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Best Modular Switches in India

Best Modular Switches in India

Top 10 & Best Modular Switches in India in 2021

In today’s technologically advanced scenario, the modular switches are the gateways for connecting your electronics and gadgets to the electrical energy source. These switches are the major portion that uplifts the value of a room. Moreover, the modernized switches are not only useful, but these are also style proclamations. Therefore, it’s obvious to conclude that they are the necessities in any room. You can’t deny the comfort they introduce to your daily lifestyle. Besides, if you can remember the older versions of these switches, most terrible-looking switches were stun administering and hard to work. In contrast, today’s switches are much more resistant, measured, and modernized.

Why Use Modular Switches?

The modular switches are easy to introduce, multifunctional, easy to use, and shockproof. These switches are easily accessible and offer a variety of looks, colors, and designs. Moreover, these modular switches ensure great adaptability to launch each of the switches as a solitary unit. Therefore, these switches ensure to provide preference to your requirements about the number of fans, lights, or electrical attachments you need.

The best modular switches in India offer some alluring designs that truly complement the interior design of your house. Along with their stylish looks, these switches ensure security and easy functioning. Most of the manufacturing brands of modular switches make sure that the switches would have shockproof features. Moreover, these switches also provide some extra features such as shuttered sockets, hidden screws, etc. Hence, these switches are easy to utilize, install, and assemble.

In this article, you would get a thorough discussion about the top 10 and best modular switches that are currently available in the Indian market.

2021’s top 10 Modular Switches in India 

Electricity is one of the major factors that you should consider while ensuring the safety of your home. Electrical hazards result in numerous damages such as ground fault, short circuits, etc. Therefore, to avoid any of such electrical threats, your foremost step should be the appropriate selection of modular switches in India from a reliable brand.

These brands are earning the increasing trust of Indian customers who are opting for lighting up their offices and homes. Moreover, because of a huge change in the world’s technological scenario, the latest modular switches in India have launched modern switches that can be controlled automatically. Following are the top 10 modular switches in India and the advantages of utilizing these electricals.

  1. Havells 

With an extraordinary worldwide nearness, Havells India Ltd. is one of India’s major electrical merchandise manufacturing organizations. It manufactures and designs a wide variety of electrical items such as insurance gadgets of residential and mechanical circuits, wires, engines, links, fans, home apparatuses, and modular switches.

Havells is the first company that offers door-to-door services of speedy moving electrical equipment to the customers via “Havells Connect.” These services help the customers to access and install a wide variety of electrical appliances. Furthermore, with the wide convenience network and the “Make in India” approach, the appliances manufactured by Havells are free from radioactivity, and Havells is a member of the manufacturing organizations that undergo environment-friendly activities.

If you’re looking for modular switches that are eco-friendly, elegantly designed, then Havells would be a great option for you. The Oro Metallica range of this renowned company is dust-resistant and shockproof. It can be an appropriate combination with your bedroom’s interior. The metallic completion of these modern switches improves the overall look of the space and provides a unique style expression. The Havells switch price in India varies depending on their specific features. However, most of them have arc shields, retarded polycarbonate, and brass terminals.

  1. Wipro 

With the varied quality and features of modern switches, Wipro is the pioneering electrical equipment manufacturing industry in India in 2021. The specialty of this company is its innovative products. Their huge R&D division functions are reliable for planning and making items that serve the customer’s inclinations and requirements.

The best feature of Wipro is that they produce customized switches based on the requirements and tastes of their clients. Moreover, they utilize fireproof and shockproof plastic material to manufacture their switches. Thus, these switches are secure, easy to install, time-efficient, and convenient. Besides, if you check the electrical switches price list in India, you would find that the buying and installation cost of Wipro-made switches is fairly low. Therefore, if you would select this brand, you would be able to light your office and home with some truly aesthetic equipment.

