Best Bungee Jumping Destination in India – June 2024

Best Bungee Jumping Destination in India

We all love adventure activities but some people are too crazy for these things. One of the thrilling and adventure sports that you need to know is Bungee Jumping. It is also known as Bungy Jumping. It is a sports activity in which a person engages in jumping from a huge height while joined to a large elastic cord. If you do this for the first time, then you must check out the best bungee jumping locations in India for adventure sports. There are plenty of bungee jumping destinations in India but you must check out the top ones. You can avail yourself of the exciting and thrilling experience through this adventure sport. This blog helps you to know more about “bungee jumping destinations in India.  

It is the best game for people and the childhood dream for so many people. There are some amazing places in India, where people can enjoy this sport because there are countless numbers of sports activities that you can do but bungee jumping in India is the all-time favourite of people. Thus, this time, you can go with this option because we are going to mention the best bungee jumping locations in India. 

1). Bungee Jumping in Goa:

The first and foremost destination in this list is bungee jumping in Goa. This city is also famous for other adventurous activities but this activity is the most popular one. The city offers free-falling from a height of 65 meters. Where you can do bungee jumping in Goa? You can do this in North Goa and enjoy the thrilling free fall because here you can ensure the safety standards. 

If you are a person who is always willing to do bungee jumping in international locations outside India, then enjoy the same feeling in Goa. Bungee Jumping in Goa is equivalent to Australia and New Zealand. However, you must appoint a certified and professional instructor to do this. 

Bungee Jumping Cost in Goa: 

Everyone is looking for the bungee jumping cost in Goa and wants to choose this city for this adventure activity. We want to tell you one thing you can complete this task under 5 K easily and also get a video recording of your jump from the huge height. 

2). Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh:

Now let’s talk about the “Adventure Capital of India”. Yes, we are talking about Rishikesh because it is the hottest place to do bungee jumping. Here you can enjoy various adventure activities. Mohan Chatti is the destination of Rishikesh bungee jumping. There are limited slots for bungee jumping in the city and that’s why you should book your slot early to avoid the last-minute booking hassles. This time you can be tied up with an elastic cord and pushed over from the top of an elevated place. Rishikesh’s bungee jumping height is 83m. 

Bungee Jumping Cost in Rishikesh: 

Now, let’s check out the Rishikesh bungee jumping cost. It cost around 3550 Rs. It is the highest bungee jumping in India. 

3). Bungee Jumping in Delhi:

Which is the bungee jumping destination in Delhi? Many people are looking for “bungee jumping near me” because they are thinking to find a nearby spot to do this activity. We want to tell you one thing Garden of Five Senses in Saket is the house of a major bungee jumping destination in Delhi. Wanderlust launched this activity with Delhi Tourism and the collaboration of these two bodies ensures the technology and German safety standards. 

Bungee Jumping Cost in Delhi: 

Cost is very important to complete this adventure activity. Delhi bungee jumping cost around Rs 5000 to Rs 8000. 

4). Bungee Jumping in Jagdalpur:

Jagdalpur is the best destination in Chhattisgarh for this sports activity. When you are finding the bungee jumping destinations in India, then don’t miss this place in Chhattisgarh. You can experience the amazing things and activities of bungee jumping at this place because there are so many things to do and sports activities that you can enjoy and do. 

Bungee Jumping Cost in Jagdalpur: 

Here you must know about the affordable bungee jumping place cost because this place cost is only Rs 300 per person, which is quite low in comparison to other bungee jumping locations in India. the elevation is 30 meters and the minimum age to do this activity is 14 years. 

5). Bungee Jumping in Lonavala:

5th and most popular destination for bungee jumping in Maharashtra are Lonavala. It is a cool place for youngsters to enjoy the high jump. Why it is the best place for you? It is the best place for you because it is the safest place for the spots of bungee jumping in India. Hence, if you are finding bungee jumping in Mumbai and Pune then you can visit Lonavala because it is the “bungee jumping near me”. 

Bungee Jumping Cost in Lonavala: 

Della Adventures, located in Kunegaon, Lonavala is the major destination or place that you need to visit for bungee jumping in Lonavala. The cost of the activity is around Rs 3000 to Rs 7000 per person.  Bungee jump height in Lonavala.  

6). Bungee Jumping in Bangalore:

The next destination in this list is Bangalore. We know about the fact that it is an urban area but you can do this amazing activity at an affordable cost in this city as well. Where you can do bungee jumping in Bangalore? Many people are looking for the place’s name. Kanteerava Stadium is the place, where this sport has been organized and offers a height of 80 ft for the bungee jumping activity. People should wear sports shoes to do this activity. 

Bungee Jumping Cost in Bangalore:

Bangalore bungee jumping cost in Bangalore is around Rs 400 per person and the minimum age for this activity at this place is 18 years. The activity elevation is 25 meters platform suspended from a 40 m high crane.

Location: Ozone Adventures, located on St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore.

7). Bungee Jumping in Bahang:

Bahang is another popular destination in Himachal Pradesh for the ultimate bungee jumping experience. Hence, if you are thinking to find a better destination on the hill station then this time, you can also visit Bahang because it is an ultimate place which is located in Manali. The place is only 5 Km away from Mall Road in Manali.

Bungee Jumping Cost in Bahang:  

The height of the place for this activity is around 25 meters. You need to spend only 350 bucks to get the best experience in the valley. 

Highest Bungee Jumping in the World: 

Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge Bungee, China – 260 metres is the highest bungee jumping place in the world. People who are crazy about this activity can choose this place as the international destination to travel from India to complete this activity. 

Things to do Before Bungee Jumping: 

1). You must follow the instruction of the trainer or instructor before bungee jumping because it is a risky and adventurous sport and you should not miss any guidelines from the instructor. 

2). Sports shoes are the most important aspect for the people who are going to do this activity because without wearing sports shoes they can’t go for this activity. 

3). You can also find the “bungee jumping near me” to find the nearby destination of your city such as Bangalore, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon etc. 

The Bottom Line:

You can also try reverse bungee jumping because it is also quite hilarious and you can try it for a better experience of sports activities. The bungee jumping price in Rishikesh is also quite affordable for the customers when they do the online pre-booking of this activity from the best service provider. Goa bungee jumping price is different from the other city and if you want to know about the updated price, then you can check the online portals of bungee jumping booking. 

Are you looking for options for bungee jumping in Tamil Nadu? There are many adventure and sports companies which are offering online appointments for Tamil Nadu bungee jumping activities. Is there any chance of a couple of bungee jumping? It is quite difficult but not impossible because many bungee jumping sport service providers also offer this activity with photography and videography features. People can choose those places and service providers which are offering services for bungee jumping couples. 

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