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7 Best Chappal Brands For Men in India 2024 | Price

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Best chappal Brands for men: In the market of youth traditional footwear for best chappal for men brands have been the most comfortable functional diversified options for men with elasticity in any weather capacity. In the evolvement of the fashion trend and incorporation of new technology advanced innovations have usually come into the footwear industry.

When it comes to finding the best chappals for men, India offers a variety of chappals that cater to different needs and preferences. From casual everyday wear to warm outerwear, Indian-made high heels offer the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style.

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Top 7 Best Chappals Brand For Men Names | Price List

Brand Category Price Range (INR)
Bata Casual/Formal Rs 300 – 1500
Paragon Casual/Daily Wear  Rs 200 – 1000
Woodland Casual/Outdoor  Rs 1000 – 3000
Liberty Casual/Formal  Rs 400 – 2000
Kha dim’s Casual/Formal  Rs 300 – 1500
Red Tape Casual/Formal  Rs 700 – 2500
Relaxo Casual/Daily Wear  Rs 200 – 1000

Disclaimer: Prices may be subject to change

Top 7  Best  Chappal Brands For Men In India

1. Bata
2. Woodland
3. Red Chief
4. Puma
5. Khadims 
6. Liberty
7. Paragon

1. Bata

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Bata is one of the renowned household names because of its wide range of affordable footwear that comes with stylish forms of legacy constantly serving the country for centuries and decades. The brand itself is deeply rooted in the perceptions of Indian men and women because of its unique form of comfortable features that the company has been constantly innovatively making.


  • When it comes to exploring collections of men’s branded chappal then the company makes one of the most unique featured cushioned feet beds which comes with a durable outsole but when it comes to the design factor it is elegant in its comfort.
  • If talk about the pricing factor then it is one of the most foldable quality-oriented featured materials which is specially cast with leather soldered synthetic blended fabrics which makes all weather conditions variable which is also durable at the same time and any age group can easily wear in style.

2. Woodland

paragon chappal

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Woodland is one of the most synonymous brands which have been particularly designing their footwear as the rugged-looking outdoor wire which is perfectly suitable for the people who love to travel. The brand always tries to innovate its products with durability functionality and upcoming styles that not only look much more rugged but also are perfectly suitable for any kind of outdoor activities.


  • This premium leather brand offers durable, water-resistant slippers with unique rubber soles and adjustable straps.
  • Each footwear piece combines style and functionality, featuring slip-resistant technology, making it a favorite among urban explorers.

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3. Red Chief

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From the name you can easily grab the basic factor that this is one of the most premium brands which comes with its precision in making every item so precise with designing factor that not just only looks sophisticated. But also when it is style with elegance then this is one of the most superior comfortable traction friendly brands of best chappal which have been the favorite of the Indian men.


  • Well surprisingly the company itself crafts each of the items with a unique form of leather diluted with natural synthetic fibers that makes it eco-friendly but at the same time it is much more comfortable and gives the cushions soul for the people who are going to wear it.
  • One of the most interesting facts is that the brand is the best chappal for men who might be making a premium-looking refined product but when it comes to the price statement then it delivers a variety lot of products that come with a unique valuation of money.

4. Puma

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One of the unique global brands has innovated athletic footwear and apparel with performance-driven designs. The broader strap and well-stitched edges enhance foot flexibility, making their men’s chappals recommended by physiotherapists.


  • Footwear is crafted with high-quality, lightweight materials and counter cushion substance for enhanced walking flexibility.
  • The company offers comfortable, well-supported footwear, making it a popular choice for sports enthusiasts and fashion influencers alike.

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5. Khadims

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This is one of the homegrown brands that has stayed with us since the sanctuaries and has been constantly delivering the most lovable footwear not only to the new millionaires but even to the older generations. The company never discriminates against its footwear-making platform not only for men and women but also for people who are physically challenged.


  • The brand offers cost-efficient, durable footwear made from high-quality materials, providing excellent comfort and value for money.
  • Footwear is made with tear-proof technology and non-abrasive, water-friendly material that doesn’t absorb water, even in rain.

6. Liberty

Branded Chappals For Mens

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Well, Liberty is the most trusted brand in the footwear industry of India because of its wide range of affordable footwear options starting from design to comfort. The most interesting fact is that they use recycled products which are not only superior in the making but also come with long-lasting durability.


  • The brand makes lightweight, personalized slippers suitable for both sports and everyday wear, offering versatile choices.
  • Each footwear item undergoes strict quality testing before being released to ensure high standards.

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7. Paragon

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Paragon is one of the leading fancy chappal Brands for men’s footwear companies that has been committed to making high-quality products with an affordable range of pricing factors that make every class of people buy without any discrimination.


  • Its unique ergonomic design has been making the footwear moisture-wicked properties which can be easily worn for daily comfort and is much more durable enough.
  • There is no doubt that with its amazing pricing level and the valuation of the money this has been one of the men’s friendly products all over the ages.


All of these Chappal brand names have been consistently making performance-driven products that can easily be suitable for every taste and lifestyle. Furthermore, with their innovative designs, when it comes to customer satisfaction, they have always been the preferred footwear choice of every Indian man.


  • What are the maximum popular chappal brands for guys in India?
    The most famous chappal brands for guys in India consist of Bata, Paragon, Woodland, Liberty, Khadim’s, Red Tape, and Relaxo.
  • Which chappal emblem gives the great fee for cash?
    Paragon and Relaxo are recognized for offering splendid fees for cash, imparting long-lasting and comfortable chappals at low-priced costs.
  • Which brand is best for outdoor sports?
    Woodland is famed for its rugged and durable chappals, making it a notable choice for outdoor sports and difficult terrains.
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