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7 Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India

Best floor cleaner liquid

Having a clean home is not just good for your mental health but also physical health. With so many risks lurking in every corner of your house, it’s time to step up your game and disinfect everything! Just cleaning will not be the job for the floors do a deep cleaning with the following best floor-cleaning liquids. Learn about each product and go through the prizes to grab yours.

Prices of Floor Cleaning Liquid in India

Brand Price Range (per bottle) Availability
Lizol ₹100 – ₹400 500ml to 2 liters
Presto! ₹100 – ₹250 500ml to 1 liter
Nimyle ₹100 – ₹550 500ml to 5 liters
Dettol ₹100 – ₹250 500ml to 1 liter
Mr. Muscle ₹150 – ₹400 500ml to 1 liter
Savlon ₹80 – ₹200 500ml to 1 liter
Domex ₹50 – ₹150 500ml to 1 liter

List of Top 10 Floor Cleaner Liquids for Home

1. Lizol – India’s No.1 Floor Cleaner

Lizol Liquid Home Cleaner


Lizol floor cleaner is easy to use, does not cause much harm, and affordable liquid floor cleaner. It has effective cleaning power, germ-killing action, pleasant fragrance, versatility, and brand reputation making it a preferred choice for many households when it comes to floor-cleaning liquids.

Lizol floor cleaner is the most preferred and referred for its germ-kill action. And contributing to a hygienic living environment. The average price of lizol floor cleaner starts at INR 100/-.

2. Presto! – Top Floor Cleaning Liquid

Presto Liquid Home Cleaner


Presto liquid floor cleaner gives effective cleaning performance.  It removes hard stains, gives quick-drying, fresh fragrance, eco-friendly and affordable. Also, it can work effortlessly on every floor type including tiles, marble, granite, and vinyl. Gives clean surfaces with minimum effort.

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3. Nimyle

Nimyle Liquid Floor Cleaner


An eco-friendly and harm-free best liquid floor cleaner for the home. It leaves a fresh and long-lasting fragrance after cleaning. The contents used in this floor cleaning liquid are natural like neem extract, camphor, vegetable oil, and terpenoids. In addition, Nimyle floor cleaning liquid is lab-tested and is known to be biodegradable.

4. Dettol – Best Liquid Floor Disinfectant

Dettol Disinfectant Liquid Floor Cleaner


Dettol is an all-in-one package to disinfect any corner of the house. It has been the most trusted brand across the country for decades now. Dettol offers a variety of products suitable for different purposes. From antiseptic liquids to hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, and laundry sanitizers. As said Dettol provides options for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various situations. So for sure, it is one of the best liquid floor cleaners to consider.

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5. Mr. Muscle Liquid Floor Cleaner

Mr.Muscle Liquid Floor Cleaner


Mr. Muscle is the Best Floor Cleaner in Liquid India when it comes to household products. It is a highly effective disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs, including E-coli, MRSA, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus Aureus. This is an essential household product, as it helps in killing odor-causing bacteria.

6. Savlon

Savlon Disinfectant Liquid Floor Cleaner


Savlon is a popular brand known for its antiseptic and hygiene products.  It effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and other germs, making Savlon a trusted choice for general hygiene. Similar to Dettol, Savlon has built a reputation as a trustworthy brand over the years. Consumers often choose Savlon products because they trust the brand’s effectiveness in maintaining cleanliness and promoting healing.

7. Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Domex Liquid Floor Cleaner


A suitable everyday-use liquid floor cleaner, Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner. It makes sure to remove germs and tough stains and gives sparkling-clean floors. If you are looking for a reliable floor cleaner that can kill bacteria, viruses, and germs, then Domex can be a great fit.

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In India, the best floor liquid cleaners offer effective cleaning, pleasant fragrances, and affordability. Brands like Lizol, Presto!, and Dettol dominate the market, providing a range of options to suit various floor types and cleaning needs. Their widespread availability and trusted performance make them popular choices among Indian consumers.

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  • Choose a cleaner with a pleasant fragrance that suits your preferences. Popular options include citrus, lavender, and pine, but ensure the scent is not overpowering or irritating.

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