Best Cheese Brands in India

Cheese is a tempting food. Its acceptability is very high, especially for children. Although children do not like to eat milk at all, this food made of milk is very dear to them. And if this thing is given with tempting food like pizza, burger, pasta, French fries, sandwich, etc. then it is more important to children. 

The popularity of the dairy food series called “Ken Ki” is not less among adults as well. So it is necessary to know about its pros and cons. Let’s have a great idea about the best cheese brands in India right now. Hopefully, after this discussion, you will be able to buy the highest quality cheese at the most reasonable cheese price.

List of 10 Best Cheese Brands of India 

It would be best if you were convinced that you should include this item, which is manufactured from milk, in your family’s diet daily now that you know it has many advantages. The question that remains is which brand of cheese will be best for your family’s health. Let’s examine some of the top cheese brands that are now on the Indian market.

1. Amul –  No.1 Cheese Brand in India 

Amul the best Cheese. Real Indian Cheese

Amul is the first name on the list because it is regarded as the best brand in India for producing milk products. In this industry, it enjoys some level of international fame. When choosing milk products for their family, particularly for their youngsters, every Indian blindly relies on this brand. It makes sense that a particular brand of cheese is not an exception

This company produces a range of cheese products. As an illustration, consider cheeses like Amul Process Cheese, Amul Gouda Cheese, Amul Cheese Spread, and Amul Pizza Mozzarella Cheese. As a result, this brand offers a wide variety of refrigerators. You can purchase whatever you want or need.

2. Britannia – Top best cheese brand in India

Britannia best Indian Cheese Brand

Although this business began operations in Calcutta as a biscuit company in 1892, it quickly rose to prominence in the production of numerous food items, particularly milk products. Currently, it is widely accepted in India for manufacturing cheese. This brand sells different types of cheese in India cheese products, including cream cheese, cheese slices, Britannia Cheezza, cheese cubes, and cheese blocks.

3. Go Cheese – Best Go-to cheese to have 

Go Cheese

Despite being a new brand in India compared to other businesses, it has recently experienced significant growth in popularity. The fact that their products are delicious and simple to use is the cause of their increasing popularity. For instance, if you get blended cheese from this brand, you can simply make appetizers and sides like pizza, spaghetti, etc.

Additionally, their slice cheeses are delectable enough to be used on burgers and sandwiches. Additionally, this company manufactures a range of flavor-infused cheeses that are currently in high demand and of remarkable quality.

4. D’lecta – Best Cheese for your food

D’lecta Cheese

This cheese brand is now offered in a variety of locations due to its rising popularity and demand. This brand of cheese is readily available cheese online. Both its price and flavor are excellent. It also has a variety of flavors and textures. 

Additionally, slices are typically so simple to utilize that they may be added to any type of dish. This product is currently a favorite among the Indian populace because it is made entirely of pure milk and is vegan cheese in India.

5. Mother Dairy– Best known Indian Cheese Brand

Mother Dairy Cheese

India’s consumers have no doubts about this brand’s reliability when it comes to dairy products. Because of this, they now like purchasing cheese slices from this brand. The slice pack offers various slides that you can use to construct a nice lunch for the entire family, and the price is also pretty reasonable. Try this cheese at least once; it’s quite yummy and created from only milk.


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6. Gowardhan – Best Cheese and Dairy Products Brand

A range of milk products prepared from only pure cow’s milk is produced under this name because it is so well-known. One of the best brands of ghee sold in India is this one. They are currently producing cheese products, which are well-liked by Indians. 

This product, which is made with just pure cow’s milk, also includes a little number of preservatives and iodized salt. Finally, a delightful cheese product that is acceptable for all types of consumers is made.

7. The Laughing Cow – Delicious best Cheese Brand in India

This company makes many different processed kinds of cheese. They had the brilliant idea to develop a wonderful frozen product when thinking about the range of foods presented in Indian cuisine. 

Currently, several internet shopping websites provide these things for sale. This product is entirely vegetarian and delicious and simple to use. Additionally, its cost is also very reasonable.

8. Goodmylk 


This company produces Cheddar cheese of the highest caliber. However, not all parts of India have access to it, which makes it unique and the best cheese brand in India. ATS can be purchased online through a variety of channels in major cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi. 

These food products are made by this brand using an outstanding process. This cheese is excellent and appropriate for practically any occasion because it is made with only pure cow’s milk and a small number of preservatives.

9. Chaudhary Cheese Bazar

Chaudhary Cheese Bazar

Although this branded cheese can be purchased online in numerous locations in India, it is mainly produced in the Noida area. The fact that this company has approximately 100 different varieties of cheese products is the finest. And that makes it to the list of best cheese brands in India.

You must be aware of the fame of this brand if you were born in North India or currently reside close to Delhi. At the moment, this brand’s items are offered throughout India.

10. Flanders Dairy 

Flanders Cheese

Numerous dairy brands have emerged in India’s northern states where milk products are mostly produced. Brand X is not an exception. The business, which was founded by Sunil Bhu, produces its goods in the Delhi area. This company manufactures delectable cheeses using a variety of contemporary technology.

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Q1. Is it good to have Cheese regularly?

Cheese contains adequate amounts of all kinds of nutritious ingredients. So it is considered a great food ingredient for people who have vision problems or tend to age at a young age, lack zinc in the body, and have bone problems due to lack of calcium. Cheese is the best food they can consume.

Q2. What are Vitamins Present in Cheese that Benefits Our Body?

Best Cheese contains the following vitamins that benefit your body. Those are vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin K, zinc, calcium, and vitamin D are sufficient in this food product.

Q3. How much cheese Should be consumed?

A 28-gram slice of cheese contains 104 calories, and adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, and sodium. Everyone must understand that all these elements play a very important role in increasing the strength of the human body.

Q4. Which is the best mozzarella cheese brand for pizza in India?

Well, it depends on how much and how you like your cheese to be, but here are the top three cheese brands for pizza, Amul Cheese, Raw Cheese that you can buy in Kilos, or Go Cheese.


There is no doubt that regular consumption of dairy products and products is essential for almost all types of people, especially children and the elderly. But many people cannot drink raw milk, in which case various problems arise. 

But cheese is delicious food that almost everyone likes and can eat. Moreover, we now love foreign foods like pizza, pasta, burgers, etc. Needless to say, cheese is an integral part of all these dishes. Hope you find the best cheese for you from the list.

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