Best Laser Printers in India

Best Laser printers in India

laser printer is a useful device to invest in. Having a printer at home or office can make life easier. You can have your import documents printed anytime you want. Be it office documents, school assignments or project works, a printer can help you do all.

We cannot imagine ourselves functioning without the help of any gadget in today’s digitally inclined world. Keeping that in mind, electronic brands are coming out with something new in everything now and then. You just need to find out the best laser printers for home use or office use from them.

Various types of Laser Printers Available in the Market

Printers come across as expensive but they can save you a lot of money, in the long run, if the need is quite frequent. However, selecting the best-suited type out of all the available options is significant. The common types of laser printers available are

1. Personal use – The small size will allow such printers to easily fit into that corner beside your computer. The capacity for holding papers is about 100 sheets at a time and an output of 4 p.p.m which should suffice for a home setup.

2. Office uses –  This is relatively larger and perfect for an office setup. It has 8 to 12 p.p.m of output and can easily accommodate itself on your desk along with other computer accessories.

3. Workgroup – For a printer to work in a group set up operated through a network of computers, you need workgroup laser printers. They can be used by multiple users at a time and have a ppm of 15-30 sheets at a time.

4. Production – These are high-speed, floor-standing large printers that require an operator. The paper feeder can hold 2500 or sometimes more sheets.

5. Coloured – As the name suggests, color laser printers can generate colored prints. Although laser printers are not suitable for color printing and are expensive.

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Features To look for in a Lazer Printer

  • Printers with multiple functions

It is always a good idea to purchase a laserjet printer with a scanner and other functions like copying and faxing in a single machine. It will curb the requirement for buying multiple devices separately.

  • Having wi-fi connectivity 

A printer with no connectivity will serve you no purpose. Having USB and wireless connectivity is a must for your printer. Invest in a wi-fi laser printer compatible with all kinds of routers.

  • The capacity for holding paper and ink 

The paper holding capacity is an important feature to consider while buying a printer so is the ink capacity. Having too low a capacity will lead to frequent refilling of both paper and ink.

  • Power consumption 

You cannot ignore the aspect of power consumption while purchasing any kind of printer. Try to invest in an energy-efficient model.


List of Best Laser Printers in India

After all the discussions, now it is time to take a look at some popular models of laser printers.

1. HP laserjet 136w Laser Monochrome printer 

HP makes some of the best products when it comes to digital machines. If you are looking for an affordable option for a laser printer then this particular model should be perfect for you. It comes with a scanner as a bonus and is suitable to serve all your home and office use.

This model is known for being compatible with all sorts of devices. It is wireless, have multiple connectivity modes and the portable size allows it to fit right on your desk beside your computer. It beats all the other printers in terms of both functionality and affordability.

  • HP laserjet 136w Laser Printer Price in India: INR 16,996/-

2. Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction Printer 

Canon is a leading name in the world of digital electronic devices. They make some top-notch quality printers that can give any other brands a run for their money. This multifunction printer is one of their best in terms of style, performance, and quality.

Additionally, you do not have to face any availability issues with Canon printers as they are easily accessible both offline and online. If you are into both form and function then this super stylish model of printer should be the best fit for you. Canon is known for its high-quality printing and this model lives up to that expectation.

  • Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction Printer Price: INR 17,498/-

3. HP Laserjet 108 A 

This is another gem from the brand HP that is perfect to serve your office needs. If you are looking for multiple functions then this HPlaserjet all-in-one printer is everything you would ever want in a multifunctional laser printer.

The laserjet technology used in this printer enables fast printing making the output up to 20 ppm. Many printers have the issue of a lack of support for various sizes of paper. With HP laserjet you will not have any such issue as it supports all the popular sizes of papers like A4, A5, and so on.

  • HP Laserjet 108 A Laser Printer Price starts at INR 15,911/-

4. Brother DCP-L2520D Multifunction Monochrome 

This laser printer is specially built to meet the requirements of an office. Fast printing and bulk printing are basic needs for performing office work. This printer fulfills these demands efficiently. This is a printer that prints at a splendid speed of 30 pages per minute.

This means lightning-quick printing. It also has a large feeder tray which can be loaded with 250 pages at a time. This extra large feeder tray enables huge bulk printing and thereby saves valuable time. Additional features of this printer include connection through a USB cable which ensures easy scanning and photocopying of essential documents.

  • Brother DCP-L2520D Multifunction Monochrome Laser Printer Price is INR 16,998/-

5. Ricoh SP 111SU Monochrome Multi-Function 

To solve the space crunch of small offices, printers should be slim and slender. Sometimes connectivity poses a big problem and this can be a major issue while performing office work smoothly. Wired laser printers can solve this problem to a great extent. So, people often prefer wired printers over wireless ones to eliminate any connectivity issues. Having an output of 16 ppm this printer proves to be efficient enough for office purposes.

  • Ricoh SP 111SU Monochrome Multi-Function Laser Printer Price – INR 8730/-

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Final words 

It is needless to say that printers have made our life easy in so many ways. Today getting those soft copies of documents printed is no big deal. The models mentioned in this article have proven their efficiency and therefore have made it to the list of best-selling printers. Most variants of such printers come in monochrome as it is hard to come across the best color laser printers as they are relatively expensive and do not quite serve the purpose.

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