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Best Brandy Brands in India

Based on the volume, India is among the biggest producer and purchasers of spirits all around the world. Brandy is Getting Trendy! India is increasingly adopting the booze culture. This is because of the rising number of bars and restaurants. so let us learn about the top best brandy brands in India, through this article.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that Brandy has a wide range of varieties, to name some: Armagnac, Cognac Brandy, Pomace Brandy, Calvados, American Brandy, South American Pisco, Spanish Brandy, Armenian Brandy, South African Brandy, German Brandy, Turkey Brandy, Cyprus Brandy, and Russian Brandy, and many more.   

List of 10 Best Brandy Brands in India

1. McDowell’s No.1 – heavily consumed Brandy in India

The respective brandy is of Indian origin and is one of the fastest-selling alcohol in the Indian market. Mc Dowell’s No 1 manufactured by United Spirit Limited. It has gained its popularity for high aroma and heavenly taste. McDowell’s is one of the most consumed spirit brands in India.

  • Mc Dowell’s No 1 Brandy Price in India: INR 450 (approx.) for a 750ml bottle.

2. Remy Martin 

It is a French-based brand established in 1724. Remy Martin is the biggest producer of Cognac in India. Remy Martin uses traditional distillation in small copper stills and brews it in the oak barrel for 10 to 37 years to meet the quality standard. There are a few more variants available in the Indian market, including Remy Martin V, Remy Martin VSOP, Remy Martin XO, and Remy Martin CLUB. The brandy goes well with apple juice or cider. 

  • Remy Martin Brandy Price in India: INR 9000 (approx.) for 750 ml. 

3. Hennessy

Be it a brandy or cognac, Hennessy is considered to be the best brandy brand in India. Richard Hennessy established this highest-selling cognac brand. This 18th-century spirit mainly was consumed by aristocrats. As it contains unbeatable taste and tantalizing aroma. You can also add ginger ale or cranberry juice to add more flavors.  

  • Hennessy Brandy Price in India: INR 7000 (approx.) for 750ml. 

4. Old Admiral

This Delhi-based brand is manufactured by RadicoKhaitan. This brandy is one of the most selling brandy in India due to its affordability and excellence in taste; hence it’s among the best brandy brands in India. Old Admiral tastes better with orange bitter, lime juice, and apricot. 

  • Old admiral Brandy Price in India: INR 350 (approx.), 750 ml bottle.

5. Golden Grapes – The best brandy in India

It is one of the most popular drinks among this generation who prefer taste and affordability at the same time. Golden Grapes (GGB) best brandy brand in India offer a fruity flavor and unique texture again, which makes them more appealing to consumers. You can also add heavy cream or coffee to boost the taste. 

  •  Golden Grapes brandy price in India: INR 250 (approx.) 750ml

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6. Honey Bee

Apart from Mc Dowell’s No 1 Brandy, this is another product of United Spirit Limited. The spirit has gained popularity due to its honey-sweet taste and aromatic flavor. So if you are looking for a drink that has quality and equally goes with your budget, then Honey Bee is your booze. Just add a bit of sweet and sour mix or the club soda to enhance the taste. 

  • HoneyBee Brandy Price in India: INR 420 (approx.) for 750ml

7. Courrier Napoleon 

The brandy is a homegrown product of Tilaknagar Industries. The clear golden hue of the Courrier Napoleon comes out of maturity, and it tastes with the hit of vanilla, honey, and matured oaken tones. You can enhance the flavor of this fantastic brandy, by adding a bit of rum or coffee-flavored liquors can do wonders to Courrier Napoleon. 

  • Courrier Napoleon Brandy Price in India:  INR 883 (approx.) for 750 ml.

8. Courvoisier

This French brandy dates back to 1828 and is often referred to as “The Cognac of Napoleon”, as it used to be his favorite cognac. It has the taste of spring flowers and ripened fruits. Courvoisier is one of the best brandy brands in India and among the four leading cognac houses in the world. You can add hot cocoa or infused tea with Courvoisier to enhance the taste.

  • Courvoisier Brandy price in India : INR 8000 (approx.) for 700ml

9. John Exshaw

One of the finest brandy in the world and amongst the best brandy brand in India, John Exshaw is a French brand. The aromatic texture and flavor are driven by the richness of fruit making. And it is one of the highest preferable booze for brandy lovers. You will find John Exshaw in every bar and pub in India due to its never-ending demand. You can enjoy this good-tasting best brandy with Chocolate milk or freshly grated nutmeg can be a great mix for John Exshaw. 

  • Jhon Exshaw Brandy Price in India: INR 300 (approx.) for 700ml

10. Clovis Brandy

One of the oldest and finest best brandy brands in India is Clovis. It’s a hot and solid drink for you to bozze up and enjoy your weekends in high. The ingredients of Clovis are exclusive and powerful. It contains a blend of French grape brandy and Cognac with a slight touch of Indian spirits. With all the best-tasting essence it makes it to the list of top brandy brands in India.

  • Cognac Brandy Price in India: INR 1270 for 750ml

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Overall the top brandy brands in India are acting as the best tonics on weekends, bachelorette parties, parties with friends, new year’s eve, Christmas, and many more days to enjoy the taste of every tasty brandy brand. Choose yours today and enjoy your weekends.

And remember Never Drink & Drive! Stay Safe!

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