  1. Philips 

According to the ranking made in 2014, Phillips’s rank was 12th on the basis of the features and reliability of their electrical equipment. However, this brand has gained popularity in India for some specific electrical appliances such as coolers, bulbs, tube lights, and room heaters. All of their modern switches ensure a warranty of 10 years. In addition, these switches are long-lasting, breakproof, water-resistant, and ensure dual shutter safety. Thus, the selection of Phillips-made switches by you can surely be considered an intelligent choice.

  1. Legrand 

The Legrand modular switches in India is a globally popular brand for the computerized and electrical constructing framework. It is providing entire arrangements over areas and classifications, from businesses to private spaces to modern spaces and cordiality. This brand offers an exclusive and wide range of artistic and modern switches. This brand also offers a variety of dark switches that serves emergency purposes at night. Also, these switches are customizable depending on the interior design of your home or office.

Legrand also offers brand series like Mylinic, Arteor, and Mysius. This brand may seem to be a bit more expensive than the others, but the artistic finishing and customization are truly beneficial for the customers’ fulfillment. Legrand has a 16A current, and the switches are manufactured from retarded polycarbonate.

  1. Anchor 

Anchor is the sub-brand of Panasonic and is another pioneer of modernized electrical appliances that’s popular around the world. Because of the refined innovation of Panasonic and the huge customer base of Anchor, this brand is ensuring a tremendous and consistent chance of inventing electrical, ventilation, lightning items. Moreover, this trustworthy brand is famous for its protection and security. The switches of Anchor offer shield protection, a USB charging port of 1000MAH, and an IP 20 protection along with screws.

If you would check the modular switch price in India, you would find that the switches of Anchor are cost-efficient, easy to use, and install. The switches are 240 Volt 6Amps. So if there’s a requirement of changing the connection of these switches, all you would have to do is just pulling out the switch frame, taking out the screws, and there you would find the switches.

  1. Simon 

Simon is another brand that offers India’s top-quality modular switches. This globally renowned electrical brand offers specialization in manufacturing electrical equipment, gadgets, and wiring accessories. It uplifts the overall quality of people’s lives by providing the charging systems of electric vehicles and electric security systems. Their major goal is to establish a long-lasting connection with their customers by providing them modular switches that are compatible with the interiors of the customers’ private or official space. The switches are shockproof and cost-efficient.

  1. GM modular 

If you check the best modular switches in India’s price list, you would find that GM Modular is one of the best brands that manufacture and sell top-quality and cost-efficient modern switches. This brand offers wide designs and varieties of switches and other gadgets and appliances. It is the foremost company to manufacture the modular switches of the new generation in India. It also offers a home automation system of Wi-Fi. They establish a variety of designs that would be compatible with your lifestyle. Thus truly, GM Modular is a good brand for modular switches.

  1. Siemens 

One of the topmost brands for manufacturing modular switches in India is Siemens. The switchboards and switches are manufactured considering advanced technology and your family’s security. These energy-saving modular switches lead the electrical equipment production market. However, these switches must be kept far away from children because they are manufactured from polycarbonate. The average length and width of these switches are 9cm and 7cm successively. If you check the modular board price in India, you would find that the modular switch boars manufactured by Siemens are quite cost-efficient.

  1. Polycab 

To give your offices and homes the extravagance they deserve, you can select Polycab. This brand is popular for its speedy growth in the market of electrical appliances. The modular switches that it manufactures ensure innovative techniques and extraordinary quality. These switches provide a varied range of colors, shapes, and designs of modular switches.

  1. Schneider 

This is one of the most famous switch brands in India. This brand is exclusively popular because it provides decorative purposes for modular switches. The switches offer a varied range of attractive colors, shapes, and beautiful designs compatible with commercial and official use. The brand also offers top-quality switchboards that have a shockproof and fireproof metallic layer at the top.


Therefore, all the above-mentioned brands confirm that they deliver connectivity, convenience, control, and safety at your doorsteps. Moreover, other than solidness and style, these switches have exclusive quality, unique features that would be truly compatible with your lifestyle.

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