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Best Engine Oil Brands in India – June 2024

Best Engine Oil Brands in India for Bikes _ Cars

Engine oil also known as motor oil or engine lubricant is the lifeline of your vehicle that is applied as the lubrication of internal combustion engines. This oil mainly contains different additives, particularly anti-wear additives, detergents, dispersants, and, for multi-grade oils, viscosity index improvers. Lubricant is very essential for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. The best engine oil helps you to improve the performance of the vehicle.

A good-quality engine oil is necessary for your vehicle’s health. Choosing a cheap quality brand is not good for maintaining your vehicle performance and that’s why the review of the best engine oil brands in India is such great information.

A Good Quality Engine Oil Can Boost Your Vehicle Performance

Your vehicle runs smoothly when you are adding the great value of engine oil. There are plenty of brands of engine oil in India but you need to choose the right one for your vehicle. Every vehicle has an engine and oil is the enhancer or lubricant for the engine.

Advantages of Best Engine Oil in India:

1). A good motor oil brand optimizes the engine performance because it unclogs the components.

2). It will help you clean the vehicle engine by erasing smudge and accumulated debris.

3). If you want to slow down the process of corrosion of metal parts in the engine then you need to buy the right brand of engine oil in India.

4). It helps you to regulate the temperature of the engine and make the engine cool.

5). If you are not using good engine oil, then you can’t reduce fuel consumption because motor oil gives higher mileage.

Engine Oil Top Brands in India

1). Shell

engine oil brands

Are you finding a reliable lubricant for your bike? If yes, then you can go for the option of Shell engine oil. It is a fully synthetic lubricant that offers the latest technology for cleaning bike and car engines. Due to Helix Ultra 550041109, users will get the excellent performance of vehicles with the longest suggested drain levels. This engine helps you to save at least 2.2 percent fuel and that’s why this engine meets the updated OEM performance specifications. This is the reason that this engine oil is ideal for Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, and some more expensive bikes.

Shell Engine Oil Price

Gulf POWER TRAC 4T SAE 15W-50 Full-Synthetic Engine Oil (2.5 L, Pack of 1) – Rs 1035

2). Castrol

best engine oil quality

Castrol is among the top brands of engine oil in India and offers a wide range of motor oils and lubricants in India. It is the leading manufacturer and supplier of lubricating oils in India. The name Castrol Engine Oil is popular everywhere in India.

Castrol Engine Oil Price

Castrol Activ 4T 20W-40 Petrol Engine Oil for Bikes (900 ml) Price is INR 386.

3). Mobil 1:

brands of engine oil

Mobil 1 0W-40 Fully Synthetic Oil is one of the ideal engine oil brands in India for bikes and cars and is mainly recommended by different leading OEMs. Mobil 1 receives a viscosity index of 0W – 40 and that helps this lubricant to perform various functions at low temperatures. With this rapid engine, protection has become the plus point for the users to ensure excellent friction-less performance for better fuel efficiency. By using the Mobil 1, you can ensure great engine performance.

4). Servo

review of best engine oil

Servo is the leading company of engine oil brands in India. The full name of the brand is Indian Oil Corporation (Servo). It is the largest manufacturer and seller of lubricant companies and also secures the 88th position in the Fortune 500 Companies. However, Servo Engine Oil Prices in India are pretty much higher than other brands. This engine oil is especially for the new generation cars because it has the Futura D comes with an SAE 15W-40 viscometric and API CI-4 specifications.

4). Valvoline:

best brands of engine Oil India

Valvoline is another engine oil brand in India that offers excellent quality and durability in a wide range of lubricants. If you are thinking of ensuring the great performance of a bike or car and looking for an ideal engine oil band in the automotive industry, then you can go with this option as well.

Valvoline Engine Oil Price

The price of this engine oil price in India is Rs 382. You can purchase Valvoline engine oil at an affordable cost.

5). Motul 

best companies of Engine oil

The next option that you need to know is the Motul Engine Oil. It is also another fully synthetic gasoline and diesel engine oil. It is the best lubricant that comes with 8100 X-max 0W40 API SN fully synthetic engine oil. Why Motul is the best engine oil? This brand offers amazing thermal resistance and stability due to the principle of viscosity grade of SAE 0W-40. With this, you can minimize the hydrodynamic friction in the components of engines. People who are using expensive cars such as Audi and BMW prefer Motul Engine Oil in India.

Motul Engine Oil Price

MOTUL 3000 4T Plus 20W40 HC Tech Bikes Conventional Engine Oil  (1 L) – Rs 337

It is a fully synthetic engine oil with great viscosity.

6). Gulf:

best companies of engine

It is the leading brand of lubricant and is known as the Gulf oil lubricant. The company is the part of Hinduja Group. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the Brand Ambassador of the Gulf Oil in India. This brand also deserves the position in this checklist of best engine oil brands in India because of its amazing quality.

Gulf Oil Price in India:

The price of Gulf engine oil in India is Rs 786.

7). Veedol:

Best Engine Oil Brands in India - Paisa Wapas

Veedol engine oil’s comprehensive range in India helps you to know more about this engine oil brand. It offers an amazing range of lubricants in India and Veedol motor oil. A reliable and affordable as well, Veedol engine oil makes sure everything is perfect for your vehicle such as your bike or car.

Veedol Engine Oil Price

250 Rs

8). Honda:

best companies of engine oil

Honda is the leading engine oil brand in India that offers engine oil for 4-stroke engines. Honda is one of the premium quality engine oil brands in India. You can also compare the benefits of engine oil with other brands because there are so many benefits of using Honda engine oil.

Honda Engine Oil Price


9). GS Caltex

Top Engine Oil Companies

GS Caltex is a South Korean engine oil brand in India and is owned by GS Group and Chevron. They are offering premium quality lubricants for cars and bikes. Motorcycle engines and diesel engine car owners can buy GS Caltex engine oil for the best performance of the vehicle. It is the leading automotive engine oil company in India.

GS Caltex Engine Oil Price


10). Tata Genuine

best brands of engine oil

The next brand that you need to know is Tata Genuine Engine Oil which is manufactured by Tata Motors. The name Tata in our country various industry is quite popular and special in the automotive industry. Now, Tata is also manufacturing high-quality lubricants and performing engine oils in India.

Tata Genuine Engine Oil Price


Engine Oil Price in India:

Looking for affordable and high-end features based on engine oil at an economical cost, means you need to compare the pricing of different engine oil brands with each other. There are many brands in the market with different offers and multiple properties in their engine oils. Here we are also going to list the price of each oil brand.

The Bottom Line:

That sits! We hope this list of the best engine oil brands in India or best engine oil companies in India is helpful for you to understand the various brand names. These are the top 10 ruling brands in India for engine oil. Engine oil is one of the essential components for your vehicle that you always need best to get better performance of the vehicle.


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