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Best Free Online Games to play in the Lockdown

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The Best Online Free Games to Play with Friends 

Feeling bored and stuck inside your home because of a covid situation and lockdown? Don’t worry, we know you can’t meet your friends but you can still chill with them. 

Here you will get the ideas for the best online games to play during the lockdown, that can save your positive energy by just staying at home and chilling under a shelter.

There are many websites where you can play free online multiplayer games with friends and we will also recommend some pc and mobile games.

Free Online Multiplayer Games for Mobile

Many of the teenagers are tech-savvy and know all the tips and tricks for playing a game on mobile, especially with their gang of friends.

Thus, here is the detailed list of free online multiplayer games for mobile that you can choose from.

Call of Duty Mobile 

call of duty online games

CODM (call of duty mobile) is an online battle royale game. It is available for free on both android and iOS devices. The two modes are available in this game.

Battle Royale – where 100 players enter the battlefield and the man standing in the last wins the game. It has a single map but it is quite big. You can play solo, duo, and squad (4 players).

Multiplayer – It’s a 5 vs 5 battle game where you have to do close-range combat. In this mode, there are lots of maps and different competing games like – Frontline, Search and destroy, Sniper only, etc.

This game has lots of different guns, characters, and skins, and is one of the best online free games to play.

Among Us

Among Us is available for all the devices. Recently it became trending among all the youtube and twitch streamers. Thus it is considered one of the best online multiplayer games

You can play this game with a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 4 players. So the game is about finding the imposter amongst the crewmates.

All players will be on the spaceships and the game will choose 1 or 2 imposters among the crewmates. 

Imposters have to kill all the crewmates while they are doing their spaceship tasks. 

If crewmates complete the task then they will win. Players can report the dead body then there will be a meeting discussion among the players and you have to vote out the imposter. 

The imposter will lie and try to confuse other players and creates trust issues within crewmates. 

You can use discord to play this game because it is more fun this way you can talk to your friends in voice and can have fun conversations and debates. But you can only talk at the discussion time. 

Stumble Guys 

This game is similar to one of the PC games “Fall Guys” but unlike Fall guys, it is a free online game.

You can install this on both Android and iOS devices. It is a multiplayer game with 32 players in the lobby, you can invite your friends by creating the room. The man standing in the last wins the game. 

There are several interesting maps in which you have to jump, dash, run, and move to the finish point. 

There will be three rounds in the game. In the first round, 16 people will qualify out of 32 people. In the second round, 8 people will qualify out of the others, and in the third round, a single player will win.

The maps have too many interesting hurdles to play, It will be fun to compete against your friends.

You will get interesting skins and emotes to enjoy the game online.   

Brawl Stars 

Brawl Stars is made by one of the most famous companies “SUPERCELL” who made Clash of Clans. 

It is a very fun and addictive free online multiplayer game that you can play with your friends. If you are looking for online free games to play, you need to give this game a try.

If you have only two best friends then this is best for you. All 3 of you can battle around the world. There are brawlers with cool gadgets and abilities.

There are two modes in the game

Brawl Ball (3v3) – In this mode, you have to play football and score two goals before the opponent’s team.

Bounty (3v3) – In this mode, you will have to kill your opponents and collect the stars, The team with more stars wins the game.

Heist (3v3) – In this mode, you will have to protect your treasure and destroy the opponent’s treasure by sneaking into their territory. 

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Free Online Games with No Downloads

Most people are not interested in downloading games on the device to save their internet data and space. 

There are few interesting games that you can play on your internet browser with your friends. is a free online multiplayer game that you can simply play on your web browser with no downloads. 

You have to create a room and then send the link to your friends. More than 8 players can play this game. 

In this game, each player will have to choose one word between three that appears on the screen and draw that thing and the other players have to guess the word in the chat. 

The person who will guess faster will gain more points. 


Codenames is one of the latest free online games to play without any download requirements. In this game, you have to guess the code names related to a hint given by another player.

You need to divide into two teams- Red and Blue. Each team will have a Spymaster who will select the words and the hints. The other team members have to guess the words.

The team that completes the guesses faster, will win. This is a very interesting online free game to play with your friends and family and is suited for all occasions. is another free online game no download that you can play with your friends on your web browser. More than 8 players can play this game.

One person will create a room and other people will join in. In this game you have to select the genre of the songs then the game will play different songs related to that genre and it will ask questions like guess the song name, singer name, etc.


In this lockdown trust me chess is one the best sport or games that you can play online with your friend. You can play chess on various websites like,, etc. 

You can play chess on your browser or you can download the app on your phone. If you don’t know how to play chess you can learn it from youtube.

Free Online Games for PC

There are not many options in free online games; most of the good games are paid for. But don’t worry there are few options that are available for free. You can download these games online on their website for free. 


Valorant is a free online multiplayer 5v5 battle game for PC. The game size is about 12GB with very amazing graphics and controls.

In this game, there are multiple characters and each character has special powers. That makes the gameplay interesting and then you will have to master each character. Then you can experience the freshness of the team player game because it will focus on teamwork to win the match.

There are 6 maps and different game modes like Spike rush, Escalation, Deathmatch, and Unrated Rated. 

Valorant does offer different cool guns and skins. 

Paladin: Champions of the Realm

Paladin is a free online multiplayer PC game. This game launched in 2018. It is a 5v5 combat game. It’s a fun game that you can play with your friend during the lockdown. 

The game has different characters with different skills, power, and ability. But two players can’t take the same character. There are four game modes in Paladin

Siege – In this mode, each team has to capture the centre point of the map to get points and you will also have to push back the payload to get score points.

Onslaught – In this mode, there will be a large area and each player has to control different points or spots. 

The longer you can hold the spot the more points you will get.

Team Deathmatch – In this mode, you have to go for kills only. The team that scores 40 kills wins the match. 

Ranked – It’s a very interesting mode. In this, each team has to ban two characters for the enemy team that they can’t use. 

But players can see the enemy team, what characters they are taking and the catch you can’t choose the same character as your enemy team. The rest of the gameplay is the same as the siege mode. 

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