular when you see the Bollywood star’s performances. Urvashi Rautela and many more will be the star host.

From delicious foods to dance floor and celebrities make your evening more special.

So, if you are looking for a celebrity-style New Year’s Eve celebration, don’t miss the opportunity to book your place in Eco-Tourism Park.

New Year Party at Tantra

Let’s celebrate the new year party at Tantra, the most iconic party destination. This famous club offers you vibrant lights, DJs, and mouth-watering delicious food items you can’t resist having. The groovy music and the international style dance performance by Hardik and DJ Aditya are just going to rock the new year party.

tantra new year party

The place is for friends and couples looking for the best place for new year’s eve celebrations to spend the last night of 2021. The place offers limited seats, and slots are going out, so book your tickets and enjoy the new year events in Kolkata in the best way.

New Year Event at Shisha Bar-Re-incarnated

Do you want to go crazy on the music grooves during New Year’s Eve celebration? The shisha bar is the best place to enjoy the new year events in Kolkata. Here you get to enjoy the live performance by the DJs Puneet and Bhavesh. Moreover, Abishek Roy Choudhary will be the party star.

Be ready to dance to the music beats of your favorite DJs, and the best thing is you get to enjoy the multicuisine and live performance. This is the right place for enjoying with friends and other people. Don’t miss the chance to book the show and enjoy the new year’s evening amazingly.

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New Year Event at Backstage

Get ready for the new year party and bash Backstage. This is something for the desi style new year’s celebration and enjoys the mouth-watering food. From exciting kebabs to sizzlers and DJ nights, the place offers you the best memories of the new year’s evening.

This is the most affordable and best place to enjoy peppy tracks of the DJ Sunny. There’s nothing better than going Backstage and uniquely enjoying the evening.

Best New Year Party at Hyatt Regency Hotel

new year party at hyatt

Now there’s something for the theme party’s lover. The Hyatt Regency hotel is the right place to enjoy private theme parties. So, this is for couples and friends who are looking for some amazing party destination.

The place will host the best musical night, and of course, the food delights that you can’t forget to have. So, book your day and especially enjoy the new year party.

New Year Party at Wall Street Bar

Last but not the least, is Wall Street Bar place for New Year’s Eve celebration. This place is amazing for friends and couples who need a budget-friendly destination. Here you get to enjoy the DJ Sonya, which spellbound you in the music during New Year’s night.

Best New Year Parties in Kolkata- Bottom Line

We hope you’ve found your party place for new year eve celebrations in Kolkata. While Goa new year parties are always very popular, Kolkata is no less. You can enjoy these top new year parties’ destinations to choose from in Kolkata. These places are amazing and best for especially enjoying the new year evening. The slots on these places are limited, so go to the sites and book your new year party slot before the deals close.

But if you are not a party person and looking for some new year house party game ideas, then don’t worry, because you have enough options for that. Just don’t forget to order food using these Swiggy Coupons and you are good to go.

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