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Top 10 Chocolate Brands | Best Chocolate in India

Chocolates are loved by all. From children to adults, who does not like to enjoy a tempting bar of chocolate? It is one of the most loved sweets for everyone! Even diabetic patients like to enjoy yummy chocolate once in a while. Moreover, chocolates in India are used for gifting, celebration, festivals, or any other occasion. So, which is the best chocolate in India? Read this article to know some of the best chocolate brands.

Further, the best chocolates can also uplift your mood and make you happy. Eating chocolate triggers a chemical reaction in your brand, thereby enhancing your mood. So, without further ado, let’s read about some of the popular brands of chocolate for all sweet lovers.

10 Popular Chocolate Brands in India

Have your favorite brand made it to the best chocolates of India? Let’s find out.

#1 Cadbury Indian Chocolate

First up on the list of the best chocolate in the world is Cadbury, and rightfully so, it has almost become synonymous with the word chocolate. Cadbury is one of the best chocolate brands in India hailing from Britain. If you love a fine mix of milk and cocoa, then Cadbury has to be your go-to chocolate brand. Further, it is also one of the world leaders in chocolate brands with various brand holding like Bournvita, Bournville, Oreo, etc., and is also among the favorite biscuit brands in India.

cadbury chocolate list

Some of the best Cadbury chocolate lists which is the famous chocolate brands in India and know the chocolate variety in India of Cadbury:

  • Dairy Milk
  • Five Star
  • Perk
  • Dairy Milk Silk
  • Nutties

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#2 Nestle: Top 10 chocolates in India

Nestle has chocolate types in India and it is another popular Indian chocolate name. Started as a Swiss chocolate brand by Henry Nestle, it has gained tremendous popularity in chocolate brands in India. The brand is known for its mouth-watering cocoa, butter, and milk content. it is an Indian chocolate brand made in India. Nestle chocolates are affordable and tasty, thus making itself one of the best chocolate brands in India.

best chocolate in india

Some of the best Indian chocolate brands from Nestle include-

  • Munch
  • Milkybar
  • Kitkat
  • Barone

#3 Fabelle: chocolate Name

There are the top 5 chocolate brands in India. Chocolates are not only known for common occasions but also needed for luxury gifting. That’s where ITC’s Fabelle comes in. It is a luxury chocolate brand by ITC that is low in calories and is handcrafted for all Indian chocolate lovers. Moreover, it has types of chocolate in India. With multiple outlets across India, Fabelle is a popular chocolate name and is considered one of the best chocolates in India.

luxury chocolates

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#4 Amul: Popular Chocolates in India

Amul is one of the first Indian chocolate brands started in Gujarat. Initially started as a dairy organization, Amul also forayed into the Indian chocolate industry after seeing its wide popularity. It manufactures the best dark chocolate in India with a rich blend of cocoa powder and milk. This Indian chocolate is available in multiple variants of caramel, mystic, milk, and dark chocolate. Hence, it is the best chocolate name.

indian chocolate brands

Some of the best Amul chocolates in India include with variety of chocolate names:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Amul Chocomini
  • Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate
  • Fruit Chocolate
  • Almond Chocolate

#5  Ferrero Rocher: Most Popular Chocolate in India

It is the top chocolate brands in India. Ferrero is believed to be one of the most popular chocolate brands in India. It is an Italian luxury chocolate brand that has gained immense popularity in India. Ferrero Rocher is usually the most gifted chocolate during holidays and festivals. It offers the best chocolate in the world with a wholesome combination of milk chocolate, hazel nuts, cream, and butter. So, if you are looking for an irresistible chocolate taste, Ferrero should be your go-to chocolate brand.

chocolate brands india

The most popular chocolate names from Ferrero include-

  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Nutella
  • Kinder Joy
  • Raffello

#6 Chococraft: Luxury chocolate brands in India

This is another growing Indian chocolate name that offers customized chocolates for your loved ones. It has a variety of chocolates from other brands and also has in-house manufacturing of its customized chocolates. Further, it also deals in gifts for special occasions and gets the best chocolate names on your list. And it is the Indian chocolate companies.

customized name chocolates

So, if you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, get customized name chocolate from Chococraft.

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#7 Hershey: Best Chocolate Company in India

Hailing from America, Hershey’s is another popular chocolate brand in India. It manufactures a range of products including chocolate syrups, candies, cream toppings, etc., and is the secret ingredient for every dessert recipe. Further, Hershey’s also offers the best dark chocolate in India. It also has the finest white chocolate in the world. Filled with the goodness of milk, Hershey’s chocolates have a mesmerizing taste.

indian chocolate brands

Here are some of the best chocolates from Hershey’s-

  • Cookie Cream
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Milk Chocolate
  • White Cream with Almond
  • Hershey’s Dark Chocolate

#8 Lotte: Most Famous Chocolate in India

Fond of chocolate marshmallows and soft cakes? Then, Lotte must be your favorite chocolate brand. Famous for its delectable Choco Pie, Lotte is a 100% vegetarian chocolate brand in India. It is popular among all ages and is a healthy snack option for everyone. These Indian chocolate names are the best for your all mood.

chocolates from india

The best chocolates from Lotte include-

  • Choco Pie
  • Coffee Bite
  • Eclairs
  • Lacto King

#9 Toblerone Chocolate Brand

Another Swiss brand that has made huge in the Indian chocolate brands. The Swiss know a hell lot about chocolates and it is one of the favorite chocolate of all of us! Its unique pyramid shape and amazing taste stand out from other chocolate brands and are surely credited to its popularity. Toblerone is filled with the tempting flavors of cocoa butter, milk chocolate, honey, almond, and sugar. And, is a must-try for all chocolate lovers.

chocolates of india

Toblerone chocolates come in 3 flavors-

  • Milk
  • Dark
  • White

#10 Ghirardelli: Best Chocolate Brands in India

Another popular luxury chocolate brand, Ghirardelli is a division of Lindt, based in the US. It specialized in gourmet chocolates and is the most popular chocolate brand in India. They are one of the leading producers of delicious chocolates, and also produce baking products. And know the best chocolate brand names in India.

best chocolate

This world-best chocolate in India comes in 3 flavors-

  • Caramel
  • Intense Dark
  • Prestige Chocolate Bars


We are sure that your taste buds are now craving delicious chocolate which is the best chocolate name in India. Ours is too! So, check out this list of the best chocolate in India, and start trying each of these chocolate brands. Now that you know that chocolate also boosts your mood, enjoy a guilt-free indulgence with your favorite Indian chocolate brands.

FAQs- Best Chocolate in India

Q- Is chocolate good for your health?

A- When consumed in reasonable quantities, chocolates are very good for your health because it keeps you calm and happy. And, taste your mouth with different variety of chocolate names.

Q- Which is better- regular chocolates or dark chocolates?

A- Health experts recommend consuming dark chocolates over regular ones.

Q- Which are the best dark chocolate brands in India?

A- While there are many dark chocolate names, Amul is most often said to offer the best dark chocolate in India.

Q- How much chocolate can you consume daily?

A- You can consume 1 ounce of Indian chocolate bar per day.

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